Manga Heads Horror!

Over at at the Photoshop contest site Worth 1000, someone has taken the concept of manga heads a bit too seriously.

Behold these classic movie stars in horrific manga form:



Anyway, Justine and I are moving into new digs today, so we may be internet-missing for a few days. So don’t expect much in the way of blogging by me for a bit. (Not that I’ve been very good this year so far . . . )

Instead check out the new Westerfeldian roleplaying board!

226 thoughts on “Manga Heads Horror!

  1. Wow. That is seriously disturbing.

    Anyhoo, did anyone catch the Radical Honesty reference in “Lie to Me” last night? The new TV show that was after American Idol. There was a guy who said he was part of a new thing called Radical Honesty and that he never lied. It made me laugh. =D Yay for random SW references! XD

  2. Awesome possum fawesome story, Dahlia-wa! Zombie books? Well, try the all-famous (on westerblog, at least) Zombies vs. Unicorns!!!!! Scott-la posted on it a while ago…

  3. ooooooooooo it get it!
    sry blonde moment
    i do that alot so im comeng up w/ and abreviation….
    Bld mmt?
    any ideas?

  4. Tired tired tired. Bored bored bored. Lame lame lame. That describes mememe. Right nownownow. And I have nothing better to dododo than annoy youyouyou guys by writing things threethreethree timetimetimes.

  5. Eva-la: that happens 2 me a lot 2! the B/M i mean. like yeaterday when my sister told me this joke, (which might i add wasn’t funn) and it took me like 45min. 2 get the joke. it took my 6year old brother(who happens 2 b extremely smart) only about 5seconds 2 get it.=D

  6. T&Z: that writing makes me dizzy. idk y, it just makes it hard 2 read 4me. i wish i had nothing 2 do. i have like a million things i could b doing, but i decided not 2 do any of them right now.=D

  7. lol, i hate when i have blonde moments, but it’s just so funny when other people have them.

    T&Z: i agree w/Ashley-wa, ur writing is just so dizzy-making


  8. Dahlia-wa: I’m going to check out your Zombie story. A good Zombie book (so far) Is The Zombie Survival guide by Max Brooks, and I also hear that World War Z by him is good too.

    MikilofSouthern: I wanted to watch that show, but I think I passed out…it looked pretty good. And now it looks even better because of the reference!

    eva-la: B/M is a pretty good idea! (those happen frequently…)

    Aryll-wa: Beer-goggle would be intensely hard to walk in! A Tale Of Two Cities is mostly interesting, just a little hard to decipher. Its even better when you mix it up to be all zombiefied. 😀

    Tally&Zane: Wow. I feel severely bad for you being bored! Typing things three times (or thrice in old-speak..) would mean you’ve been driven to the abyss of boredom…

    Everyone have a nice evening/day!

  9. Jay-wa: intresting and hard to decipher, sounds like all the other books we’ve been reading in English…ugh. i really wish it was zombiefied, everything is just so much more intresting when its zombiefied 😀


  10. TGIF!!!! finally its(almost)the weekend. guess what? i actually have a life this weekend 2!!!! 2day after school i m going 2 a book store by my house that is closing down. then on saturday me &keri r going 2 a semi-professional hockey game. well…..the hockey game is where i m being forced 2 go 4 my brother’s hockey team thing so if i have friend it shouldn’t b as boring, but still extremely boring.

    Jay-wa: 2 many big words! i don’t know what any of them mean.

  11. Bran-la: oook that was so funny and i have no idea why

    Ashley-wa: eeeeewwwww that made my eyes water just thibkin bout it TGIF?? i don’t get it maybe i’m on the slow side today you know my crush was totally asking me to kiss him and i didn’t understand til just now stupid stupid me well theres always monday!

    Tall&Zane: the happening was good it changed my view of trees and plants

    Now going to zombie story

    ** Note: Never ever ever even if the world depended on it read The Yearling i all but ripped the book and my hair to peices it is so boringly stupid so god help me i will take a 0 on that assinment before i read another page of that book

    (no offense intended for the ‘so god help me’ thing sorry)

  12. i’m bored too…and LOVING it.
    friday is my insane day…i don’t go home till 7:45 pm (left this morning at 7:30 am)
    it was RAINING today!!! before school i stood out in the rain for like 10 minutes till the bell rang…it was so much fun…my friend asked me if i was crazy and i said “yes i am, DEAL WITH IT!!” i was in the rain every chance i got today…
    rain makes me hyper. 🙂 hehehehe….

  13. its raining today too and GUESS WHAT?
    i got home and
    ATTIRE:PE shorts, light WWF T, bare feet
    so w/ me wearing that and it pouring
    i went and jumped on our tampoline
    SSSOOOOO fun!
    u should try it

  14. this weekends gonna be tired-makeing cause im:
    -going to a church get together at my leaders house(and my moms going cause she knows my leader[UGH!])
    -then haveing a sleep over
    -then wakeing up early to carpool to the church w/ my other friend
    -then go to the youth service
    -go to 2nd sevice
    -serve at the seghtti luch(at the church)
    -do RAK(randm acts of kindness) which is bandages for missionarys

    thats is alotta church but im gonna be w/ friends so its gonna be awesome!

    *sigh* im tired just typing it
    im so pethetic;D

  15. I’m gonna have a very long tiring weekend too. There’s no school on Mon and Tues because of Lunar New Year Holidays, but I have to go out and visit relatives. The only good thing is getting all those awesome food –> pineapple tarts/ fried carrot cakes/ chocolate and money in red packets!! =DDD

    Random things that pop into mind:

    -Blonde moments sound kind of stereotype-ish.

    -Oh yeah go Google/youtube LPU 8. I have no idea as to whether I should be disturbed or lmao-ing.

    -Has anybody read ‘The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks’ by E. Lockhart? I just finished it and the whole time I was reading it (especialy when it came to the pranks) I was thinking: Flashmob’ If you have, but have never heard of the term ‘Flash mobbing’ or the group ‘improveverywhere’ (one of the largest and most well known flash mob groups, by my reckoning) go search it up now. Because they are awesome and they are fun. You can go join your local team (if there is one) or even form your own.

    No more random things popping into my mind for now.

  16. Trish-la: ive read the Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. i liked it, but i didnt think about flashmobs, mainly ive never heard of them until just now. i just searched them and they sound cool, though im not sure if id join them…


  17. Hey guys, my friend and I started this awesome new YouTube account that alludes to Uglies (or mostly Extras, but whatever…)

    We have a video on how to study for finals and a documentary of how one of our mischievous school clubs wreaked havoc downtown (more or less…)

    I put my name as the link to it. We have tons of great ideas and will be adding more videos soon, so I thought I’d tell you, because everyone here is always so nice and supportive!

    An extra for now. 😉

  18. Lawl! Yes, Fringe is amazing! It reminds me of Scotts books.
    I was watching ‘Lie To Me’ and they mentioned radical honesty. I started freaking out. x)

  19. I tripl-dog-dare u guys to Google Image ‘levitating frog’ 🙂 Freaking awesome, man. Freaking awesome. Oh, and has anyone seen ‘The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’? I just read it and I don’t want to waste my time seeing it if it’s really bad. Same thing for ‘I know what you did last summer’. Thanx!@!

  20. Audrey-Sensei: I liked ur video! Ufortunately, I had to watch it w/out sound because SOMEBODY won’t get me speakers. Which one are you?

  21. Gia: I totally loved that part too! The radical honesty guy was my favorite…

    amira-la: I read the 4th book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, and I loved the movie. You should definitely watch it. In the “Lost Posters” video, I was the camera person, and in the “How to Study” one, I’m the blonde chick with the sunglasses and lime green Chuck Taylors.

    An extra for now! 😉

  22. what are manga-heads again and those manga heads look so UGLY! don’t 4get scary like one of tim burton’s movies.. ttylz

  23. Wow, I haven’t commented on here in like forever!! It was funny; I checked out the site that has all the other manga pictures, and that was just downright weird… haha!! Some of them were creepy, let me tell you. And some of them were very good and cool. Haha. Anyways…

  24. Amira-la: Oh, levitating frog. I remembered I saw that somewhere before. Yes, do go watch the movie! It doesn’t stick to the book at some bits, but it is extremely hilarious, Marvin is the cutest thing ever, and the beginning song is oddly addictive.

    Audrey-Sensei: ZOMG LOL! The lamp-post! xDDD! Wait a minute… Urban Prankster sounds oddly familiar… OMGOMGOMG!!!! I just found your group on Urban Prankster network… AKA! Ahhhh!!!! Haha. The coincidences! I’m gonna go p.m. you there to say hi. (I’m totally freaking out, as is obvious by this message)

    Eva-la: I like Tim Burton’s movies, favourites being Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet street. But that might have been because of Johnny Depp too…

  25. Trish-la: This is so weird. We’re, like, connected via three different websites.

    Eva-la: The show was called “Lie to Me” and radical honesty guy was in the pilot episode–the only one to be shown so far…

    An extra for now! 😉

  26. Dahlia-wa is right, those dolls do look like something from a Tim Burton film. but they’re creepy to say the least.

  27. Emi-la, it’s probably cuz he and Justine were about to move he said. LaLaLa….Is anybody here planning on going to the Warped Tour? I SO want to go, but idk if I can…

  28. I wish it were warm enough to rain here…

    I’ll check out that video tomorrow Audrey-Sensei, my computer is VASTLY slow.

    Everyone have a nice (and WARM…cold is bogus.) day/evening!

  29. T&Z, I would love to go to Warped Tour, but only if Paramore, Mayday Parade, We The Kings and Flyleaf were performing (I think those are the only bands I listen to that would do/have done Warped Tour, and I’m not even sure about Flyleaf). So far there aren’t any good bands listed on the site. 🙂

    Click my name, I posted part 3 of my zombie story a few hours ago. There should only be one more post in that series. 😀

  30. Awesome! I heard that’s not a complete list though and that Paramore, Mayday Parade, and We the Kings are gonna be there too. But I’m not sure. I haven’t heard if Flyleaf is though. I’d totally go for Escape the Fate, The Maine, Mayday Parade, The Used, and a few others on that list plus ones added. I’ll like flip out if I don’t get to go!

  31. Ashley-wa: Mondays are also bogus.

    T&Z: The warped tour sounds kind of awesome…

    Dahlia-wa: Zombies! Yay!


  32. Happy Lunar New Year to everybody!! ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai; Wan Shi Ru Yi’ I’m so stuffed full of goodies today. heheh… Public holiday today, and there’s no school today and tomorrow! =DD
    And I saw a partial solar eclipse today… with the help of two sunglasses and a pane of tinted window.

    Audrey-Sensei: 3 websites? I thought there were only two?

    Emi-la: It might also be because he is working hard on churning out good novels for us to read….

    What is a warped tour? It sounds pretty fawesome.

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