Me in Houston w/Cassandra Clare

Next Tuesday, March 31, I’ll be appearing with the inestimable Cassandra Clare in Houston, TX. Cassie, of course, is the author of City of Bones, City of Ashes, and the just released finale of the series, City of Glass.


Here’s the deets:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Murder by the Book
2352 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77005
(713) 524-8597

See you there.

And all of you Texas librarians, Justine and I will be seeing you at TLA! Prepare yourselves for bibliographical mayhem!

Update: Because some of you have asked, Justine will not be appearing with me at Murder by the Book. She will be in Houston for TLA, though.

159 thoughts on “Me in Houston w/Cassandra Clare

  1. Rinnybird: I’m on the pulseIT board, but I thought GoldenGirl was pretty good. (A lot smaller than City of Bones..but…)

    Casie: You made it sound AWESOME!

    Julie-wa: Specials was the best! (I think..) and YES! Somebody please get crackin’ on hoverboards and flash tattoos!

    lizzy-wa101102: For my English class we have to do a report like that too! (and obviously I’m doing it on Scott-la)

    Scott-la: Answer Lizzy-wa’s question please! (What’s your favorite book of all you have written?)

    At my school we have five periods (but we also have trimesters [bogus] and the classes are 70 minutes long [gak])
    Fallen: What time do you have to go to school?

    {sorry for any misspellings, the school keyboards are weird.}

  2. Here in Texas, in Northside ISD, all High Schools start at 8:45 and end at 4:05. We have a lunch the leanth of a normal period, too, because half of the school is eating lunch and half of the school is in a class. If you get what I’m saying… Lol… we’re not in there for an unusually long time. It just starts later. We have like the usual 8 hour school however long it is… gotta go to school speakin of it so see ya!

  3. I wish Scott-la would to Ohio. =(
    I don’t want to sound whiny, but nobody every comes to smelly Ohio.

    yeah, I totally got to get my hands on that series! Sounds so good!

    We have 8 periods, but I think they’re only like 45 minutes.

    Scott-la – you should post more often! That was SO cool! At first I thought someone was trying to take your name! =)

    Wow, I must be really bubbly today, I used a lot of explimation points. (I just know I spelled that wrong)


    PS- click on my name!

  4. Fallen: You have 6 periods and get out at 2:15?? i’ve got six and i get out at 2:50!
    school schedules are so different across cities, not to mention states…
    anyway in response to the actual post now…i agree with whoever said come to california!!
    also i need to look up that series….
    and i’m writing something now that i’m actually proud of!! haven’t written basically anything for months now, it was driving me mad.

  5. I finished City of Glass. Took me 2 days cuz I had tons of projects and stuff and my Mom wouldn’t let me read it without finishing those…but it was AMAZING! Total total and incredible props to Cassandra Clare. And I have 8 periods NOT including lunch, but that’s because I take an A period so I can have an extra elective, which is Art. That means I start an hour earlier than everyone else at 7:00 instead of 8:00. And we get out at like 2:40.

  6. my school starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:18
    we do block scheduling, so four classes each day plus lunch
    it is not a good system, because it only allows for 6.5 credits a year if you want study hall
    while my old high school’s scheduling allowed for 7.5 credits a year if you wanted study hall
    give up study hall in either and you get another credit obviously… but it annoys me

  7. Scott-wa: You know, being in Houston is even FARTHER away from DC/ Metropolitan area. I think you should come back to the east. *nods head in agreement*

  8. By the way. I keep getting trojans from here again. Or at least I haven’t had the “trojan blocked” thing happen until I went here. Ahh, fix it scoo-la. PleaseE?

  9. oh no…my early posting spree is over. And, I say AGAIN…why can’t Scott-La tour in the UK , Huh?
    9 Dame Orchid on 25 Mar 2009 at 5:49 am
    I’ve toyed with picking up City of Bones on numerous occasions, but I kind of have a priority list when it comes to books.
    Dame Orchid: Me too. It takes me ages to get round to certain books. Not because I read slow, but because by the time I get round to them i’ve forgotten they are even on the list!
    Peace Out.

    Click the name.

  10. Oops, me again.
    Re; the USA-dwelling schoolkids?

    I, the ultimate Brit Kid(not)….go to my bogus 20-mile-away-and-30-minutes-in-the-car-school….which starts at 8:00 and finishes at 5:30.

  11. wow, I wish I lived in Texas. 🙁 oh well. my sister just got into the series (she checked out the first one, City of Bones, from the library and is currently reading it now).

  12. Holly-wa: I am reading so many different series right now that I’m not aloud to start another until one of my current series comes to an end *sad*.

  13. Dang!!!! Like, everyone gets out of school at like 2!! I don’t get out till 4:05, and classes start at 8:45! I see a problem with this. Well, Texas ROCKS when it comes to school standerds, so yeah. We’re smart. We have good hard TAKS (Not too hard, duh) and everything. Lol. And my school is only 10 min from my house. Northside ISD has like a jabillion schools everywhere, so like there’s a school even closer than that, like 5 min away. It’s crazy, I know! They build like 3 new schools each year! And it’s still crowded!!!

  14. Woah. Holly-wa, I pity you greatly. I can NOT imagine being at school till 5:30! That sounds flippin awfulllllllllllll. But that’s cool that you live in Britain! I’ve always wanted to go there.

  15. Man. I am just sooo mad!!! Like, the cast for The Vampire Diaries completly SUCKS!!!!!! Seriously. It’s like they’re TRYING to mess up the whole damn series! They couldn’t be more WRONG!!!!!!!!!! I’m amazed. I didn’t know that it was possible to mess up the cast of any show soooooo badly. I am VERY, EXTREMALY, dissapointed. Sheesh. Could they be any more hidiously WRONG????????????????/

  16. Alex-wa: The cast of VD can’t be nearly as bad as the people they got for The Last Airbender. I saw the Tw****** movie the other day (my friend’s idea, not mine. It was the most injured movie EVER), so I finally got to see one of the actors for TLA on screen. Let me just say, HE’S NOT SOKKA!!!!!!!!!!!!! He could never be Sokka!!!!!!!!! Now I’m upset about the casting all over again! >:(
    Why does it seem like Harry Potter is the only thing that turned out right on screen? It’s not fair!

  17. Holly-wa: Wow. 5:30? Is your school/Lunch (lunch=priority) awesome?

    Alex-wa: Wow, again. Do a lot of people drop out at your school? (kinda goes to Holly-wa. And also, Holly-wa, BRITAIN IS AMAZING! [right?])

    Dahlia-wa: T******* the movie is injured. Though, I’m just going to say this [and don’t freak out] it was a good romance novel.

    I wouldn’t mind being at school so late. (mostly because all the lacks would drop-out, and I’d be left with smart people.) But how would you do sports?…And also, at least you don’t have to get up at O’dark thirty. Bleh.


  18. Ah! Must go look at cast now. I LOVE Harry Potter with a freakin passion. No words for it, just gah amazing. The books AND the movies. Only series I can say that for.

  19. Dahila-wa, um, yes, the cast is. Alow me. Bonnie, is a small, tiny, pale, probably freckled red-head. The actor is a big, tough-lookin African-American! Is the cast for your movie that bad? Probably not, I betcha. And since when was Caroline a red-head? Since NEVER. It is apperant that the people who casted the charecters never even bothered with lookin at the book!! It is AMAZING, how wrong the cast is.

  20. Holly-wa: dude that’s insane, the length of your school day. 40 minute classes? that’s freakin SHORT. why cram 8??
    I want to go to Britain…actually i want to go anywhere out of the country, never been anywhere out of the country….but Britain especially.
    if i had read the book, i’d probably be outraged, too, Alex-wa…those are total opposites. Epic fail, movie-makers…

  21. im sorry alex-wa that you dont like the cast, but thats how show biz goes. HP was fausome because they stuck straight to the book, but that meant its years long, similar to LoTR. BWMNBN, (tw******) has a new director, so apparently fans werent happy. You should totally complain. i want to be sad with you but you’re going to see scott-la and CC, totally not fair. but i am excoted for you because i know youll post a detailed comment which i will appreciate :]

    T&Z im so jealous of you right now!!! i’ve been counting down yhe days and hours for this book and i dont have the money for it!!! only in utah is everything super slow to get here. and i highly doubt scott-las coming this way.

    on the school topic, my sister goes to school in HI and they have year round. 2 week breaks in between semesters no summer vacation. times are the usual 8-215, or something like that. that just tells you how old i am, wow i feel like a looser. oh well.

  22. wow sorry for the long comment. i try to stay away while the apperance dates are up. i get super depressed, and im not very nice and i get super brain-missing. so if my last comment didnt make sense, my apologies.

  23. Okay what I said was, Oh that sucks! I’m sure you’ll totally LOVE it when you get to read it LaLa-wa! And am I the only one that thinks Alex Pettyfer would make an amazing Jace if they made The Mortal Instruments Series a movie? He’s a gorgeous, British actor and a pic of him is linked to my name.

  24. It’s off topic. but I LOVE google translater!

    Here’s how to say “I love the book Uglies” in:

    French: J’aime le livre Uglies!
    Italian: Amo il libro Uglies!
    Chinese (Traditional): 我喜歡這本書Uglies !
    Greek: Αγαπώ το βιβλίο Uglies!

    Bella out!

  25. Hey Bella-wa, Google translator isn’t actually that good. is better, but still not perfect, probably. Like, I used it for my Spanish class and it was all weird and wrong…. yeah. Like, you can say Uglies in all the languages, but if you noticed, it apperantly didn’t know how to say it… yeah, just try You can’t do as many languages, but… i’m going to search for translators now… lol…

  26. Woo! Greek! I’m Greek, you know. I know exactly how to say that! Hehe. Agapo to vivlio Uglies, however you say Uglies in Greek… Oh guys, did you know that the 25 was Greek Independance day? Ooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!! EARTH HOUR IS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TURN OFF ALL OF YOUR LIGHTS FOR ONE HOUR, EARTH HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TO http://WWW.EARTHHOUR.COM FOR MORE INFO ON THE BIGGEST CLIMATE EVENT IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Alex-wa (80): Okay, I think the casting mistakes are about equal. They completely changed the Fire Nation’s ethnicity!!!!! It’s so wrong!!! And I think it can all be blamed on M. Night Shyamalan and this group that I will not mention by name who made a big stink about the four main characters being white when they weren’t in the show. I just want the people to have some acting abilities, look at least a little like the characters, and SOUND LIKE THEM!!! If they don’t sound right the whole thing is ruined!

  28. t&z OMG can you say GORGEOUS! hes perfect. You should draw runes on him to see if he matches them, lol. thatd be super icy if they did a movie with him. jeeze hes hot. and im over not getting it yet. i get super sucked into it for a couple of days so than i dont do anything and i have a lot of hw to do.

    bella-wa thats way cool, even if it isnt perfect. i can say it in tongan: oku ou ofa ae tohi uglies! lol, i think. te amo el libro uglies! jk, i dont speak spanish, but my baby does :] lol.

    alex-wa, you can use translators for class? when i took french i tried to use my aunt from tahiti but i got in trouble. but then i got my teacher to quit, lol. oh well. and i will have to agree with you and dahlia-wa. making films are super bogus when all the characters are wrong. if fans dont like the uglies movie we can always turn to your series!

    alex c, you totally lost me??? ditto t&z…



    and look! theres another me!!! hi other Lizzy-wa!!! i love your name! hehe

    wow. what happened to my non-life filled with endless hours of blogging and getting in trouble. for blogging so much. *sigh* i think i’d rather have that back than whatever you wanna call what i have now. hmph.

    oh. nd its an 8 not a B IcyNotBubbly-wa heheheheheheheh


    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

  30. gasp!!! i messed up the page with my long word!!! i havent done that in sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long!!!

    hehe its so much fun! i miss that!!!

    oh and as for Cassandra-la. shes so awesome! i had a stack of books and COB was one of them but by the time i got halfway done with it all of the stuff was overdue and i had to return it to the library!!! it was so depressing!!! i have yet to finish it. but its back on hold!

    i havent finished breaking dawn either. except that incident happend back in september. i dont think i’ll be finishing it anytime soon.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😮

  31. Terribly sorry for being off topic, but I didn’t want to make this comment formal by writing an email.

    I am watching the Pilot of the new series “Lie to Me” and one of the main cast practices “Radical Honesty.”

    Which I thought was awesome. Did they get the idea from you?

  32. Alex C: That was..random. Also, in Pretties when Tally is like “…you at least have to try to grow your own brain, otherwise you might as well live on some reservation, worshiping a bunch of bogus gods.” I was like BINGO! Atheist. And it was mentioned earlier in the book (or series) about invisible super heroes in the sky (maybe when Tally went to the Smoke in Uglies…wait–why can I remember this and NOT math? That’s bogus.)

    I finally (finally!) read Love is Hell! That was a-freaking-mazing. Totally worth getting/renting.

    Woot! Earth Hour! (Was it during a specific time? I don’t think so..)

    Peace. : D

  33. Brooke: I think Scott-la read about Radical Honesty in an article on the internet. I’m pretty sure it’s mentioned in Bogus To Bubbly…( math..)

  34. hehe atheism…i’m agnostic, but atheism makes a lot of sense…
    also the flying spagetti monster rocks. 😀
    GAH, i need to read Love is Hell!! and i was at border’s a few weeks ago, too!! raawrr…
    well i didn’t get a chance to look around too much while i was there…then twilight fans started pouring in for the midnight DVD release and i was like “…i’m outta here. rabid fangirls are scary.”
    cause i’ve been attacked by a rabid twilight fangirl…just for saying twilight might not be as good as the hype…she threw gravel at me.
    wow that was a little random. don’t care.

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