Manga Heads Horror!

Over at at the Photoshop contest site Worth 1000, someone has taken the concept of manga heads a bit too seriously.

Behold these classic movie stars in horrific manga form:



Anyway, Justine and I are moving into new digs today, so we may be internet-missing for a few days. So don’t expect much in the way of blogging by me for a bit. (Not that I’ve been very good this year so far . . . )

Instead check out the new Westerfeldian roleplaying board!

226 thoughts on “Manga Heads Horror!

  1. wait…they added a character in Coraline??
    nooo!! stupid moviemakers!!
    i hate it when movie makers blatantly change stuff and expect people to be okay with it…like changing Iofur’s name in the golden compass…

  2. Whatever they did to Coraline can’t be nearly as bad as the Stormbreaker movie. They brought in a character that didn’t come into the series until the THIRD BOOK!!! It completely ruined the movie! >:( The worst part is that the author wrote the screenplay. 😛
    I think it was actually the early introduction of that character that killed any chance of a second movie.

  3. wow thats weird a writer would do that to thier own book
    im getting tired of being mad whenever they mess up a movie cause i know theyll mess up
    so im giving up

  4. Dahlia-wa, I LOVE The Alex Rider series. I havn’t been able to watch stormbreaker though, cuz like NOone has it. But I do love the guy that plays Alex. Alex Pettyfer is Amazing.

  5. ooooooooooooooo!
    i wanna go back to school too
    but not cuza’ boys(here?haha!ur hillarious)
    im just in a school ly mood

  6. oh dear those are some ugly ugly faces
    scott are you watchign the ignarguation??? i think i am but i’m not sure

  7. Dahlia-wa: Go read the Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan it was a very awesome series. Either that or go read mangas (at one or smthing) I promise that they don’t look like those creepy manga head pictures

  8. Dahlia-wa: The Private series is vastly good. I’ve Only read Private and Privilege, but they were UH-mazing. (they don’t go in that order btw…) Wuthering Heights is fairly good too, and Just Listen by Sarah Dessen is totally fawesome.
    [[If you go to simonsaysTEEN (dot) com there’s this form you can send in to get free books and review them! Thats how I got Privilege.]]

    Eclipse: Rawr. }:)

    I saw a commercial for Coraline last night and my mom was like ‘That looks cute!’ Is that how it’s being ruined?

    Eva-la: Haha, yeah, you know it’s sad when I writer destroys their work.

    Everyone have a nice day/evening!
    PS I have allergies, in winter. Thats bogus.

  9. Haley~Hyperness is ICY :yeah, they added a whole new character who is a boy. i know this because i was reeeaaally bored over the summer& did some research on it.=(

    Jay-wa:if u r talking about the whole clay-mation thing it doesn’t reall matter that much 2 me as long as they stayed true 2 the book…….which the did not!!!! Coraline, the first time i read it was pretty scary.(maybe cause i was in 4th grade) now they r making it look kinda funny.=(

  10. Thanks for all the book suggestions. I’ll have to check them out.

    Has anyone read Suck It Up by Brian Meehl??? I was reading about it on Barnes&Noble and was wondering if it’s any good. Sounds funny.
    Also, if anyones read Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley I’d really like to know if it’s good. 🙂

    Click my name. 😀

  11. What do manga-head guys look like? That’d be interesting.
    Honestly, when I brought this page up on my computer, I jumped when the pictures loaded. XD

  12. OMG!!! i was just on &it said Leviathan was going 2 b released on September 22, 2009!!!! =D

  13. Eclipse: Lorrain the Lamp. Whoa..that be some serious sleep deprivation! (yar ;0?)

    Yay! Leviathan!! Horray! (books books books!!)

    Everyone have a good day!

  14. and i second Jay-wa: yay!! Leviathan!!
    i have a bunch of border’s gift cards…i must save one for leviathan…

  15. In English we’re reading A Tale of Two Cities, and then I remembered this…
    Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Zombies.

    It was the best of apocalypses, it was the worst of apocalypses. It was an age of brain eating, it was an age of shotguns. It was the epoch of damaging the head, or of removing it from the body. It was the season of light infantry weapons, it was the season of dark pursuits through abandoned sewers. We had everything at the local mall before us, but there were too many zombies in the way. In short, the period was so far like the present period—except for, you know, all the frickin’ zombies.

    And I showed my friend…it was pretty hilarious. The whole book could use some zombies…
    Everyone have a nice day/night!
    (sunshine…Finally sunshine!!)

  16. I have something really random to say:
    Does everyone know the song “I don’t want to miss a thing” by aerosmith? well, the music video where it’s set to Armaggedon makes me cry SO hard! It’s so sad and it reminds me of the Uglies series for no apparent reason.
    seriously go watch it.
    it’s as bad as titanic! lol for me at least.
    I’m such a sucker for sad movies, books, and songs though. 😛

  17. so when i got up this morning my left eye was all crusty and it took some serious time 2 open it. then when i did this green-ish, yellow goo kept coming out of it. it was really gross. then i looked in a mirror and it looked like i had a black eye it was so swollen. my dad saw this and was like “i think u have pink eye”, so my mom said i didn’t have 2 go 2 school. well, okay, but my eye was still all gooey and stuff. i went 2 the doctor and i do have pink eye. i also have an on-coming ear infection, so not only do i have 2 have eye drops 3time a day, i also have 2 take these horse-pills 3 times a day2. hope you guys had better days than me!!!=D

  18. AAWWWW!
    ur sick all the time now huh?=.[

    one time (im allergic 2 misquitos) a M. bite me right above the eye and my eye puffed up so bad that i couldnt see for days=.[

    i was starting to get pink eye, and i did that, put green tea bags on my closed eyelids, and put a little bit of the tea in my eye like an eyedrop kinda, and it went away in like a day.
    and i definetly know your pain of the pills and eyedrops. try the tea bag thing. it worked for me.

  20. Aw, that sucks. I hope you feel better Ashley-wa! Eve-la, that sounds totally unfun! Wow, I’ve never heard of the tea bags thing, that’s cool. Well stating the obvious, Obama’s officially pres now. 🙂

  21. where have the days gone? so fast just like ZWOOM! You got to say that with a lot of zz to it. Like a buzz. ZzWzOzOzMz.

    Any who, im cold. I dont know why its cold but it is. But im inside so it should be toasty and roasty but NO! I get it. My parents are trying to freeze me, send my to Africa, thaw me out using the sun, and run so they can leave me. Well its not going to work because im on to them. Ba Ba Ba Ba-m!
    The blanket!

  22. Lmao, you’re crazy Bran-la. But hilarious none the less. I just watched The Happening. I swear I will NEVER be able to look at a tree the same way again. But that movie was flippin sweet guys.

  23. T&Z: Ugh, The Happening couldn’t have come at a worse time. M. Night Shyamalan is directing the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie (and he totally screwed up the casting. Jesse McCartney as Zuko?!?! What’s wrong with him?!?!?!) and he put it off TWO YEARS to make The Happening!!! The script had to be rewritten because no one would pick it up!!! I have vowed never to see The Happening.
    I cannot wait until summer of next year. I’ve been waiting for the Avatar movie since, like, 05 or 06.

    Click my name. 😀

  24. I couldn’t find another place to ask questions, so I guess here’s the best option.

    I read “Bogus to Bubbly” and the explanation of -la and -wa nicknames. However, that does not explain what someone named Walter is supposed to do.

    Just curious.

  25. i do seem 2 get sick alot this year, but it always turs out to b weekends& school breaks when am sick enough 2 stay home from school.

  26. Ashley-wa: That’s so sad that you always get ill at the wrong time (not that getting ill is good at all.) I do hope you get better soon.

    Christiana:Hm… that is a good question. Someone with a name like Wesley would probably be stuck in the same dilemma. I’m guessing that it will be a -wa though. Because there wasn’t any rule about having a ‘W’ in your name. Scott-la, please confirm?

    I fell in love with Nightwish! (I know I’m slow) Now I just gotta get my friend to send me all the songs.

  27. Ashley-wa: I’m sorry you’re sick! It sounds pretty gruesome! I hope you get well soon.

    Tally&Zane: Definately a re-write for A Tale of Two Cities! That would be so amazing.

    Trish-la: You’re not slow, I’ve never even heard of it! hmmm…I’ll have to look it up.

    Maybe Walter’s name is too cool for -la or -wa (hardly) so therefore they wouldn’t need it. Like Wally. ha.

    Everyone have a nice day!

    PS for health, we’re doing this real world game thing and my kids are Tally and Fausto. And my wedding-planner husband is in prison cause he punched his boss…hehe!

  28. Trish-la: same thing happened to me!! and you’re not slow, i heard of them like two weeks ago or something. they are SO AWESOME!! the music video for “the islander” is really cool. look it up on youtube.
    Wow, Jay-wa, your health class was so much more fun than mine…except maybe for the part where our teacher got out the kicking sheild and we got to kick him, that was pretty cool…

  29. Jay-wa: >_> ur health class sounds fun. the funnest things we did in our health class were watching Supersize Me and using the beer goggles (omg i couldnt even walk a straight line!!!).

    oh, and is A Tale of Two Cities at all remotely intresting? im only asking this because my english class is going to be reading it sometime soon, and i’d like to know if it’s worth giving a chance or if i shouldnt bother reading it and get my notes off of sparknotes.

    Ashley-wa: hope u feel better soon


  30. Click my name. I just wrote the first part of my zombie story. Please, read it and leave a comment if it’s any good. 😀

    What are some good zombie books??? (don’t suggest Generation Dead. I got it from the library, but I don’t really like it) 🙂

  31. note to self – if anything like Tally’s world comes to our world….never be a manga head.. Be a Crim :]

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