Manga Head Explosive Goo

Yes, you read that right, and I’m typing it again, because it’s that much fun:

Manga. Head. Explosive. Goo.

It’s a brand of hair gel made by Garnier, to create those delicious mohawk-tastic heads of hair just like your fave manga characters. Don’t believe me? Here’s the website.

And here’s a classic example of some manga heads:

Ganked from Crystal Tip’s flickr stream. And thank you to Kerri for the heads up on Manga Head Explosive Goo.

Can anybody find a photo of actual Manga Head Explosive Goo in a store? I need to see it.

Okay, now that that’s dealt with, a few more cool images, starting with a SCARY DOLL ALERT!


This is the Italian version of Peeps, published by Fazi. Although Justine can’t look at it, due to her scarydollaphobia, I love it and can’t wait for a matching treatment for The Last Days.

Hey, I just noticed the secret color-coded message in the title, which works in English as well as in Italian. See what I mean? Kewl.

And in Скотт Вестерфельд news, we have Jonathan and Jessica looking very fantastical on the cover of the Russian Midnighters 2: Touching Darkness . . .

I could just look at foreign edition covers all day sometimes. So much easier than, um, writing.

Speaking of which, it’s back to the Leviathan mines for me!

301 thoughts on “Manga Head Explosive Goo

  1. Hehe, thanks guys.
    Add too much sugar, extreme boredom, an excess of vlogbrothers, and post-Midnighter depression, and that parody is bore. In other news, I hate High School Musical too. If that’s what you were talking about, even.

    Excuse my current short attention span…

    Best wishes!

  2. alex-wa: I have a minor (ok a huge) icarly obsession… my friend’s are getting mad at me for always talking about how sam and freddie are totally ment to be 😛 sorry if this is making no sense to anybody here…. just spreading the seddie love 😛

  3. I must’ve skipped over that post–there’s going to be a NEW GREENDAY ALBUM? *screams* I had been talking the other day about how much it stunk that they weren’t doing new things any more! OMG!

    On a random note, does anyone here watch the show Heroes? My friend recently got me into it, I’ve only watched the first 10 episodes of the first season but it’s AWESOME! It’s scifi/drama (and you have to like both if you like Westerfeld books!), and it’s one of those shows where all the plots are REALLY intertwined. Some of the things that are revealed really surprised me. Sadly, I heard it gets worse starting the third season and that the fourth season is torture (stupid new writers), but so far it’s amazing. WATCH!

  4. Scott you are awsome!!!! idk if you are reading the comments but i think everyone who comments loves you!!!! i love peeps! it was awsome! i’m currently reading the last book of midnighters. it’s awsome!!!! you rock!!!!

  5. uglieforlife: I’m pretty sure it was Valentino 317. (the elevator thing, right?

    Yay! It’s the 13th (here in America) Woot! Purposelessly Hyperinflated Individuality! Yay!

    Jenny-la: Definately! Yes!

    PrettyxMindedxRusty: I’ve ony watched the first season (because it came on too late for me, still does) but that was completely and utterly amazing.

    Evan: I’m feelin’ the post-midnighters depression thing…

    Everyone have a nice day/evening.
    P.S. If you were alseep when this was posted, I am vastly envious..!

  6. this is random, but what do you think would happen if i brought a metronome onto an airplane and then it started ticking? i mean, do you think that someone would assume it’s a bomb? haha. that would be kinda funny and an unfunny way. lol.

  7. Awesome im definetly getting some of that hair gel before i go to comic-con this year

    Thnx Scott!

    luv your books!!

  8. Jay-wa:OMG!!!! is 2day really friday the 13th??? i was going 2 go 2 the mall…… maybe thats a bad idea=D

    Andrea-la: i bet somebody would think it was a bomb. the bad part about that is that u would probably b arrested. the good part is u would probably b on tv if they thought u were a terreist. that woud b kinda cool!!!=D

  9. Ashly-wa that was in pretties when tally and Zane climb the old radio tower. And Jay-wa thanks fot ta answer. AND OMG ITSW FRIDAY THE 13TH AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  10. Hey guys, I’m at school again! Computer App, of course. I just wanted to ask: Does anyone here have perakovethecatreaphobia? Haha. *winks*

  11. Alex-wa: I looked up paraskavedekatriaphobia, and no, I don’t have it. I don’t see what the big deal is with Friday the 13th. It’s just like any old Friday to me.

    Click my name! I just wrote a post about editing, because that’s what I started doing today. It wasn’t so bad the first time, but now that I’m reading a book I’ve already read (not to mention written), it’s kind of boring. I hate knowing what’s going to happen in a book before it happens. 😛

  12. Emi-la: I’m in luv with your freaking poem

    Yay I’m not alone

    T&Z: Yea i agree i like the old school stuff

    PRettyxMindedx Rusty: Casey totally should have gotten the part even though i stilll Hate with all my heart Zac Efron

    Maggie-la: I also have an Iobbsesion I say we ban together stalk Freddie

    Ahhh I am totally not anti-Greenday but linkin park is 10 times AWESOMER

  13. Sorry Jay-wa writers block is getting to me I can’t think of anything for chapter 3 but I did edit Chapter 2

  14. Eclipse (Mrs.Emmett Cullen Jacob Black)- let’s do it! lol let’s go on the website and ask tons of random questions with really weird usernames and see if they get awnsered! :P:P

  15. Evan: I hadn’t heard that song before, so to fully understand your parody I had to find the song on youtube and listen along. I loved it. It was awesome.

    Forever Last: Oh, phew. I almost thought I was going to be behind on Green Day’s music again.

    PrettyxMindedxRusty: I freakin love Heroes! I agree, the new writers are getting to me already. It hasn’t been as mind blowing as the other seasons. But it’s still early on, hopefully they can pull me in more. The third season practically destroys your mind in the first two episodes! Everything you think you know is wrong. Good luck and have fun catching up on it though.

    Evan (again): DFTBA!

  16. Haha it was funny for the rest of the school day I was asking people if they had paraskavedekatriaphobia. They were like “what the hell is that?” It was funny. I’m Greek, in case you didn’t know, so I know how to correctly pronounce that word and stuff, so I was all like “Paraskave-Friday, Theekatria- thirteen, Phobia-fear. Fear of Friday the 13th.” And I said it with a greek accent, of course. And they were all like oh, right. Nope. And walked away. Haha. LOL. I’m going to see how many people have visited my movie site now…

  17. Hm… 16 people isn’t that bad… well, I hope it’s not counting when I visit it, cause if it is then like only 8 people from other places visited it… thats how much I visied it last night. Again, publicity is needed! Tell people you know folks!

  18. Emi-la: Yea I think it’s great and trust me I know a good poem and a bad poem i’ve been writing them since i was 7 (I’m thirteen now)

    Maggie-la: I am on my way now

  19. Eclipse (Mrs.Emmett Cullen Jacob Black)- use really innapropraite usernames 😛 and see if they get awnsered- that way you can have the cast say like…. something innapropraite… sorry I just woke up 😛 (and sorry if I spelled innapropraite wrong… again, I just woke up :P)

  20. Eclipse: Okie dokie.

    Maggie-la: How could you say that about Zane-la? That’s harsh.

    Forever Last: Sarah Dessen is an AHHH-mazing author! I loved that book! Just Listen is intensely good also. And This Lullaby… The site for green day is awesome, that’s going to be their cover art?

    Justine-la: That’s so awesome that you get to read Uglies as an assignment. We’re educating the masses… 😀

    Everyone have a nice day/night!

    P.S. I hates snow

    P.S.S I drove today for drivers training, still kinda pumped..

  21. I LOVE snow (if I have a jacket!) and I wish I had to read uglies for a class assignment but that’s okay cause I’ve already read it………

  22. Wow, lots of people have visited my site! I was up like all night sending messages about my movie to every single person who’s ever uploaded an Uglies traler on You Tube. That took a while.

  23. My moms a retired military officer, and so I’ve lived lots of places, and everywhere it snowed! So I was like really used to snow. Then I moved here to San Antonio 2.5 years ago. It doesn’t snow here. So naturally, I never felt like it was ever winter here, or Christmas. I need snow to have any Christmas spirit! I’m getting used to snow’s abcence, though…

  24. I love Chrsitmas just because of the snow which is really weird cause I live in Arizona…. And it usually doesn’t snow here but where I live it snows quite a bit

  25. I need more hits on my blog. I only have about 40 and they’re all from the US (and about half of them are from my friend who just refreshed the page a lot to put the numbers up).

    Read my non-Valentinesy Valentines post!!! Click my name! (please)

    On the snow subject, I don’t really like it. Every time it snows, there’s either
    a) not enough to build anything or
    b) it’s not sticky enough to build anything.
    What’s the point of snow if you can’t build a mini replica of the Southern Water Tribe village?!?!

  26. Yo guys if you could do me a solid and click on my user name up above and it will take you to my fan website for scott-la and you could leave me a coment on my blog!!!!!!

  27. Hey i always wondered why in the first book that tally’s name is just tally, and then in the second book and third it’s tally-wa…like even when shes a special it’s tally-wa. why does it change?

  28. Well, I don’t have paraskavedekatriaphobia, but I certainly happened to have a terrible Friday because the bench in the canteen fell on my foot. There’s this ugly bruise there now. sheesh.

    Evan: Awesome paraody.

    PrettyxMindedxRusty: I freaking LOVE heroes. I get my friend to torrent them for me because they haven’t even started showing season three where I live. Then I catch up with the graphic novel and the istory.

    Speaking of graphic novels. The strange thing was that somebody posted something about reading mangas ‘backwards’. I had a problem with that too, at first, then I got so used to it, I started reading a graphic novel backwards by accident.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, all.

  29. jay-wa: I just really love tally/david…. sure I was a little sad, but c’mon- I’m with david here- it was programing! my friends and I have an inside joke that he could end up with Maddy 😛 (maddy? maddie? whatever :P)

    faith-la: the -wa is because of the pretty-talk that comes with the lesions- and I think that when she’s special It’s just making fun of the ‘bubbleheads’ I think bogus to bubbly has a bit about it

  30. trish-la: urgghhh you sound like my teacher! I always get mad at him when he says ‘graphic novel’ because to me they’re just pretentious comic books, so in class I scream out ‘COMIC BOOK’ whenever he says graphic novel 😛

    oh and happy v-day!

  31. Trish-la: I totally feel your pain. I hope your foot feels better. 🙂
    Once one of my action figures (Deathlok) fell off of my bookshelf and landed on my foot. I had a nasty knot and bruise on my foot for, like, a month. I am just glad that it wasn’t (16″ tall) Galactus.

    Click my name. 🙂

  32. (Leviathan: Any enormous creature or thing, as a whale or large ship) Had to do my homework and found that. Intense.

    Mental-wa: Mental, like your insane? And sorry if it’s your name, I wasn’t going for insult.

    Maggie-la: It so was not programming! It was because he made her bubbly and was so interested in her stories and life. Also, she thought he looked special. But not special special. AND Important point–Without him she never would have gone to the smoke/became a special. (why?) because Shay probably wouldn’t’ve chickend out if Zane hadn’t. It was FATE! FATE I TELL YOU!! (I sit around and think about this, so I’m sorry. You messed with my ‘bubble’ of belief. ;D)

    Dahlia-wa: MAKE COOKIES NOT WAR!! Hehe. I personally find Valentines day to be evil. But I do love the candy…I also like your Harry Potter count down. I liked the Bloggity Blog. I’m kind of sad…I thought they were different…(enticed? go to Dahlia’s blog to get to the bloggity blog!)

    Uglieforlife: I’m confused by your site. It says it’s Go Daddy when I click it…

    P.S. That Hair is righteous. Gah.

  33. Happy v-day ppls! yesterday was a pretty good friday the 13th eventhough i had a massive headache but im all better now 🙂

    alex-wa i keep thinking about ur poster. u should have the smoke on one side and new pretty town buildings on the other. have dr. c on the pretty side and david and his crew on the smoke side.(sorry if im late and i will check out the site as soon as im done here.)

    i live in southern california and it never snows here its always freakin hot. ugh

  34. haha alex-wa i just went on the site and it said fill out form. oops im just going to say this is my form. (above)

  35. omg lexie-wa!!!
    i am soo jealous. i live in ohio and it SNOWS and there is ICE.
    i hate it so much
    i’ve been dying to wear shorts all winter lol xD

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