On Being Скотт Вестерфельд

It’s good to be Скотт Вестерфельд. Very good indeed.

Sure, Scott Westerfeld gets to live in a stable democracy (two of them!), with thousand-channel cable networks and no Siberian winters.

But Скотт Вестерфельд has covers like this one:

Yes, that’s the new edition of Midnighters: The Secret Hour. Or The Owl, as the series is known in Russia. It is even more insanely cool than the old Russian cover.

Too awesome for words, at least words in English. Speaking of which, here’s the plot description, courtesy of the always profound Google Translator:

Biksbi small town in Oklahoma at first glance, nothing remarkable. But in fact it is one of the most dangerous and mysterious places on the planet. Few know that at midnight Biksbi lasts not a moment, a whole hour. Hour, when the whole world stops and go hunting producing darkness, who can resist only those born in a minute of midnight. Their five, all of them students, and each has a unique gift to brighten the whole manifested in a secret hour: Rex sees traces of touching the darkness of Melissa could not hide other people’s thoughts, Dess loves numbers and mathematical laws, Jonathan with the midnight has become almost weightless. Jessica came to Biksbi more recently, and her talent was the most dangerous to night creatures.

Suddenly, the guys show that they are not the only one who knows about the secret hour. And that previous generations owl Biksbi disappeared is not a coincidence …

Actually, that sounds like the plot description to Book 2. But, hey.

And check out this Скотт Вестерфельд classic:

“The Rebel”
Three hundred years ago, human civilization collapsed – and reborn from the ashes. Surviving disaster firmly decided not to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors. Now the world is designed to truly correct. Cities swim in the greenery, aeromobili quietly slipping in the air. But most importantly – on the ground there is real justice. Because there are no more plain people … Well, not counting teenagers. All who turned sixteen – madly, giddily beautiful thanks to plastic surgery. One trouble: how is painfully long stretch last months before the Sixteenth birthday! ..

However, in the meantime, much can happen. Vylazku risky thinking of booking for “ugly creatures, Telli and did not suspect, than it would – that it is destined to become new friends, overcome dangerous and distant way, and learn about the terrible secret” Operation Beauty “…

Scott Vesterfeld – one of the most recognized authors fiction for young people. Russian readers, he is known primarily for the TV series “owl” already successful earn great popularity both in the world, and we have.

Oh, yeah, we have. Of course, The Mignighters TV series never really happened, but don’t let a little pravda slow you down.

And the back of “The Rebel” is even cooler. It has an airship on it, for some unknown but probably awesome reason! Once I get the real book in my hands, I’ll make sure to scan it.

So here’s to you, Скотт Вестерфельд! You’re a better man than I.

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  1. Andrea-la: good 4 u !!!! when i was like 5 i decided that the prettiest girl in the world would have glasses, braces, orange hair, and freckles……i don’t know what i was thinking!!! what if pretties looked like this, my 5 year old version of beautiful=D

  2. oh, and i just got back from the cookie party(i ate sooo many cookies i think i m gunna puke) which means lots of cookies @my house(i m thinking of maybe sharing, because i don’t want Jay-wa 2 shoot me)*thinking**thinking**thinking*, okay i’ll share *throws box of cookies@the computer* there…lol =D
    G2G2 bed, g’night 5 more days of school!!!!!yay

  3. so, i don’t know if any of you like them, but i just got done watching paramore on kroq’s almost acoustic christmas. they were paramazing. hayley is a very beautiful ugly =)

  4. Ok everybody, I was wondering why you guys kept addressing me as +-+miko kgome+-+ …until I saw that I had typed the name myself. It’s supposed to be +-+miko kagome+-+. Sorry guys for the typo error! *Can’t believe that i could typed my own nickname wrongly. -_-|||*

    [Ashley-wa] I love the added height but hated that I am bad at walking with heels and the pain! My friends say that I am pathetic, not celebrating Christmas. LOL. Christmas is just like any other normal day to me. =X The Cosplay event I went to was Retro EOY 08. If you wish to know more about Cosplay, you can visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosplay . Is there any Cosplay event at where you are from?

    [Dahlia] Thanks for explaining! In Singapore, you can either make your own costumes or buy them from Cosplay stores. I guess we are quite lucky since we have several Cosplay and Japanese Fashion Subculture Wear(that’s Lolita,Punk,Decora etc) stores here. We can get our stuffs easily and don’t need to order online. Some stores even do stock Japanese brands like BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT(my favourite brand!). I didn’t Cosplay but I just wore my Sweet Lolita outfit there. *And yeah, it’s BABY Lolita.*

    [Trish-la] Hong Kong! You are so lucky! The only countries I went to was Malaysia(only one time for a day and that was to my relatives’ houses so that means no sightseeing) and New Zealand(my school brought us there but I paid for the air tickets and everything with my OWN bank money. It was worth it though. =D) I agree about the shopping (and don’t forget the eaing!). That’s what the “买东西,吃东西。买东西,吃东西。”(“Shopping, eating. Shopping, eating.” Sorry for the bad translation. This sentence refers to a advertizement to holiday in Hong Kong.) was all about isn’t it? yes! ANG BAOS!!!! Hope that they put tons of money inside!~~~~ FOOD! I just love the food at their house and the renuion dinner! So you are Chinese as well? =D

    [Jay-wa] CNY refers to Chinese New Year which falls on 26 January 2009!

  5. Sigh yesterday evening was one that brimmed with dissapointment for I did not get my Bogus to Bubbly as expected. This was due to the unfortunate fact that my uncle did not have time to head down to Kinokuniya to get the book and thus I shall only receive it when I come back from HK. T.T

    Aiden-la: Glad that you are no longer a lurker. (So all you other lurkers out there better come on and own up now! =D) It’s so fool that you’ll get to read Uglies for school that would make a complete Best Day Ever for me if it happened.

    +-+miko kagome+-+: Ah… I remember that advert. Yep, I’m Chinese as well. Well, when I went to Perth, Australia with my school, I had to pay for it with my own bank money too. Not bubbly at all.

  6. [Trish-la] Aww man…that sucks! but look on the bright side! you will still get it! Unlike me who have to buy it for myself. >.<||| Totally random but I Love Kinokuniya for it’s huge collection of books! I always get my Gothic&Lolita Bible and U.S Seventeen there since I am a member. =D I agree that paying ourself for holiday is not bubbly at all! Too bad I don’t seemed to win those free trip to whatever country at those lucky draws. LOL.

  7. good morning people……..or goodnight or even good afternoon!! whatever you prefer =D going 2 school,but after 2day, 4 more days until christmas break!!!!!!=D yeah!!! bye

  8. I think it is so cool how there are people from other countries on here, talking about cookies and Cosplay, all brought together by books. The power of reading! Okay..

    Cookies! Yay! Thanks for sharing!! Yum yum yum!

    Cosplay sounds cool, and it’s awesome that you have specialty shops for costumes.

    Thank you +-+miko kagome+-+ for explaining CNY, ’cause I was totally lost.

    I should be looking up debate class stuff…Happy Last Week!!

    (P.S. We should’ve had a snow (ice) day..)

  9. The People who did the synopsis

    (Uglies is the first book of the trilogy. The second book is Pretties and the third is Specials. It’s about a world in which everyone has an operation when they turn sixteen, making them supermodel beautiful. Big eyes, full lips, no one fat or skinny. This seems like a good thing, but it’s not. Especially if you’re one of the uglies, a bunch of radical teens who’ve decided they want to keep their own faces. (How anti-social of them.) The group of radicals are known as the smokies they run away to a world somewhat like caampping in our world. )

    It’s kind of messed up. And they forgot about Extras…wow I am so bored…!

  10. Yes, indeed, Scott. It is high time for another post now.

    And we shall all rejoice in the power of love of books (and cookies) that binds us all together throughout the world in a strange interconectedness that transcends continents, time zones, and apocalypses that might have been predicted in said books which wil hold all the time. 25/7.
    Jay-wa’s comment [215] inspired that strange monologue-esque thingy ^ and maybe Mohinder too. Who owns all with his true ability: Narration.

    BTW, someone needs to go edit the IMDB sypnosis of Uglies.

  11. (click my name for the casting thread)

    We should definately go with CGI because everyone agrees on one person then like everyone else disagrees…grr. Five more minutes…

    Everyone have a nice day!

  12. ok, i finally read twilight because all my friends said i should, i thi
    ought it was going to stink, but it wasn’t surprisingly good! Even possibly 1 of my favorite books… my others favorites include, the whole uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, Smiles To Go by jerri Spennelli, and the TTYL series by Lauren Myracle! So yay 4 twilight actually being reely good!



    2 U, liana-la!!!!!

  15. Well, i dont care!!!!!

    DARNICLE !!!!!!!!!!!


  16. wait, wait, wait!!!! is the Uglies movie all the books combine, cuz if thats true that is completely BOGUS!!!!UGH!!!!*stresses out**tears the head off of ginger bread cookie, then eats it* this is a stressful matter=(

    whats LO???……haven’t read twilight, don’t plan on doing so=D

  17. okay, so i just looked @the casting thing Jay-wa posted& personally i don’t like any of the people(mainly because they r 2old 4 the parts of 15-16 year olds) random: guess what…..when that movie comes out i will b 16(a pretty)!!!!=D

  18. Jay-wa: Thanx times 2! 🙂

    i hate Jacob too. it was how he loved Bella and then imprinted on her DAUGHTER!!! can we say…gee i dunno…pervert…child molestor…um…SICK MINDED FREAK!!! he’s not even a real werewolf. he’s a shape shifter that happened to take the form of a wolf. EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!!! HE IS SOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!

    ugh i am so mad that the Uglies movie release date got changed!!! it was supposed to come out this year but now it’s not coming out until 2011! how messed up is that??!?! oh well at least GREEN DAY is going on world tour next year. and New Moon is supposed to come out either late next year or early 2010. Can’t wait! 🙂

    CHRISTMAS IS SOON!!!! YAY!!! (unless of course u don’t celebrate Christmas…if u don’t Happy Whatever-you-celebrate!)

    GREEN DAY WORLD TOUR 2009!!!! 🙂

  19. Woo Green Day!! And Even Edward knows Jacob doesn’t think of Renessme in a pedophile way. So you’re the furry turd.
    And If they combine the books I WILL SCREAM.
    Like this: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! And Andrea-la will hear me all the way in Canada! AHHHH!!!
    Okay, Have a nice rest of the day.

    Ps I told my dental hygienist and dentist about Uglies cause they saw my shirt and liked “What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.” So yeah. Peace

  20. I cant even type that on my computer so toast to sjgdfiu kdjfhuehyufu. Yep, thats as close as it gets.

    I saw the Twilight movie. It was aweosme. ROBERT PATTINSION IS SO HOT! I love him…!

    So my mom has bought a toture chamber. You know those baby buoger suckers? Well she bought…wait for it….a battery opertated one. I was pretty sure inserting that in my poor sisters nose would result in pulling her brains out but it didnt. Although, while you turture the children, it plays lovly tunes like “Ba Ba black sheep have you any whool?” and others like “Three Blind mice.” How great!

  21. I still love my Edward also. I can never forget you!! My lovely Edward?! My Beastly Edward. I love you!!!

    And how could i forget Zane?! Tee Hee.

  22. Jay-wa: thats good that they r so far not combining the books, if they did the whole movie would b AWFUL!!! how would they fit all the good action& stuff if they combinded the books!!!!*calms down after big stress out* BTW: i like ur shirt 2(even though i couldn’t c it….still sounds cool)=D

  23. Jay-wa: Awesomes to you for spreading the love of the books. To your dentist, no less.

    Sigh… I’m watching the movie on Friday afternoon. Which would be early Thursday morning for most of you. I’m quite excited and I’ve got a homemade fanshirt at the ready.
    Also, I thought Breaking Dawn was the terriblest thing ever written in the entire series. It sounded like SM combined all the cliche-est fanfics. (Either that or the plot line was too predictable and all the fans got to it first.) And Renesmee?! What kind of a name is that? Psshh.
    My fave in the series was New Moon. (But I’m somewhere between team Edward and Switzerland)

    Just a question to while the time as we wait for a NEW POST. Who are your current favourite bands/singers?

  24. Trish-la: Muse is my favorite band and will be for all eternity. I’m dying to see them live.
    Paramore is a very close second. I just love “Misery Business” and “Decode” (even if it was written for Twilight, which I hate). I really want to see them live too.
    Flyleaf is #3 on my list of favorite bands. “Justice And Mercy” is my new favorite song by them.
    I’m really into Green Day right now, but I’m on the verge of running them into the ground. The medley songs are super awesome.
    I’m also a big fan of The Killers. “When You Were Young”, “All These Things That I’ve Done”, “Read My Mind”, “Sam’s Town”, and “Andy, You’re A Star” are some of my fave songs by them. (did anyone else know the last one is about Andy Roddick?)
    I started listening to My Chemical Romance recently and I totally love, like, all the songs on their album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. I’m really sad that I only had three of their songs on my iPod for so long, I feel like I’ve been missing out. I really want The Black Parade.
    “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult is a really good song.
    “Oh No You Didn’t (Mercenaries 2 theme)” by the Wojahn Brothers is really funny. I’ve loved it ever since I heard it on the commercial.
    “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvery Danger is also really good. I could only find a cover of it on iTunes.
    “Psychosocial” by Slipknot is one of my all time favorite songs. I’m considering getting their new CD.
    Anyway, I think this comment has gotten too long. Plus, I’ve named all the bands I can think of.


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