Virtual Hoverboard

First, Justine has revealed her paperback cover for How to Ditch Your Fairy. It is generally considered to be the best cover of ALL TIME.

Click here to see it.

Second, this Wii Balance Controller hack is hoverboard-tastic! These German guys use the Wii data to navigate Google Earth, so it’s like your hoverboarding at about 10 kilometers altitude.

Check it out:

Obviously, this is a fairly crude hack, and Google Earth is too satellite-scale for hoverboard-like action. But imagine a smaller-scale version, where you could board through a cityscape or whatever-scape, whipping around buildings and through trees.

Then imagine a bit of role-playing thrown in, with Specials and Cutters and Smokies and smuggling in the Cure and Rusty Ruin environments, and I think you can see that it would be REALLY COOL.

I’m just saying.

252 thoughts on “Virtual Hoverboard

  1. well i can be savanna/savanna-la/savanna-chan/savanna-sama/anna/anna-la/anna-chan/anna-sama/noel/noel-wa/noel-chan/noel-sama/tally/tally-wa/tally-chan/tally-sama/ so there πŸ˜›

  2. Like there was this HUGE gust of wind, and the tree in the front was going CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Probably. Sure!!! And it would be AWSOME if Khalyani could come down here and visit… I’m going to email her asking when her spring break is soon.

  4. Khalyani is sure to want to come over, not just because she wants to visit, but because it’s like FREEZING in Ohio right now. I’d want to come to San Antonio if I still lived there.

  5. Oh, she wouldn’t nessicarily play someone. Maybe an extra. And she’d probably drive! You don’t have to fly! Everywhere I’ve moved to, we always drove. It always took at least 3 days. It’s fun, and like an adventure! She’d just come to visit! She always wants me to come over there, but I think it’d be better if she comes over here.

  6. Riiiiiiiiight… Well, I was organizing the Uglies stuff on my computer… it was scattered all over! Finnally all Uglies clips and pics are in one folder. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get some of them on my Ipod…

  7. I would definitely buy an Uglies game. It would be awesome. But it shouldn’t be exclusive to a Wii (even though I own a Wii) it should be on all latest consoles.

    The hoverboarding would be a great idea. Plus Prettytown would be huge and awesome.

    If you really think about it, it would make a great game. It would also be different.

  8. thats what i was thinking gina… But a wii would be fawesome to start out with. And whoever was asking about the mind rain, we merely used it to explain our brilliant icy ideas that popped out of no where! Yay!

  9. i attempted the clickage of the link.
    what i can’t seem to understand is why your website works at school, and your wife’s does not.
    *bangs face on glass computer screen*

  10. i think that a Uglies series game would be sooo totaly awesum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean, you could make a hoverboard thing using something like a Wii balance board, and it would be just like hoverboarding!

  11. i had a dream last night that everyone could hoverboard, and then we were allowed to hoverboard in school, and i was like, oh im in 7th heaven!!! then i woke up

  12. omg! I love wii fit, and hoverboardiang would be an awesome game for the balance board.

  13. I would totally buy a Wii game that had to do with Uglies and hoverboarding! It would be such a blast, I would play for hours… They should totally make an Uglies game.

  14. That would be awesome!!! I would sooo buy that!!! omg i want that!! lol no i want a real hover board! πŸ˜›

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