Manga Head Explosive Goo

Yes, you read that right, and I’m typing it again, because it’s that much fun:

Manga. Head. Explosive. Goo.

It’s a brand of hair gel made by Garnier, to create those delicious mohawk-tastic heads of hair just like your fave manga characters. Don’t believe me? Here’s the website.

And here’s a classic example of some manga heads:

Ganked from Crystal Tip’s flickr stream. And thank you to Kerri for the heads up on Manga Head Explosive Goo.

Can anybody find a photo of actual Manga Head Explosive Goo in a store? I need to see it.

Okay, now that that’s dealt with, a few more cool images, starting with a SCARY DOLL ALERT!


This is the Italian version of Peeps, published by Fazi. Although Justine can’t look at it, due to her scarydollaphobia, I love it and can’t wait for a matching treatment for The Last Days.

Hey, I just noticed the secret color-coded message in the title, which works in English as well as in Italian. See what I mean? Kewl.

And in Скотт Вестерфельд news, we have Jonathan and Jessica looking very fantastical on the cover of the Russian Midnighters 2: Touching Darkness . . .

I could just look at foreign edition covers all day sometimes. So much easier than, um, writing.

Speaking of which, it’s back to the Leviathan mines for me!

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  1. Haha. We here in San Antonio have had days in December, January, and Febuary when you could wear shorts. It’s a cloudless blue sky almost every day! Today is rare. It’s like maybe 70, and overcast. Very rare, a day like this. We’re in a terrible drought, though. And I am seriously homesick for some snow. I haven’t seen snow in like 3 years! This is killing me…

  2. tally&david, you want to wear shorts in winter?!?!? I love the snow! I live in west virginia and that one realllly bad storm we had was so fun, but its been getting warmer…yuck :[

    lexie-wa, that has to suck :[ I live to see snow. its sooo pretty nad gives me an excuse to wear my favorite jacket and scarf :]

  3. jay-wa: ok peace! lol I do agree, but those who know me know that when I like something, I tend to obsess about it- tally/david were my favorite from the begining, so therefore I can’t have anything get in the way of it… it’s true, my friends are getting really tired of me 😛
    YES WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!GGGRRRR

    (sorry; I’m not insane, my friend’s sleeping over tonight and she was reading over my shoulder :P)

  4. Maggie-la: Yeah, my friends get sick of me too…but I understand, David is pretty cool.

    On the topic of SNOW: Ultimate Sources of EVIL: Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, SNOW, SNOW AGAIN, and Asparagus.
    At least, that’s my list. I don’t mind the cold, just that you can’t go outside when it’s too cold. I like outside…and warmth…and skirts…I miss summer..*cries*

  5. Jay-wa: meee 2!!! about the whole summer wishing thing. i also agree with ur ultimate sources of evil=D

    yesterday on friday the 13th i got attacked by a dog and almost hit by a car.

  6. Carly-wa: I like your deviant pictures! And icon! Very beautiful.

    Ashley-wa: I’m sorry you had some near death experiences! I had a pretty good day yesterday…hmm. What kind of dog?

  7. maggie-la:thanksss ive always wondered that and its been buggin me. and yeah i remember reading how they decided whether to say -la or -wa. so yeah. thanks =]

  8. Jay-wa::
    yes yes. asparagus MUST GO!!!!!!
    dun dun dunnnn haha

    on another note::

  9. Faith-la: Like the faith I know or?

    tally&david2gether4ever: Asparagus is very evil. And, Maybe it was the cookie monster..?

    Alex-wa: I went to the turner syndrome website. I honestly never heard of you have it? Life is amazing, and very belittling…

  10. Yeah Jay-wa. Turner Syndrome is very rare. It only occurs in every 2,500 live female births. And yes, I’m “Touched” by Turner’s. When you read about it, it sort of seems bad, but when you really think about it, and if you know someone who has Turner’s, you can see that there are actually many advantages us girls with it have. We all are very good at music and writing (at least I am), have nice, big hair, and arn’t affected by the crazy teenage hormones… I’m not going to detail on that last one, though… at least not here where guys can read… but anyways. Yeah. The annual TSSUS confrence this year is on July 17-19, in Portland Oragon. And my dad is starting a local group, called chapter, of TSSUS here in San Antonio, so I can finnally meet another girl with it who actually lives close to me!

  11. Evil Asparagus!!!! 😀

    Ashley-wa: Friday the 13th is no ur day

    Tally&David: I hate snow and ice too. ‘cept when we have a snow day, then i love the snow. otherwise im dying for better weather.

    Happy Valentines Day!!!


  12. Maggie-la: Technically, they are the same thing. When I hear comic book, I think the thin 20 pagers that come out monthly or weekly, as for when I hear graphic novel I think the compilation of 4 or more comics into a larger form. Maybe that’s how your teacher and Trish-la see it also. (correct me if I’m wrong)

    Today was awesome because I started reading Looking for Alaska by John Green

    Today is notsome because I had to stop when I only had 26 pages left.

    (Reference fiveawesomegirls)

  13. Drew-la, Maggie-la: That is how I see it, actually. Sorry about the sounding-like-your-teacher thing. I don’t read comic books/graphic novels very much though. I stick with novels and mangas.

    Dame Orchid: Thanks, my foot is slightly better now. But maybe I can get an excuse to skip PE because of it. I don’t like running. D=

    Every one who has a bad Friday the 13th, including myself: I refuse to accept the fact that 13 is unlucky because they are awesome darkling fighting numbers. xD

    And yes, sun is fun. Monsoon weekends where you can sleep in are better.

  14. Aryll-wa::
    yeshh i luv the warmthhh! lol and same here. we got over 10 snow days so yeahhh we have to make them ALL up. aghh!
    but happy v-day to u too.

    AND TO EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    especially wesleyy……lol I DIDNT PUT THAT ahahahaa xD

  15. Alex-wa: I read about the hormone thing…which is kind of unfair… The way you explain it it seems a lot less bad. (bigger hair?) But that’s cool that your dad is setting that up for you.

    Andrea-la: about the ticking, you’d probably get tackled : D

    tally&david2gether4ever: I’d rather make them up in summer, personally, because then the teachers (or at least mine) never have anything for us to do.

    Trish-la: I thought Friday (the 13th) was a great day! Darkling powers Away!!

    Drew-la: Is Looking For Alaska good? I wanted to read Paper Towns by him too. (I love books. They’re like a drug. :D)

    Everyone have nice day/evening!

  16. Tally&David: u got over 10 snowdays!?! lucky, we only got 4. we have 2 make them up too. but i agree w/Jay-wa, id much rather make up school during the summer then having to go during the freezing cold and snowy weather.

    Jay-wa: i read Paper Towns too, but for some reason i couldnt get into the story, so i skipped quite abit and read the end. oh well, i cant like every book i read.


  17. aw…i missed posting on Friday the 13th. i had off skool. then i went snowboarding for the first time wich was really dumb coz i think i busted my shoulder…again. ya…i just got done with physical therapy and now it’s in A LOT of pain!! ugh!!! stupid teenage brain!!!! i had fun tho…at least i think i did.
    supposed to be doing homework right now. pfft…ya right. today is February 15th so that means it’s exactly two months until my birthday. and for those of u who are mathematically challenged (like myself) that means my birthday is on April 15th which means (here in America) that my birthday is in fact on TAX DAY!! woo hoo!! ya…not really. also the titanic sunk on my birthday and abraham lincoln died on my bday. such a happy day! ha.
    so…i know the last time i posted an original song u all had oh so much fun reading it so i’ve got a whole bunch that i can post. so i’ll just post the titles for right now and just tell me the titles u want to read and i’ll post them. i will accept criticism and i swear i will not get too mad. at least i hope not. i’ll try to check every so often to see if there are any takers on my songs. some are short and some are long but i think they’re all good or at least decent. here they are:

    1. Hanging on to You
    2. Together
    3. Lied and Left
    4. Not Deserved
    5. Forever Last
    6. Obsession
    7. Separated Friends
    8. Have Fun While You Live
    9. Dreams Blown Away
    10. Thanks for Being Sorry
    11. The Truth Hurts
    12. Political Massacre (i already posted that one but if u wanna see it again or didnt read it before just let me know)
    13. First to Last
    14. Love Brings Me Pain and Makes Me Insane
    15. Against Me

    ya so i had a little bit of time on my hands. alot of these were just poems i wrote but then i was like “these would be great lyrics” so i made them lyrics. i just gotta get music to these songs and i’m set. i have a ton of other poems that i wrote but some are too personal and depressing so i chose the ones that aren’t. if u want to read any of them i hope u like them, but i won’t hate u if u don’t (at least not too much…haha jk)

    GREEN DAY <3

  18. Forever Last: its so awesome that u write ur own songs, i tried that b4, but i got bored with it. (& im not much of a writer). *scans over titles* hmmm…. i want to read ‘First to Last’ it sounds intresting
    oh, and i hope u feel better soon


  19. Eek! I’ve been busy, I finished my story for our writing contest. Its called “I Rather Like That Green Gentleman” I think its gonna win! I also wrote a poem because, you know; why not? Now I just have to send it in when I get a real computer and not this wii, grrr. Anyways wish me luck!

  20. Forever Last: Forever Last, Thanks for Being Sorry and First to Last. They sound like good titles…

    Ashley-wa: Lol. Darn those puppies..

    Aryll-wa: I hope I like it…(Paper Towns)

    Uglieforlife: I like your website! I like how there’s a bridge up at the title too, totally matching!


  21. Like the song, though it came from a dream with the green gentleman in it, but it was inspired by the song

  22. You should post the story somewhere, it sounds like it might be good. (dreams that people make into stories usually are good..)

  23. Yeah I most likely will after I enter and get the results because I dont want to break any rules. Its odd though because in the long inspiration process it I don’t know how much it really has to do with the song

  24. Aryll-wa: thanx. it can be hard but i think it’s fun. u wanna read “First to Last” that’s cool. just wrote it two days ago so it’s a little rough but i like it. so here it goes.

    “First to Last”

    Feel the clouds rolling in.
    Raindrops drown me in my sin.
    Thunder roaring in my ears.
    Lightning crackling my fears.

    The storm chasing after me.
    Fallling and crashing like the waves of the sea.
    IN the dark of the woods I feel secure.
    The blinding sun makes me unsure.

    First place, I’m falling behind.
    Second place, I’m struck blind.
    Third place, vibrations my body sends.
    Last place, my life ends.

    Radiation igniting in my veins.
    People have a tight grip on my reins.
    Electric surges pass by.
    So low I can’t even get high.

    Violence at every corner.
    Come through with every order.
    Scream through the quiet.
    No way to escape it.

    First place, I’m falling behind.
    Second place, I’m struck blind.
    Third place, vibrations my body sends.
    Last place, my life ends.

    The best of my is gone.
    The worst comes with the breaking dawn.
    Hear the train roll over the tracks.
    Shine a light on me and you’ll see all the cracks.

    Stare at the mirror and reflect my misery.
    My last mile run, my muscles grow weary.
    Dropping from Heaven and straight into Hell.
    My soul’s worth nothing, there’s nothing to sell.

    First place, I’m falling behind.
    Second place, I’m struck blind.
    Third place, vibrations my body sends.
    Last place, my life ends.

    First place, I’m at it again.
    Second place, I’ve not got one friend.
    Third place, sitting with the damned.
    Last place, my life will end.

    wow that took a while to type. there maybe some grammatical errors or watever but it’s a song so no one really cares if everything isn’t perfect. i hope u like it and don’t think it’s too dark coz i know my writing can get that way sometimes. oh well.

    GREEN DAY <3

  25. ugh! should’ve waited to see wat other songs people wanted to read coz then i could’ve posted them all at once. oh well. here are Forever Last and Thanks For Being Sorry. (First to Last is already posted)

    “Forever Last”

    Life’s a race you’ll never win.
    It’s filled with termoil and sin.
    The harder you try the farther you fall.
    Look deeper into your crystall ball.

    You’ll see the world in its true state.
    As humanity decides your fate.
    Look beyond the safety of your dreams,
    And you’ll find what life truly means.

    Forever Last!
    Your life goes by too fast!
    You try to run, but you can’t hide.
    You see the truth in the world outside.
    Forever last!

    The lights of your life dim.
    As the world outside turns grim.
    You realize the truth,
    And those lies of your youth.

    Is there a real world, what could it be?
    Am I staring at it, or is it staring at me?
    Can the real world be,
    If everyone’s lives are this empty?

    Forever Last!
    Your life goes by too fast!
    You try to run, but you can’t hide.
    You see the truth in the world outside.
    Forever last!

    Can you ever catch up?
    Can you ever win?
    Shadows cover your skies,
    And you finally realize…
    You’ll always be last!!!

    Forever last!
    Your life goes by too fast.
    You try to run, but you can’t hide.
    You see the truth in the world outside.
    Forever Last!!


    i wrote that with a friend. now here’s Thanks for Being Sorry.

    “Thanks for Being Sorry”

    Broken hearts
    Fill a million carts
    Lost love
    Flies away like a dove

    All I have to say, I’ve already said.
    All you’ve said is still in my head.
    You don’t have to worry.
    I’ll just say, thanks for being sorry.

    Families get torn
    Like clothes that get worn
    Tears shed
    Like a heart that has bled.

    All I have to say, I’ve already said.
    All you’ve said is still in my head.
    You don’t have to worry.
    I’ll just say, thanks for being sorry.

    Sorry can mean so much and so little.
    When you say sorry try to make it in the middle.
    Until you’ve learned how to truly apologize.
    I will never truly sympathize.

    All I have to say, I’ve already said.
    All you’ve said is still in my head.
    You don’t have to worry.
    I’ll just say, thanks for being sorry.

    I’ve said all I could.
    You’ve said all you should.
    You don’t have to worry.
    Just thanks for being sorry.

    wow…alot of typing. it’s worth it though.
    GREEN DAY <3

  26. Kenzie-la: thanx.

    i just realized in “First to Last” the one line should be “the best of me is gone” instead i had “the best of my is gone” i hate when i do stupid typos like that. oh well…i think you get the idea of it still.

  27. lol I could probably get a picture of the stuff on my shelf, but not so sure about in a store… actually, last time I checked the shoppers drug mart in my town sold it. great stuff, I had tons of fun with it going through my manga-head stage

  28. Jay-wa, about the big hair thing. That’s just something my mom points out. Like, after me and my dad came home from last years confrence, I showed my mom the group picture of the Teen group, which I’m in now, and she was pointing out how all of us have big hair. Which is true, when I looked! We all really did have thick hair and stuff… I’m going to update my site with some new clips and stuff sometime soon.

  29. Just a random note, but the characters the people in the photo are cosplaying as are actually from Kingdom Hearts, which is a video game. Would it still be considered a ‘manga’ head?

  30. Trish-la: Manga- Whimsical pictures, basically comic books, but because they are a compilation, they would be graphic novels also. Not that it makes a difference, if they’re Japanes (or Korean or fatefully German) it’s easier to call them manga. So basically there was no point to what I just said.

    Jay-wa: Yes. It is an amazing read. As I finished reading it today that makes today awesome. I recommend all of John Green’s books even though I have only read Looking for Alaska and 3/4’s of An Abundance of Katherine’s which is also good, but not as good as Looking for Alaska

    Aryll-wa: I don’t know if you’ve read other John Green books. I’ve notice from the two I’ve (so far) read that he starts them off kind of slow, so that might make it a little hard to get in to.

    Kim: Kingdom Hearts is a game referred to as an “anime game.” Anime because of the style of the game (large eyes, crazy hair, and exaggerated expressions) is similar to the cartoons on TV. Anime are usually based on a manga, the Japanese equivalent to American comic books, so the term “manga head” is transitive.

  31. Uh, Drew-La, it’s Japanise. I, well me and my friends worked on Uglies almost all day. All I can say right now is that I smell like campfire smoke! Haha. Well, it was too dark to film anything, and Savanna had to leave, so me and Anthony just hung for a while by the fire taking cool pics. The best ones will be on my site shortly. Haha. The trailer is almost done! If we can get everyone here tommorrow, including some extras, and Dr. Cable, we’ll be able to finish the trailer! There’s like only 2 more scenes to take. Woo!

  32. Ha ha i don’t know what that is but i just clicked paste to see what was last pasted and that was it!!!!

    O I’m writing another book.

    T&Z: If it helps I got my phone taken for a week cause I was mass texting and it made my mom mad so I hope that helps

    Ashley-wa: OK now i’m going to your youtube I will be back with comments soon

  33. Alex-wa: Japanese, actually. Can’t wait to see more of your clips up on your site. Sounds really fawesome

    Drew-la: How I distinguish mangas and graphic novels/ comic books are easier. The one you read normally, as in from left to right are graphic novels/ comic books. Mangas are the ones that are read ‘backwards’ or right to left. Makes the taxonomy less taxing. xD

    Forever last: Those song lyrics are really cool. maybe you could record an audio version? Because, in my mind I’m imagining them with the guitars blasting and the drums being bashed.

  34. YOU READ PAPER TOWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    haha O.o
    srry for random outburst….**hides** O.o

  35. hey cool!
    i just love those foreign covers!

    but yeah im, back from, um, Egypt, yeah, Egypt it was super cool buyt my email was like 130 or somwthing

    that goo is awesome and its from Garneir(or how ever u spell that)!we have that shapoo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wanna read paper towns…

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