Fan Art Tuesday

Okay, so it’s been an unusually long time since I posted. This is because I’ve been working very hard on both Leviathan and Mind-Rain, an anthology of essays by YA writers about the Uglies series. (More about this soon. It’s going to be very cool.)

But that hasn’t left me much time to blog. I’ve only blogged, like, twice this year! (So much for that resolution.)

So in consolation, I offer you some very cool fan/fine art from Yuriy Shikhanovich:
Copyright Yuriy Shikhanovich (but cropped by me a little to fit). See the original here.

The match is so close that this photo has a great uncanny valley feel to it. Like your brain almost wants to believe the illusion, but then rejects it. (And it gives new meaning to the word “facebook.”)

And here are some awesome home-brewed Wearable Extras from Becki S.:




Love that hoodie.

Actually, working on Mind-Rain has reminded me of all the cool contributions you guys have made to the series. Both in feedback and suggestions, various threats and rants, and in fan art and discussion. So thanks to everyone who’s pinged me over the years!

Now back to the word mines.

321 thoughts on “Fan Art Tuesday

  1. we’re doing the presidential challenge in phys ed–a mile run, suicides (//shudders//), situps, pushups, sit and reach—GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! sigh. it’s not gun.
    and the only prize is the president’s signature and, no offense intended, but i really don’t like obama. his politics stink!
    sigh. i hate when people say it’s racist to dislike obama. come ON people! if any other person came along with his politics, i would STILL NOT LIKE HIM. somepeeps r so annoying!
    😡 well gtg and pretend 2 do hmrk… 😥

  2. hey! havent posted in FOREVER. and i have a new name. does anyone know who i am?? try to guess.
    so i guess i just found out that none of the names i had created for the title of the analogy book are being used. that sucks. but i guess Mind Rain does work so its all good.
    i see we’re on a sports subject…unless thats done with but watever. SOFTBALL IS THE BEST!!!! NO QUESTION!! END OF DISCUSSION! so there.
    does anyone else here HATE science? im learning earth and space science (i suck at it btw) and i hate it!! i just had a test today and totally bombed it. seriously. it sucked. i also don’t like history. its soooooooo boring. even though i really don’t like skool except english and right now we’re doing a research report (mine’s on LSD in the 1960s) and reading a book called Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes. i know that sounds dumb but its a good book i finished it yesterday and everyone else is on chapter nine. but anyway even though i don’t like skool im still eighteenth in my class out of two hundred ninety one students so i gess im sorta smart but watever.
    im reading THE HOST right now (good book) and then ive got three other books lined up to read.
    Twilight the movie comes out March 21 (im sure u all knew that) and i cant wait. New Moon the movie is coming out at the end of this year. Dakota Fanning might play Jane and either Vanessa Ann Hudgeson or Brenda Song might play Leah Clearwater. i really hope not though because i dont want a disney channel star invading the world of twilight. that would just suck.

  3. wow! i just reread my last post and i sound like totally ADD or ADHD or watever. but i just skipping from subject to subject. i gess thats how my week has been going. i woke up on tuesday and thought i was friday and today felt like friday but its only thursday but tomorrow is friday. yay! i would have said this all in the last post but my sister had to do some homework with the computer. ugh!
    oh! another thing i JUST rememered is that…for all u people who wanted Barack Obama to win the election well he confessed that he’s messed up THREE TIMES already and he’s only been in office for a month…not even. some of the people he picked to be in his Cabinet or watever havent paid their taxes and wat not. two of the three werent sworn in but one was and he’s the one who’s going to be controlling our money (yay!) so just thought i’d let you all know that. also he wants to close down Guantanamo Bay (probably killed that spelling) which houses all the terrorists and criminal-like people. i don’t think thats a good idea coz uh where are all the terrorists gonna go??? are we gonna start an Adopt a Terrorist! foundation so they have a place to live?! i think not!! i’m seriously scared for my life coz if we have freaking TERRORISTS running around who knows wat the hell they’ll do!!! ugh!!!
    just thought i’d tell u that Obama’s not on my top 10 list right now and i think he BRAINWASHED u all into loving him. he’s not the right man for the job and that’s all im gona say.
    i hope this raises some discussion. actually…i KNOW it will. gess im an antagonist that way! haha.

  4. BIGGEST GREEN DAY FAN EVER!!!!!- the host made me cry 🙁 I didn’t like it that much though…. like, I liked it, but it got annoying- stephenie meyer had like, the same people in it- jared- edward. Ian- Jacob. Jamie- Seth. mmmhhmmm- think about it 😛 hey have any of you read the mysterious benedict soceity? I just finished it, and I was sad when it ended- I haven’t felt that way about a book for a while, so if you’re looking for something to read, just thought I’d put that out there 😛 back to the host for a sec- there’s an eclipse meadow scene in the host too- I think you know what I mean

    “Jacob, please kiss me”

    “Ian, I need you to kiss me”

    or something very very close to that- do you see my point now?

  5. BIGGEST GREEN DAY FAN EVER!!!!!: I can’t BELIEVE you hate science! Science is awesome. I love science SO much. Seriously. Speaking of good books, I just finished the book “Bruchko” and I absolutely loved it. No idea WHY, but I did.

    Emi-la: I haven’t a clue. All I know is that right now, I just don’t know anything. Ah. Just like my science teacher said today. “The more you understand, the more you understand how little you understand.” I like that.

    Okay, while we’re talking sports, I do triathlon training and I used to do competitive swimming. Please don’t kill me for bringing math into a perfectly good convo about sports, but yesterday in math class, the teacher had this question about how to figure out how far it is to get to the other side of the lake and he’s going on and on about how long a swim it was, and then we did the math and found out it was 400metres. And I was all “Hey, this can’t be right, you said it was a long swim” and he just looked at me and was all “Andrea, you do realise that not everyone is a competitive swimmer.” and then i said “Actually, I do triathlon now.” and he’s like “Swimming wasn’t enough torture?” and I was all “Yeps.” and then he continued to teach the class mentioning every few minutes how that would just be a warm up for someone who does competitive swimming, meanwhile the whole time i was muttering under my breath “Half a warm up.” lol. He just kept on giving me weird looks.

  6. BIGGEST GREEN DAY FAN EVER: at least obama ADMITTED he made a mistake…bush STILL won’t admit it.
    Andrea-la: nice, you freaked out your teacher. I love freaking out my teachers by doing stuff like that…and you must be in REALLY good shape…

  7. Man!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Tube soooo doesn’t like me! I am trying to post some funny Uglies stuff, and it just won’t! I am sooo freaking mad…………………

  8. la la la…I’m so bored. haha. Very bored. lol. haha. tee hee. okay, so that was pointless. turns out when you are unbarably bored, you have nothing to say.

  9. Um…tennis is okay. I just started playing like this year, so I totally suck though. But my friend’s been playing for years, and going to the club for lessons and everything though so she’s freakin amazing and in the process of teaching me! (I don’t think it’s gonna work though!) Biggest Green Day Fan ever, I SO know who you are! I just can’t remember your name that you used before! But I do remember you, not just saying that.

  10. Haley~Hyperness is ICY: lol. freaking out teachers is fun. and no, i’m not in good shape. good shape is what i was in last year while doing swimming training five times a week. now, it’s triathlon twice a week. and i freaked out my drama teacher just cuz i couldn’t stop writing monologues. this is what he said to me “Andrea, when there are six monologues, they aren’t monolgoues anymore. Then they’re just wordy conversations.” lol. true, oh so true. but really, there’s eight. and the monologue characters wont shut up. so i’ve started talking to them. and they and intensly annoying. but they WERE giving each other the silent treatment. now they’re stopped. which means i have to put up with them. and NO they are NOT my imaginary friends….i perfer the term “Fictional stalkers”…

  11. I gave my teacher part of my story to look over…its going, good? Everyone says its good but no one will give any critizism, its slightly annoying.
    i’m also entering a poem, I thought why not, it was something much easier to do than my story.

  12. BIGGEST GREEN DAY FAN EVER: I LOVE SCIENCE. Love Math, Love Chemistry, Love Physics, Don’t Love Bio as much (because of my teacher). And history is fun (because of teachers that bribe us with candies)!

    Okay, I’m a bit odd, the only subjects I really dislike was human geography and literature because I’m not one for the classics. So I dropped both subjects and I never have to see them again! =D

    Andrea-la: Now that is getting seriously creepy, but that probably means you have a good writing fairy or something. My characters board themselves up into little cupboards and I have problems inviting them out. Psh. And yes to the 400m thingy you told your teacher. 400m isn’t even much of a run (and I abhor running long distance, I have very little stamina) much less a swim.

    Grr, I had dance this afternoon, and then tomorrow. My shoulders are so bruised up from all the rolling on floor.

  13. Man!!! Being sick sucks.I have to stay home and I don’t really want too. :[

    Andrea-la Ya I know what you mean.

  14. Andrea-la: I like what your science teacher said. It’s vastly true. (on kind of the same note: some said we live a long time “Like, one hundred years, like” and that’s not long what-so-ever.)
    And wow, with the 400 meters thing, I ran two miles (I can’t convert, sorry. I don’t know how) and I was sore this morning..

    BIGGEST GREEN DAY FAN EVER: =TYC Leader? I’m pretty sure that’s right. What Haley said is true about him at least he admitted he made a mistake. (when he did that, everyone sort of gasped) And science and history are uh-mazing.

    (yay! I have Friday and Monday off!! Yay!!)

    Ashley-wa: I wish it were summer too! I’m sorry you have hw, it sucks worse then a vacuum. (’cause vacuums suck! hahaha.)

    Alex-wa: I was telling my friend about your movie. She thinks it’s a good idea. I looked at your pictures (went yesss) I hope it goes well!

  15. Alex-wa: I loved the bloopers. Especially the cat one…I saw the fur and was like ‘uh-oh..’

    Andrea-la: At least your stalkers are fictional and not real. Then you’d have some serious problems! Good luck with them…

  16. hey, has anyone called crayola to convince them to produce ‘cat vomit pink’ as an offical color? lol I was working on this project for art where you have to draw a picture using only one line (extremly hard btw) and I did tally looking out her window at new pretty town, and I found it impossible to find a good color for the sky =P

  17. So just for the record, my name really is Lala =] I just started the Uglies series, and read them in 2 days… dude. BRILLIANT. I haven’t gotten Extra’s. My husband tells me a get too obsessed and that I need to calm down. Now that I’ve found this site, I fear for my marriage!! bahahaha just kidding. Anyways, I love the ‘facebook’. I fully thought it was the real cover and couldn’t figure out why it didn’t look right. EEEK! I need help. And I am totally making a shirt like the specials one… This is so happy-making!! i love love love it!! Go WESTERFELD!!!!

  18. Ashely-wa: Okay, because you mentioned vacuums….during choir class a few days ago, we were working on learning “The Pink Panther”. The teacher compared this to a vacuum. This went on and on and on, and we kept on talking and then eventually we ended up talking about swimming (please note that I’M in that class…lol….) and it was hilarious how off topic we got.

  19. Andrea-la: i love getting off topic! my science teacher Mrs. Harding always gets off topic. yesterday by the end of class we had listened to numerous itunes 32second songs 4 absolutely no reason. we were supposed 2 b studdying 4 our test which was 2day, but somehow ended up on itunes.=D it was great!

  20. Andrea-la YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!My tacher ALWAYS stays on-task!!

    Maggie-la No,I’ll have to get on that :]

    Have any of you read “Scrambled Eggs at Midnight”????
    If so what did you think of it??

  22. Click on my name to get to my cafepress store. I know, I don’t have many products up yet, and there are only two designs, but it’s getting late and i’m exhausted. Plus, if you are in Choir at Monte Vista High School in Danville, CA you’ll apreciate the “Team Koliha” shirts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  23. Emi-la: This was choir class though. Even though…haha…in science class we DO have some good class discussions when we get “off topic” to philosophy. Fun stuff.

  24. Jeezummmmmmmm…….I had a major clutzy moment yesterday. I was messing around with my friends in the locker room, and I’m the smallest one out of all of them so I was just like shoving against em and they weren’t budging at all. Then my other friend was all Hey! Try it with me! And I was stupid and gullible so I was like Okay! And then I did and was like shoving with all my weight as hard as I fricking could then she just stepped to the side and I kept on going! I fell and hit my head on the bench and then the cement floor. Megahelens of ouchness, my head still hurts. So yeah, that was part of my fun day. Lol.

  25. Tally&Zane hahaha srry i can’t help but laugh.That sucks but its still wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy funny….haha…he..he….hehe…..

    Andrea-la I can’t get ANY of my teachers of task!Not evn my crazy band teacher!!!!(pouty face)

  26. my english teacher gets off task alot! eventho its english and we have discussions he talks about arnold swartzenager and how the teachers dont get paid enough. and then when theres 10 minutes of class left he says pull out your worksheets. He gets side tracked EXTREMELY easy

    Tally&Zane: poor you (glad u cant see me id be laughing…a little) thats what happens to me. my friends say try this and i end up getting hurt

  27. Tally&Zane ok I will!HAHAHAHAHAH ROFL!!!!!AHAHAHAHAHA ROFL ROFL!!!!!!!HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    I’m just messinwith ya its not THAT funny :]

  28. ya i just wish my science teacher wass a little less crazy. everyday she has a different color in her hair. yesterday it was purple!

  29. OMG can you say abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz all at once. say it like one word its really cool. my art teacher taught it to me.

  30. T&Z: That sounds really painful. I think it would take me a few years to be able to laugh at a head injury… or talk to the person responsible for it.

    I got a new template for 13 and Co. Click my name to see it. 😀

  31. we have twin day on monday! 😆 teehee then we have a pj day and a crazy sock/hair day, and a culture day and most of all NO UNIFORMS.

  32. T&Z: Oh gosh. That sounds like something that I would do. Don’t worry, at least you haven’t fallen down the stairs with a bike recently. Anyways, that sounds painful.

  33. Hey guys, some slightly badish news. We couldn’t work on Uglies today. 🙁 The actor that plays Tally had guests come over, and no matter what the hell she did, her parents wouldn’t let her come over! Parents just suck sometimes. So Uglies is set back another week. *Sigh* So, we have to wait yet another week to work on it. So some bad news. But on the good side, I guess thsi gives me some more time to work on the scenes.

  34. Ha, yeah. If it was anyone but that person that did it, I’d be REALLY mad. But I’ve known her for years and so I also know that a lot of times she doesn’t think of the consequences of her actions before she does them. Lol, but she felt really bad so it’s okay I guess. I came so close to falling down stairs while riding a bike! It was a couple years ago at the jr high and they have cement stairs on the outside so on the weekend my friends and I went there and I got dared to ride down the stairs and I did it. It was sooooo much fun, but I do NOT reccomend it if you have any sense of self preservation whatsoever. And if you do, wear a helmet, and keep that mass of goo in your head safe. It’d be the smart thing to do…

  35. Ashley-wa: A vacuum sucks like sucks up dirt. I’m so lame..I just laughed at that again.

    Alex-wa: That’s a bummer about your movie! It’ll still be da’ bomb I’m sure.

    Tally&Zane: Ouch. I kind of got a headache reading that…riding a bike down stairs sounds dangerous and painfully bumpy.

    Andrea-la: Ouch. Again.

    Lexie-wa: It’s kind of cool your science teacher has random colored hair some days…and that word (the abc one) do you say each letter individually or like you would with a word?

    PeepGrrl: Team Zavid shirt, for those who can’t choose!

    LaLa-Wa: It’s kind of amazing that older people are getting sucked into this. (muahahahaha) It’s kind of amazing how it’s not just teens.

    Maggie-la: Brilliant idea…people would buy crayons, see the color and get confused. But then they would use it and find it was, in fact, the purrr-fect color for the sunset. (I’m full of lame puns lately…has to do with that facebook I bet..)

    Dahlia-wa: I like the new template.


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