Writers Are Shameless!

The other day I went into the offices of Simon & Schuster to shoot some video about Leviathan, and they cleverly had me doing double duty on this pre-Xmas video. It is slavishly devoted to the notion that Books Make Good Gifts (aka Publishing Is Recession Proof, Right? RIGHT?), but still pretty cool.

The amazing thing is the company I’m keeping. Just try to imagine the after-shoot party with me, Bill O’Reilly, Maya Angelou, and Dan Brown all hanging out. The mind boggles.

Click for the actual video.

By the way, my 50s college professor shirt is by D.L. Cerny, my new fave place for dapper. Because shirts make great gifts!

114 thoughts on “Writers Are Shameless!

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  2. yesterday @my grandma’s party i got Extras, Peeps, and a shirt that said Team David(which i wore the whole time)!!! i was soooo happy!! i also got a gold neclace w/a heart locket on the end (which reminded me of the one Tally had @the Smoke)and a few Target gift cards!!! it was awesome!!!=D

  3. All I got from my close family this year was books. well, books and a gift certificate to a local book store. even better for me 😀

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