Diary of Midnight

Behold my new beautiful Italian cover!

cop Diari della mezzanotte-ok

I Diari Della Mezzanotte means The Diary of Midnight, I presume, which is quite pretty. And I like me a simple iconic rose for a cover image.

One of you can probably translate the tagline better than Google Translator, which can’t do better that, “When midnight chimes worst, nightmares are advancing in the dark.”

Um, yeah. What the machine said.

It comes in Italy out on Thursday, March 5!

Meanwhile, you should all head over to the new fansite, thesmokelives.com, which is the most populated Uglies fansite I’ve seen in a while. (That’s probably because their sister site is His Golden Eyes, which is Twilight-related.)


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  1. lala-wa: to answer your question i would just find something in the house that i didnt want or make something… even just a card would better help the cause… also how old are you even if you have only one class…in college or are you just making that up?

  2. michelle: im pretty sure that those hover shoes are fake because he makes it seem like theyll work but when hes “floating” i think hes dangling from something… i may be wrong but who knows

  3. I think those hover shoes would work. There’s 4, 50 lb lift magnets on the shoes, which means it should be able to lift 200 lbs. Also, he made them electro-magnets, so putting them above nails would show Newtons 3rd law (action-reaction). Also, have you ever seen one of those things where there’s a magnet on top and one on bottom, and there’s a globe thing floating in between them? When you first put that (the globe) on it twirls. And think about it, the spot that you’re hovering at wouldn’t be exactly in the right spot (which means that the force of the magnets would be unbalanced) which would make one spin.
    Lol, I’m learning physics right now. =P
    I could be wrong, but I do think that would work.

    Michelle: Oh yeh, I looked at that link when you posted it, it’s just you randomly was like did anyone try it! Uh…try what? Sleeping? Lol.

  4. lol sorry. i was answering questions that people asked yesterday or a 2 days ago. this is my first time blogging so i really have no idea what im doing. loll

  5. lol.

    I don’t like that so many people on youtube always assue somethings fake, so they try to find a reason of why it could be fake. It just seems with everything that looks a little in believable everyone on youtube goes bonkers.

    Hey Michelle, you got the 208th post! That’s 13 x 16! Wooo!

  6. no i didn’t make them. idk if they are fake or not, i just put it up cause i watched the video and it reminded me of uglies

  7. kay-ls: yes i only have one class AT school, my other ones are online. Lol.

    Thanks for the advice everyone, just a random question but i hot it all under control. :]

    Bethany-la: i LOVE physics. It’s like scientific math and i LOVE math. Lol random, i know.

    Eva-la: i have no idea what that is.

    And technically with all this hover shoe things, scott-la’s explained some of it in bogus to bubbly. It’s completely complicated unless you have a huge magnetic field to actually ‘hover’. So then you’re left with a rocket type thing, which i’m pretty sure not many people know how to make that.

  8. hover shoes would be awesome! to bad i suck at making anything really, so if i tried i would probably end up killing myself or getting badly injured

  9. That’s not the book, that’s the author! She got published when she was like 15. I read one of her books today, and I really liked it. I’m going to get the second one in the series tomorrroooowwwwww.

  10. OMG. OMG, OMG. If anyone was planning on getting Nightfall, the recent 3rd book in The Vampire Diaries… OMG. Be prepared. Be afraid. Be very afraid. This is a horror series, so I learned not to read it in bed, but THIS??? It’s just completly, utterly, frightningly, FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREAKY, I TELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This author is like EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or something! Demon people? Freaky demonic demon minions that are completly FREAKY looking, and like posses people, even Damon, like one of the most powerful vamps?!?!?!? This is a little TOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!! It’s FREAKING ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might not even finish reading, it’s soooo scary… well, I dought that will happen… LOL.Seriously, folks. This is a horror movie unlike I’ve ever heard of. HORROR!!!! BLOODY HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh, how I hope to God that I won’t get any nightmeres. Because if I do, they’ll consist of demonic beings, vampires sucking me dry, giant carnivorous insect demon creatures with tentacels trying to EAT me and POSSES me… I would wake up screaming at the top of my lungs and NEVER go to sleep again for the rest of my whole freaking LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ha, wows! I didn’t think the first books were very scary, but now I have to get the 3rd! I LOVE scary things. I’m totally obsessed! I’m going to borders tomorrow, hope they have it!

  13. T&Z: I’ve only read In the Forest of the Night, and it was reeeeaaaalllly good!!! 😀 Which one did you read??? And I thought AAR got published when she was 13…
    I can’t wait to read Demon in My View!!! But I have a few books I need to finish first. 🙁

  14. T&Z: I have all but her latest book. And if you get inot the shape-shifting series (can’t remember the name) the first two are good, but the last three are weird beyond all reason.

    Alex-wa: Nightfall is technically the fifth book, but the first in a new trilogy. AND (please) DON’T GIVE AWAY EVERYTHING! SOME OF US STILL WANT TO READ IT, YOU KNOW!!! 🙂

  15. Sorry, Dame Orchid. I just had to get it out of my system, you know? Again, sorry. I hate it when someone gives it away for me, so ya. Hehe. Had to get it out. I didn’t give away the crucial details, though… well, hm… oh, anyways. Ya. *sigh*. Nothin to do. Again, except makeup work. For spanish. Boooooooriiing.

  16. Dahlia-wa, I thought so too,but on her website in the q&a it said 15. I read the first kiesha’ra book. That’s the shapeshifting series. I hope I spelled that right. And yeah, that’s the series I’m starting on. Weird beyond all reason? Can’t wait! Lol.

  17. hm….. never heard of those books. Anyways You know I can’ t stand: overobsessive people (obviously I could possibly fall under that category in some places[such as SUPERMAN] Ha ha I would hate myself…

  18. shapeshifting series? sounds intriguing…weird beyond all reason? fun.
    i once had a dream where johnathan was a shapeshifter instead of an acrobat…

  19. The only thing about Westerblog that annoys me is the Infreqency of posting. It’s not anyone’ fault, but right now I’m laid up in bed with the Teenage Plague, and I really need some bloggy goodness…coughcough

  20. Holly-wa: Well, Scott-la would probably post more if he wasn’t so busy. He is in the process of a book you know
    …And yet Justine has time….

  21. lala-wa: you are sooooo lucky!!! lol im jealous

    everyone else: so who published their first book at 13/15??? im lost…

  22. Gravy, look at all the comments. Beautiful cover! I need to show my sis cuz she’s a Midnighters’ fan. I love the rose, and the book should already be out now in Italy! 🙂

  23. to everyone wayyyy back at the top… i also dont like twilight… i know what you guys are saying… also to alex-wa i know what baklava is because my friend is greek and she would take me to this greek festival…baklava is okay but i like kooda likeas… is that how you spell it???… also a good vampire book is vampire high… i really enjoyed that book when i read it… does anyone have any good book suggestions??

  24. House of Night and The Vampire Diaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They ROCK THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAY BETTER THAN TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s kooda likeas? Hm… if I heard the word, I’d probably recogninze it. Well, I prefer Loukoumades. And I’m Greek, too. I dance at the local Greek Festival, or FUNstival, as we call it. It’s run as usual by the local Greek Orthodox Church, St. Sophia’s. It’s REAL fun! The dancing, I mean. We all look forward to it! Oh, how I LOVE Greek dancing… well, at the FUNstival, anyways. I don’t like to dance anywhere else. Lol.

  25. before u guys were talking about weird names for state tests but i have one that takes the cake: NECAP, thats right NECAP testing, it stands for New England Common Assesments Program
    (wow this is random)

  26. Wow… NECAP is an interesting name… hehe. Hey guys, I might be updating my site, so check it out soon! No, the update isn’t involving any new-released clips, but it is important! So check it out! Soon!

  27. T&Z: thanks

    Alex-wa: i will be sure to read the house of night books im sure they’ll be awesome judging by your comments on them… also maybe the food was loukomades i havent been to the festival in like atleast four years because im not friends with the girl anymore… kooda likeas/ loukomades who cares? they were ahmazing!!!

  28. Westerfeld-senei: FreeTranslation.com translates the title as “When it strikes the mezzonotte the worse nightmares advance in the darkness.” I’m going to go ahead and assume that ‘mezzonotte’ means ‘midnight.’ So when you look at that and the Google translation, you have a pretty good idea of what it means. I like it, it’s a cool tagline.
    (Online translators suck.)

  29. This is totally random, but I have no idea what kind of chibi I should do for my 100th post. Any ideas??? I’m totally stuck. 🙁 I haven’t done a chibi since Christmas, so I definitely have to have one for the 100th post. Help? 🙂

  30. Courtney this is true that online translators suck. Its word for word and usually doesnt use proper grammar. But who am i to judge an italian translator? Lol i speak a totally different language.

    Dahlia-wa i have no idea what a chibi is, so i dunno how to help you… Sorry.

    Alex-wa im from hawaii so were always throwin luaus all the time. I used to dance in a small group for school but not no more, and i will totally check out your website!!

  31. Dahlia-wa: Like Lala-wa, I don’t know what a chibi is…sorry

    Alew-wa: I got Untamed from the library yesterday. I’m in the beginning middle right now. So far so good. Lol.

    Noo! I have a French, Science, and Math test/quiz today! Nooo!

  32. Bethany- la, Ooh, wait till you get near the second half!! That’s when things REALLY start to get exciting!!!!

    Lala-wa: Are you Hawaiien? I just love Hawaii. I got a chance to visit Oahu for a week because my mom was deployed to Korea, and she had a TDY there, so we went there for a mini vacation and to visit her. It was awsome! And it like smells like flowers! Really! It’s in the air! It’s just amazing.

    I should probably get ready for school now, so bye! And yes, check out my website, folks!

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