NYC Teen Author Festival


In exciting news for those of you in the New York City area, the first-ever NYC Teen Author Festival (March 16-22, 2009) has just announced its schedule. And this schedule is VAST! So vast, in fact, that I must pause before pasting it into this post to tell you what I’m doing.

(See the full schedule below for times and places.)

To kick off the festival on Monday, March 16, Justine and I have put together a Juvenilia Smackdown panel. It consists of us two, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Alaya Johnson, David Levithan, and Diana Peterfreund reading from our childhood and teenage writings. (Spoiler Alert: WE SUCKED.) The incomparable and immoderate Libba Bray will be moderating us.

I’m also participating in a tribute to Joe Monti on Wedneday, March 18, where I’ll be reading from Leviathan. First time in public for that book. Ever!

And I’ll be at the giant Books of Wonder mass signing on Sunday, March 22.

Plus, I’ll be hanging out all week at other Festival stuff. (So. Much. Stuff.)

Note that the Festival has a Facebook group, so join away!

Okay, so here’s the full schedule. (Note that everything is free!)

Juvenilia Smackdown
Monday, 3/16, 4-6pm, Tompkins Square Park branch of the NYPL, 331 E. 10th Street

Join Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Alaya Johnson, Justine Larbalestier, David Levithan, Diana Peterfreund, Scott Westerfeld as they read some of their (ahem) less accomplished work from their middle school and high school years. Hosted by Libba Bray.

I Have Seen the Future…and It Sounds Like This
Wednesday, 3/18, 6pm, Mulberry Street Branch of the NYPL, 10 Jersey Street (Between Lafayette & Mulberry Streets)

Teen authors are notoriously stingy about reading from their works-in-progress. But for Guest of Honor Joe Monti, authors Libba Bray, Rachel Cohn, Eireann Corrigan, Justine Larbalestier, Barry Lyga, and Scott Westerfeld are willing to share a little bit from their future books. Hosted by David Levithan.

The Five-Borough Read
Thursday, 3/19

BROOKLYN: Central Library, Dweck Center, 10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

Gayle Forman
Jenny Han
Leslie Margolis
Abby Sher
Matthue Roth
Robin Wasserman

BRONX: Bronx Library Center, 310 E. Kingsbridge Road, Bronx

Coe Booth
Madeleine George
Paul Griffin
Brian Sloan
Melissa Walker

MANHATTAN: Countee Cullen Branch, 104 W 136th St

Matt de la Pena
Daphne Grab
Mary Hogan
Barry Lyga
Carolyn McCormick

MANHATTAN: Jefferson Market Branch, 425 Avenue of the Americas

David Levithan
Bennett Madison
Laura McLaughlin
Billy Merrell
Marie Rutkoski

MANHATTAN: Webster Branch, 1465 York Avenue

Lisa Ann Sandell
Courtney Sheinmel
Rachel Vail
Cecily Von Ziegesar
Martin Wilson

QUEENS: Far Rockaway Branch, 2002 Cornaga Ave, Queens

Tara Altebrando
Laura Dower
Heather Duffy-Stone
Aimee Friedman
Eliot Schrefer
Siobhan Vivian
Rita Williams-Garcia

STATEN ISLAND: St. George Library Center, 5 Central Avenue

Kate Brian
Judy Goldschmidt
Michael Northrop
Micol Ostow
Lynn Weingarten

Rock Out with TIGER BEAT!
Thursday, 3/19, 6pm at Books of Wonder

By day, Libba Bray, Daniel Ehrenhaft, Barney Miller, and Natalie Standiford are upstanding authors. But by night, they turn into … TIGER BEAT, the first ever YA author rock band. Tonight is their debut public performance … and it’s sure to go down in legend.

With opening act The Infinite Playlists (Rachel Cohn and David Levithan reading a litany of musical references, but mercifully not singing).

I Love You, New York: Teen Lit in the City
Friday, 3/20, 6pm, NYPL, 42nd Street, Court Room

Join authors Coe Booth, Paul Griffin, Maureen Johnson, David Levithan, Cecily von Ziegesar, and Rita Williams-Garcia in a spirited reading and discussion about teen novels set in New York City – from the glamour of the gossip girls to the grit of the Bronx projects, from the everyday battles of the high school halls to the extraordinary events of 9/11.

Stuff for the Teen Age Ceremony
Saturday, 3/21, 1pm, NYPL, 42nd Street, Celeste Bartos Forum

This new list only has the best of the best, and includes books, music, movies, and video games. Featuring a keynote by Walter Dean Myers

Teen Authors Celebrate Teen Readers
Sunday, 3/22, NYPL, 42nd Street, Trustees Room, 1pm

Over a dozen authors salute teen readers and teen advisory board members from around the city, including Blake Nelson, reading from his upcoming novel Destroy All Cars.

The Biggest Teen Author Signing EVER
Sunday, 3/22, 4pm, Books of Wonder, 18 West 18th Street

Join over 40 authors for a signing extravaganza as they take over Books of Wonder, sign books, and converse with fans new and old. An incredible event that is sure to go down in book-signing history.

Authors include:
Nora Baskin
Jessica Blank
Judy Blundell
Coe Booth
Elise Broach
Susanne Colasanti
Sarah Darer-Littman
Matt de la Pena
Heather Duffy-Stone
Gayle Forman
Aimee Friedman
Madeleine George
Maureen Johnson
Kristen Kemp
Justine Larbalestier
David Levithan
E. Lockhart
Barry Lyga
Carolyn Mackler
Sarah MacLean
Megan McCafferty
Lauren McLaughlin
Neesha Meminger
Billy Merrell
Blake Nelson
Micol Ostow
Matthue Roth
Marie Rutkoski
Lisa Ann Sandell
Courtney Sheinmel
Abby Sher
Brian Sloan
Rachel Vail
David Van Etten
Ned Vizzini
Adrienne Maria Vrettos
Cecily von Ziegesar
Melissa Walker
Robin Wasserman
Scott Westerfeld
Suzanne Weyn
Maryrose Wood
Lizabeth Zindel

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  1. Alex-wa: Let me shout the obvious with you….I KNOW! IT’S VASTLY UNFAIR! SPREAD THE LOVE!! I personally live in a small town (actually outside the small town.) so it’s that much more painful. And if I devoted like, eight hours to driving, I could get to NY. I just don’t have a license… ROBIN WASSERMAN SHOULD COME TO MICHIGAN AND SAN ANTONIO!
    All done shouting.

  2. Yay! The comments are back!!! They all just disappeared, it was so weird. 😛

    CLICK MY NAME! I NOW HAVE PRODUCTS IN MY CAFE PRESS SHOP!!! Sorry for the shouting, I’m just really happy the shop actually has something now. 😀

  3. I wish I lived in NYC!!!!

    🙁 And it was SO depressing today – I read this blog durring my last class (inbetween doing my work..) And I noticed that there was no comments! I quickly typed out mine and my school’s surver wouldn’t let me post it!!!! I was so mad! 🙁 First time I could have been first commenter and I can’t!!! ;(

  4. Am I the only one that freaked out yesterday cuz this site wouldn’t let me post anything and all the comments had disappeareD?

  5. Me: Hey mom, can I go to NYC on March 16?
    Mom:*in air thick with sarcasm* Sure!

    Le sigh. I’m expecting YouTube video recaps.

  6. T&Z: ur not the only one, i couldnt post anything yesterday either, it was weird.

    m i like the only one who is not upset that they cant go to the NYC Teen Author Festival?


  7. Okay, just checking to make sure I was at least a little bit sane. Uh, ya I’d say you’re the only one. Rofl. I’m so happy though, today and yesterday were such great days. Hopefully tomorrow will be too, if I didn’t just jinx it. 🙂

  8. Suzanne Weyn? Oh, man! I hope that P.C Cast and Kristen Cast aren’t going to be there, because if they are, then I just might shoot myself… K I need to go to bed now! Good Night everyone! Buenos Noches! Kalinifta!

  9. Jay-wa: yes i have 2 youtube’s but 1 is w/ my friend and the other is just mine. ashriproduction1 is the one w/ keri, the good one.

  10. Hey guys! I’m at school again… I’m going to update my site when I get home, in like 4 hours or so. Wait… it’s 1, and we get out at 4:05… yeah, four hours. So expect something new in four hours. LOL. Maybe we’ll film today, I don’t really know, because Savanna’s swim practice might be in the way. I guess I’ll have to ask her. So yeah. The trailer is nearly done! We just need like 2 more scenes, and 2 retakes (In my opinion). So yeah! And once again- I will never get tired of this- I will shout the obvious.

    COME TO SAN ANTONIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. urgh feb. vacation is almost over!!! 😥 sigh. well not all good things can last…it still stinx, tho
    i can’t wait until twilight DVD comes out!!!!!!!!

  12. Lol. I just asked my mom if I could go to NYC and she said.
    “What, When?”
    “March 16-22”
    “For what, with whom?”
    “A Teen Author Festival…”
    “Well if it’s not with a group or school or something I don’t know how you’ll get there.”

    Lol, that’s the conversation we had just 5 minutes ago.

  13. I asked my mom,
    “hey can we go to new york?”
    “Cause I will be the saddest person in the whole wide world if we don’t”
    “Cause Scott westerfeild is gonna be there.”
    “March 16-22, but we don’t have to be there the entire time…”
    “How much money?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “If you can get enough for a hotel, plus spening money for you, I will think about it.”
    I MIGHT GET TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe…

  14. wow… this is my mom and I’s convo just now about this:

    “hey mom can I go to nyc?”


    “A teen author festaval”

    “you’re not a teen author!”

    “no, it’s to meet the teen authors!”

    “oooohhhh! who’s going to be there”

    “(I name them)”

    “they aren’t teenagers!”

    “NO!! it’s a festaval where you meet authors that write for teens!”

    wow… she is THICK sometimes! XD

  15. LOL, I’m so mean sometimes. But really, happy b-day. My 13th was a long time ago… I don’t even remember… wait… oh yeeaaaaaaaah! Yeah, I had a sleep over pool party! No wait- duh, that was for my 14th birthday. Duh for me! Oh yeah, now I remember. Yeah, my 13th birthday was during the middle of the annual TSSUS confrence 2 years ago, yeah. LOL

  16. Happy b-day Maggie-la! Lmao.
    Here’s my conversation with my Mum:
    “Hey Mommmmmmm! What’s up?! How’s it going?! You look so awesome today, you know that? You know, people say you could be my sister, that you don’t look nearly old enough to be my Mo-”
    “Uh huh, what do you want?”
    “Psssshhhhhhh, I’m hurt that you’d think something like that about…well ya, nevermind. Can we go to New York?????????” *gets on knees*
    “Yeah! It’s important!”
    *Mom cracks up laughing and walks away*
    Did not go as planned.

  17. happy birthday maggie
    i dont know you but i like you already because u r a fan
    of scott westerfeld
    and i wish i could go to nyc


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    Did I mention how humungusly huge this is?

  19. Gaaaaaah.

    Why must nothing happen in Vegas!?!? It’s one of the most populated cities in the United States, and the last statistic I heard stated that 500 families were moving here EVERY DAY.


    I wish we could have something as awesome as this. You should at least do a book signing or something here!



  20. I love how I live across the county XD
    Ohh how awesomely boring it is.

    If I drop by around New York next month for some oblivious reason I’ll be sure to go.

  21. D:
    I live really close to New York. Super close.
    But I don’t think I can go.
    I hope I can beg my mom or dad to take me, and hopefully, a friend.

  22. Okay, so yesterday or whenever this was first posted I checked the blog, and at the bottom of this, it said, “no responses yet” so I started freaking out being like


    so I quick typed in sometime along the lines of that, and posted it, and it totally wouldn’t work! :/ it was so sad. I was like, WHY??? so then I tryed again and it wouldn’t take me comment. So I wasn’t first. instead I’m #90. 🙁

    Oh well… someday.

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    And don’t forget to click my name while you’re at it. 😀

  24. So basicallly I think that everyone agrees authors need to quit going to NYC and instead go to all the random small cities and towns around the world.

  25. Just jumpin’ in to give the awesome news that I GOT A PUPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO happy! He’s adorable! He’s a lil terrier mix, just a mutt, but so cute and sweet! I need a name for him though! I think I might wanna name him Zane, but idk. Any other ideas???

  26. T&Z: i want a puppy!!! awwwww!!! just make sure he doesn’t attack u….. they have sharp teeth. i never get to name dogs, so i wouldn’t know. my doggy’s a beagle named buddy=D

  27. T&Z: aaaww! I got a puppy last month, she’s a cairin terrier, so cute… yet vicious 😛 her name’s Alice… yes as in cullen, my mom talked me out of renesmee 😛 but then my friend came over when we’d already decided on a name and goes ‘hmmm awesome yet evil… you should’ve named her shay’ and I got all mad because I SHOULD have named her shay 🙁 even though I’m not a zane fan (but let’s not get into that again :P) Zane would be a really cute name! or what about….. aww croy would be kinda cute….. fautso? (sp? :P) maybe not… whenever you scream his name it might sound like fatso…. 😛

  28. oh and thank you guys so much for the happy bdays! my grandpa got me this html guide thing- it’s so cool! (oh wow, clearly I need a life :P)

  29. Maggie-la: Happy (belated) Birthday!

    (seeing we were all talking about asking our mothers…)

    Me: Hey, ma?
    Mom: Yeah?
    Me: It might be kind of important I go to New York…
    Mom: (confused look) Why?
    Me: Because…Scott Westerfeld is going to be there (she rolled her eyes) and Justine larbalestterrr (I can’t say it…sorry) and robin wasserman and Kate Brian!
    She just walked away.
    I’ll take it as a yes.

    Audrey-Sensei: I watched your how to study, poster mission and happy birthday mission video. They were all quite funny.

    Ashley-wa: I watched you and Keri do the Hot N Cold dance..was that the chipmunks singing that?

    Tally&Zane: I hope you like your puppy! (I suck at names, and Zane sounds pretty good..)

    Dahlia-wa: I voted!

  30. Maggie-la: Fausto is such an amazing name! I don’t think it was in B2B about how Scott-la came up with it…hmm

  31. Hannah-la, this post has been here a while. For some reason, the comments were messed up.
    Tally&Zane, we rescued a kitten a year ago. His name is Rousseou, after the street he was on. He is a wild cat! Like the saying goes, you can take the cat out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the cat! LOL. He’s going to be a year soon. I have 3 cats now!

    I didn’t even think I’d convince my mom to go to New York, because we’re really low on money with this ecomony ressesion, but I sort of asked anyways, and she sort of just said no before I even finished. We allready have to manage going to Greece and Turkey, and the TSSUS confrence this summer. I’m going to start weekly lemonade sales to raise funds.

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