Manga Heads Horror!

Over at at the Photoshop contest site Worth 1000, someone has taken the concept of manga heads a bit too seriously.

Behold these classic movie stars in horrific manga form:



Anyway, Justine and I are moving into new digs today, so we may be internet-missing for a few days. So don’t expect much in the way of blogging by me for a bit. (Not that I’ve been very good this year so far . . . )

Instead check out the new Westerfeldian roleplaying board!

226 thoughts on “Manga Heads Horror!

  1. Freakeh-reakeh manga movie stars.


    I want manga contact lenses, though, just for kicks.

  2. Jay-wa: hi back!!!! i hate cold 2. it was like -3 2day and we still had 2 go 2 school!

    ummmm…..whats a ‘dig’? =D

  3. Nicole-la: That is a serious bummer to find your phone in the toilet! Are you sure some one put it there? Maybe it fell out of your back pocket or something…

    Ping-la: I think Manga contacts would be so bubbly! They were creepily-awesome!!

    Maeve: Teehee. Nice pun. (dare I say it–you’re pretty punny. ha)

  4. Ashley-wa: ‘Digs’ is like house. But it was used in the 70’s or 80’s. I only say it when I’m trying to annoy my friends. Bleh. I hate hate hate hate HATE this cold. It’s so unreasonable! My front door was FROZEN SHUT this morning. Not cool.

    *prays for no school tomorrow*
    *not likely*

  5. i agree w/ the people that say that they look like characters from Tim Burton’s movies. to tell the truth i always sort of imagined them to look more like the girl from the original Yu-Gi-Oh.

  6. Wow, sounds cold. It got to like 60 today, but it was really cold when I got up this morning. I’d prolly die if it was cold enough to freeze my door shut, I’ve been so spoiled by Cali weather.

  7. Tally&Zane: I would love it to be 60 degrees. Or somewhere in the positives. Like ten degrees. (it’s so sad I’d be happy with ten degrees…:cries:

    Nate-la: *prays for no snow*
    *more likely to work because of Westerfeldism magic.*

    Did anyone else think their eyes were oddly glossy?

  8. haha, yup, i’m SO spoiled by southern California weather, too, Tally & Zane.
    it gets 60 and we get our coats…it gets 80 and we die of heatstroke…
    we’re such wimps…

  9. Oh totally. I’m like shivering in my boots from anywhere like 30-60. 65-70 is my favorite tempature really, but 80s is too warm. That’s prolly cuz I wear jeans practically all year long, but that’s just me…There’s crazy girls wearing short shorts in friggin january, they’re insane.

  10. Woah!
    Those are really scary!
    Everyone should check out a brand new uglies fansite called The Smoke Lives!

  11. YAY!!!! i have a cold day 2day(not sure what the exact temp. is, but the busses wouldn’t start this morning. yyyeesssss!!!) i m happy because 1.i have no homework 2.we don’t go back 2 school until tuesday!!!! long weekend!!!!!=D

  12. fawesome website Jack-la!!!!! hey, guess what? i figured out where fawesome came from!!! i saw it in The Last Days and i was like ohhhhhhhh, now i get it. =D i m almost done w/ TLD but i liked Peeps better.

  13. It’s so freezing here! it’s like two degrees with a super-negative wind chill. It’s quite icy-making.
    lol you know what? I was walking downtown with my sister and it was really cold, like ten degrees, and it was really sunny out, snow all over the ground, and it was reflecting the sunlight and it was gorgeous! Then, even though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it started to extremely lightly snow. and these were like, tiny snowflakes. They wouldn’t have even been visible if it wasn’t for the fact that there was a bright afternoon sun shining. It was so amazing. It was like the air was glittering. I think that’s what it’s like to be icy! 😀

  14. creepy much?

    instead or midterms we have a million and two projects–fun huh? sigh. my neck hurts.

    IT’S A LONG WEEKEND!!!!! :happy:

    these past final days i read eight books…the librarians don’t even have to ask for my ID number anymore, they know my name.
    it’s a bit creepy, but that means i don’t have to get out my ID card anymore 😛

  16. off topic a bit, but did anyone see how on american idol (i dont remember if it was tuesday or wednesday), one of the guys who got to go to hollywood was from BIXBY, OKLAHOMA? totally bubbly, that.

  17. Hannah-la: The reason the snow was so small, was because it turned to ice. At least that’s what the meteorologists said. They’ve been wrong before, I mean they said we wouldn’t have school. My totally fawesome history teacher was like I was a little bummed we had school for 5 WHOLe days. Bleh. I think being icy would kind of be like that, maybe less freezing-to-death cold.

    Ashley-wa: I wish our stupid busses wouldn’t have started. You get Monday off too? WHY? I also liked Peeps better, mostly because of all the gruesome facts but…

    Jacky: I love the site! (and the shirts)

    Tally&Zane and Haley: When it’s 60 degrees in Michigan, we break out the shorts. It’s so weird here because it gets up to like 90 sometimes and it’s like eleven right now.

    I’m kind of starting to like those manga-head pics. (don’t look at them too much…)

    Everyone have a nice evening/day, and hopefully it’s warm where you’re at.

    PS Andrea-la: If Canadian bacon is American ham, then what is American bacon in Canada?

  18. i get monday off…you don’t, Jay-wa? that sucks.
    what sucks is that we can’t have minimum days after the last day of finals anymore cause some dude got stabbed on a minimum day a few years ago…but we get to come to school at 10:30 so i’m okay with that 😛

  19. Jay-wa: yes, i get monday off2 because of some teacher workshop. the bad part about this is that i m sick. i have a fever& very sore throat.(idk how 2 spell that) also my hot water is like frozen or something because it is not heating up like its supposed 2. i liked those every even chapter is a new parasite thing in Peeps.=D

    T&Z: which movie is signs? is that the 1 where the aliens come2 earth& in the end some little boy gets stabbed w/some poison thing?(or was it the girl who got the poison thing, or was it neither) idk. =D

  20. Yeah, its that one! And it was the boy. That’s the second time I saw it though so it wasn’t that freaky. The first time, was when it first came out and I watched it with my two brothers and we had the foil hat thingys on and were sitting on the couch watching it just like them, it was so funny.

  21. That’s not Manga-Heads! That’s……just WRONG.
    I liked the old pictures of the MHs better…all my frineds who are recently converted to Tallyism (more on that later) have had to endure me telling them all about the contact lenses.
    Anyway, about the….stuff…
    I have anohter obsessive on my hand, my bezzie. When she read about Zane’s *gasp* death, she went hom eand typed her OWN VERSION of Specials. It wasn’t very…good, but still. And on her Myspace she has a pet called Tally…and she has a Bunny fight on Facebook… and has called her alliance….Zane’s Army.
    Forget Steph Meyer and her mindless legion of fans….this girl is a plague on her own (but she gives me chocolate!XD)

  22. I love signs!!
    i used to be freakin TERRIFIED of it, but i got over that and i have a picture of me and my friend and my brother wearing foil hats 🙂
    wow, i never got THAT obsessed…that’s insane, Holly-wa!

  23. Regarding Signs: When I first watched it, I was ten or something, and had these alien dreams. But I have a tin-foil hat, not because of the aliens but because the government made up the aliens to single out the radicals. *straps on tinfoil hat*

    Ashley-wa: I’m sorry you’re sick! Being sick is so bleh. And, pfff I wish I had Monday off, instead I have a persuasive essay do. Did anyone else know a persuasive essay was supposed to be one paragraph? I did not.

    Haley: Whats a minimum day? And, hey do you wanna do my home work…? 😀 (yes you do…*brainwashing…*)

    Holly-wa: That’s kind of hilarious about your friend. With the army and what-not.

    Everyone have a nice evening/day.

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    Then there’s this…

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  25. I think the second picture is pretty interesting, in a kind of creepy way. It reminds me a little of the Coraline characters, from the movie (or at least the trailer).

    The first one’s just weird though. 😛

  26. Ashley-wa: I hope you get better soon.

    Holly-wa: Wow! Now, that’s what I call obsessed.

    Sigh, I wished I had a snow day. (The chances of that happening is like a million gazillion to the power of infinity to 1 against. Unless of some freaky global-climate-change thingy (But we’ll most likely drown first)) It’s the third week of a new school year and I have a load of projects. I mean, who gives us a mandatory news article review for a second language and expects it to be handed in two days later. That’s plain insanity.

  27. Ashely-wa:I HOPE SO TOOOOO!

    i totally get what ur saying!i already have a D in eng!!!!!!!
    just cause i’d rather read than write (well not rather cause i have some pretty nice ideas…just cause i cant word it right i guess) and he puts a stupid word limit and OMG!i dont have much to say on this assigned topic!then oooooooo FAIL!!!!
    and i have sever-to-me-and-my-friends-and-my-grades-memeory loss
    so i never remember any HW except math(;P)
    that feel better
    wow commenting about random stuff in ur life is very fun

  28. Jay-wa: Yes, the army was amusing…until she made me join on PAIN OF DEATH.
    Jay-wa(AGAIN): I am currently trying to order my tinfoil hat from Amazon……
    Trish-la:she has an obsessive persona.
    Gabrielle(wa):I read Coraline in Yr 6, and I can’t WAIT to see it! You are right.V_V
    On a ‘NOTHER note:

    Here is a YouTube vid for Hover shoes….working the same way as a Hoverboard. You need a metal surface, and in the ‘comments’ section someone said that to fly ’round the house you would metal rods buried underneath your house and I thought…Zing!

    There is LOADS of stuff on Youtube….
    I wish Scott-la could read our ideas and stuff….

  29. hey guys!!!! thanks 2 u i feel better now!!! well, my throat is still soar, but i don’t have a fever any more.=D

  30. Gabrielle: they completely r going 2 mess up that book with a movie!!!!!! i m sooooo mad because that was an awesome book. they added a whole new character!!!!!! thats just bogus!!!=(

  31. His Rp site isnt as good as this one.

    Too many books per one site.Rule of thumb is one series per Rp site

    Commenting about random stuff is Bubbly and I’m glad that i have photographic memory to remember leaning stuff (but it doesn’t apply to stuff like H.W.I just forget that if it isn’t written on my arm!)

  32. TONS of people have to buy clothes from goodwill and a lot more make their living off of selling handmade quilts and stuff. SO speak up. Tell congress you wont just sit there and write to your representatives and Senators. I did :P.
    Click my name for the site! (I tried it earlier, but it said awaiting moderation, and yeah.)

    Then there’s this…

    I don’t know if anyone has been over to Robin Wasserman’s blog lately, but there’s exciting news about her new sequel to Skinned. Or at least the cover is on there…and other hilarious tid-bits like this one… (he’s a CIA operative? he’s an alien? he’s decided to turn his life into an ionesco play? he’s growing a new senate appointee on his head?)


  33. It was crazy… we didn’t have any snow but school was canceled 2 days in a row because of the cold.

    I live in the Midwest and it got like twenty below without windshield.

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