Teen Author Festival

It begins.

This afternoon Justine and I join Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Alaya Johnson, David Levithan, and Diana Peterfreund at the Juvenilia Smackdown. We’ll be reading from our childhood and teenage writings. (OMG I spent the day looking at them and they are worse than I thought.) The immoderate Libba Bray will be moderating.

Monday, 3/16, 4-6pm, Tompkins Square Park branch of the NYPL, 331 E. 10th Street

We’re also participating in a tribute to Joe Monti on Wedneday, where I’ll be reading from Leviathan for the first time in public. And revealing art!

Wednesday, 3/18, 6pm, Mulberry Street Branch of the NYPL, 10 Jersey Street (Between Lafayette & Mulberry Streets)

And we’ll be at the giant Books of Wonder mass signing on Sunday.

But there’s much more stuff than that.

Here’s the mighty schedule.


Update: For all you Italiano-phones, here’s an interview with me on the Italian Marie Claire website, about Midnighters.

121 thoughts on “Teen Author Festival

  1. if i had a hoverboard i would like so not be here right now…
    but idk where i would be…?
    the library?
    my friends house?
    yeah probably
    thats all i want for my b-day;P

  2. Jeez. You guys that get to go to NYC are soooooooooooo lucky!! I wish soo badly that I could go… and yeah, Scott, post a link or something… AND THEN COME TO SAN ANTONIO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Waaaa! The fun stuff is always in New York. But no, i have to live in the WEST COAST. you kno, disneyland isnt all that! Sry, ranting.

  4. Wow Alex-wa wow…………………………….

  5. Yeah, Riva…people who aren’t from my state ask if i go to disneyland every day…
    a three hour drive just to go to disneyland every day?
    plus, i’m not too crazy about it.

  6. Haley~Hyperness is ICY: that sounds familiar…. people always ask me y i have only ever been to Cedar Point once when i live about 3-4 hours away from it. personally, i m not big on roller coasters=D

  7. i don’t really like roller coasters either…so i’m not too sad i live a few hours away from disneyland, magic mountain, etc.

  8. Yeah, DisneyLand is kind of lame. California Adventure was okay (well, at least the ONE coaster they had was fun… and the swings). I think it’s just boring for anyone over five feet.
    Magic Mountain is AWESOME!!! I loved the Batman coaster!!!
    Ooh, that reminds me of this one ride at another Six Flags, the Nightwing. It was kind of terrifying. The weird thing you ride in kind of squishes you then it swings you around in a vertical circle, so you’re upside down for half of the ride. It was really scary and dizzy-making. 😛

  9. Oh, and for those of you that don’t know comics, the reason the Batman coaster reminded me of the Nightwing is because Nightwing (a.k.a. Dick Grayson) was the first Robin, way back before Jason Todd (who died, and therefore he was never in the shows) and Tim Drake (who I don’t think is Robin anymore). I think Tim Drake might be the new Batman (since Bruce Wayne faked Batman’s death… I think. I don’t actually read that comic). And I think Damian (Bruce Wayne’s son) is going to be the new Robin.
    Ahhhhh! I really need to catch up on Teen Titans!!! 😥 I’m so behind!

  10. I haven’t been to disneyland or California Adventure since I was like 8 or 9…Long lines and annoying tourists just don’t appeal to me. Although, those people in the fuzzy suits are quite tempting…just always wanna hug em, lmao. I LOVE roller coasters though. Got the new MaxRide book today, can’t put it down!

  11. I was right! This was soooo worth is! So much fun, and all the authors that spoke tonight were so FUNNY! I can see that you young-adult authors are all really close, and that just makes me love you all more. I’m so glad I made the trip up from Florida! I’ve been a fan of you Scott, as well as some of the others (Libba Bray, especially, for obvious reasons) for the longest time. And not in the psycho Swim-fan-y way, I promise. 😀

    Hope something like this Festival happens more often!

  12. Jess… i totally envy you right now! i promised myself i wouldnt come on for a while because last time i got really upset cuz i had to stay here in the middle of no where and not go to nyc. and im STILL MAD!!! ugh! right when i ha the chance all hell had to break loose to stop me…ugh!!!! ok i better leave… bye everyone!!!

  13. OM freakin G, Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you have to brag??? Here we are in San Antonio and other various places and you went to NYC from FLORIDA??!!?!??!!!! AW, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid freakin economy ressecion!!!!!!!!!!! If it weren’t for that my family would have the money to go there!!!! You make me sooo jelous!! And I know it’s misspelled!! Do I give a care? NO. So now here I am at school at more precisly Computer APP and I lean that Jess gets to go to N Y C. Stupid NYC. They ruin everything for us. STEALERS!!!!!!!! YOU NEW YORKERS STEAL EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Including our funness and entrtainment!!!!

  14. And I’m keeping the {Shay} in my name, so don’t complain!!!!!!!

    Venting. Don’t complain. I’m just venting my anger with words. So THERE. Sorry, guys. I just HAPPEN to get ANGRY very EASILY. NOT MY FREAKIN FAULT. IT’S TURNER SYNDROME’S FAULT. So maybe next time, Scott, you might consider COMING TO FREAKIN SAN ANTONIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. On the topic of California theme parks, has anyone else ever been to Knott’s Berry Farm??? I loved that place. 🙂 They have some pretty cool coasters.

    Click my name!!! You won’t regret it!!! 😀

  16. you west coast people, always complaining . . . i never get cool authors where I live. sure, i see tons of country stars (i live in Nashville), but never authors . . . . . . . 🙁

  17. I live in the podunk of all podunks, so I don’t even get concerts anywhere near me. Everything that’s even remotely interesting is a three to four hour drive away. 😥

  18. Actually, three to four hours isn’t that far.

    Oh yeah, click my name. I finished my unicorn story, but I’m kind of disappointed with the end. I feel like I rushed it just because I didn’t want to do another post or a really long one.

  19. everyone’s either in the east coast or west coast. or you live near a large, known city, like hm.. lets say D.C., or Nashville… I live in the desert. Not even by Vegas or Pheonix. GRRRR… I need to move. There aren’t even roller coasters here! Well maybe, but they’re little baby ones that are nothing. ugh.

    SCOTT-LA: will you please post something up from the TAF? So those of us who have complained all through this blog can have a TASTE of what went on??

    Lee-la: can i call you Lee-chan? sounds fausomer. lol.

    Dahlia-wa: I’ve only been to univeral studios and disney world. they had a few good rides. i like the more make-you-wanna-scream-for-your-life-i’m-gonna-die rides. lol. if that has those, i’m so going!

  20. Alex-wa: chillax :] i dont have TS and i blew a fuse. i was supposed to go, but things happened. super bummer. i’m over it now though. or at least im telling myself that..

  21. Lala-wa: I’m vastly sorry you couldn’t make it! Tennessee is AWESOME though. Have you ever been to Gatlinberg?

    Alex-wa: Chill.

    Dahlia-wa: That’s some intense comic knowledge. I know about Garfield…

    Jess: Have lots and lots of fun and memorize every single word, make a blog, and then post every single word!

    The new Maximum Ride book is out?(!!!)

    Everyone have a nice night/day/afternoon/morning.

  22. Lala-wa: Yeah, Knott’s has a bunch of big coasters. Like the Silver Bullet (the newest coaster last time I went) and the Excellerator (second newest coaster) which is one of those really short, really fast ones with the super high drop. ^_^

    Jay-wa: Hehe, I’m a bit of a comic geek. I used to always bring up the whole “which Robin was in the Teen Titans show?” thing, which kind of annoyed one of my non-comic loving friends (fyi, it was Dick Grayson).
    And thanks!!!!!!! Which shoes? The “Tell me what you see” shoes or the “teehee” shoes? 😀

  23. Lala-wa:
    I live in the desert too.(Well it snows here more than most places in Arizona) But I am about 4 hours away from Phoenix. But I don’t have anything in my town close to Roller Coasters (Except for maybe during the fair) And yes we are one of those towns where your parents know you are in troube before you do and the county fair is a big deal.

  24. Hey guys! Click on my name! Once again, my site has been updated so go check it out. I just added a poll, but it’s an important poll! Lol. Just check it out. I did some cosmetic work on the words on the home page for ease of reading, too.

  25. i live literally minutes away from new york city so i will probably stay at my cottage in new york and then go on sunday to see scott…im sooo excited

  26. i live litterally hours and hours from new york so ill probably stay at home and then cry my self to sleep=.[
    jk about the crying thing

    checkin out alexs thinger m bob

  27. Tinger mbob- I like that! I just say thingie lol but yeah! Check it out! I’m going to make another poll because they’re cool…

  28. I live like days from NYC with a car, and since my family’s nearly broke, we can’t afford to fly when we’re planning on attending another event in Portland, Oregon, which is very far from us and which will be majorly expensive. But I’m over that now. *Sigh* Anyways. We’ve recorded our first podcast so I’m working on it! It’s like a pre-podcast. We’re figuring out how we’re going to do things. So you could say that it was expiremental! But it’s good. And again, I’m working on it…..

  29. heeeeyyyyy! i told my mom about that thing in NYC and she laughed! i was like “uhhhh mom, its not funny” and she ignored me. i have always wanted 2 go 2 NYC and we were going 2 in the summer 4 my cousin’s wedding in Boston, but now she’s not getting married so i guesss i’ll never go there=(

  30. Oh man, I never check this site anymore, and I just realized the Livejournal feed hasn’t had like the last four posts, I totally missed these until now. Aww. NYC TEEN AUTHOR FESTIVAL YAY! I will totally be at the Biggest Signing Ever, and I am psyched.

  31. Ashley-wa: It’s vastly unfortunate you won’t go to New York, but never say never!

    Serafina Zane: Have fun in NY! righteous blog, btw.

    Lola-wa: Have fun!

    Reagan: Do you like your small town? County fairs can be fun though…except where I live all the creepy people come out…

    Dahlia-wa: The ‘Tell me What You See’ ones.


  32. Jay-wa: I thought so. The “Teehee” shoes were the first ones I made, so they aren’t as good. 😛 I might have to remake them so they’re more interesting.

    I have a question for other writers: How many books do you have planned??? And how many years did it take you to think of them all???
    In the last four to six years, I’ve thought of 15 different series (30 books, and somehow I’ve only written one). Most of them are from the last two years or so. I should probably try to write something new soon so I can take it off of my To Be Written list (I should at least try not to add anyting else until I finish something). 🙂

  33. Ya, the new MaxRide book was freaking awesome. I just read a book today called Need by Carrie Jones. It was really good too. About Pixies and Werewolves. You guys are so lucky that get to go to the signing thing. Hope ya have a good time! And woo, SeraZane, you’re not dead!

  34. Jay-wa: Well, I get a bunch of ideas, mostly within a few weeks of each other, so I don’t have time to write everything before I come up with something new. So, yeah, I do plan how many books I’m going to write. 🙂

  35. Dahlia-wa: waaay up there somewhere you mentioned Teen Titans…i had forgotten about them!! i used to love them so much…then my family stopped watching cartoon network for about four years now. 🙁
    and knott’s berry farm is the greatest. haven’t been there in forever, though….

  36. Haley-Hyperness is ICY: I miss Teen Titans. Sadly, they’re on Boomerang now, which is like the old folks home for Cartoon Network shows. But when you think of the channel like that, it’s funny. 😆
    Who was your favorite Titan? My faves were Raven (so awesome), Beatboy (so funny), Robin, and Red X (also very awesome).

  37. Yeah, surprisingly I have not died. I’ve just been eaten alive by the doom that is Honors Chemistry, it’s ridiculous. *should be doing a 10 page lab writeup right now* I’ve had like zero free time.

  38. Serafina Zane: Wow, ten pages about a lab would be vastly boring. Also, your blog rocks.

    Dahlia-wa: I thought you meant like in your whole life time…but your explanation sounds less insane…


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