2009 Preview

This is going to be a big year for me. Leviathan is my first new series to come out since Uglies appeared way back in . . . 2005!

For you ancient history buffs, the first books of both Midnighters and my so-called “New York Trilogy” (So Yesterday, Peeps, and TLD) appeared in 2004. So it has been a long time . . .

Anyway, here’s what happens this year:

April 28 (a mere 3 weeks away!)
The paperback edition of Extras is released! Now, at long last, you can line up all four books in matching editions. You can pre-order now, from Amazon, Powell’s, B&N, or Indie Bound.

The cool thing about the Extras paperback is that it contains previously unseen chapters from Leviathan, complete with delicious artwork!

May 1
Starting in May, the first of every month will be Leviathan Art Day. That’s right, I’ll be blogging one piece of art every month until the book comes out.

But don’t worry. You won’t be utterly spoiled by this, because there are FIFTY (50) pieces of art in the first book of Leviathan. So much art.

Be prepared for the artiness!

May 30
Advanced readers’ copies for Leviathan are given out at Book Expo America! And I’ll be there to sign them. (To those of you not in the book trade, this is merely frustraing, I know. But it’s cool for me.)

June 2 (minor update)

Mind-Rain, an anthology of essays about the Uglies series, appears in stores! Here’s the cover:


August 1
The Geektastic anthology goes on sale! Edited by Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci, this collection includes stories by M.T. Anderson, Libba Bray, Cassandra Clare, Tracy Lynn, Cynthia and Greg Leitich Smith, David Levithan, Kelly Link, Barry Lyga, Wendy Mass, Garth Nix, Lisa Yee, Sara Zarr, and me. We’re all writing about the geeky proclivities that made us who we are, from role-playing games to Quizbowl.

It’s going to rock, geekily.

August 21-25-ish (minor update)

Justine and I will be at the Melbourne Writers Festival!

October 6
The publication of Leviathan!

This is, of course, the big day for me. I’ve been working on this book for four years (I started it before I started Extras) so it will be mind-bendingly exciting.

Along with the book will come a world-spanning tour. (Well, spanning from the US to the UK, Canada, and Australia.) For three weeks or so, I’ll be traveling around and meeting you guys in person. I don’t know yet where I’m headed exactly, but watch this space in August and September for details.

More about Leviathan in later posts, of course.

Astonishingly, you can already pre-order it from Amazon and Indie Bound, but B&N and Powell’s don’t have it yet.

October 28
The release of the Grand Unified Edition of the Uglies Series, also known as The Collector’s Set. It looks like this:

Pretty, is it not?


Sleep. Constant sleep.

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  1. side ponies 4ever,lol! They look kewl. I cant wait until leviathan comes out! and the collectors set looks cool,but i would rather have my individual uglies books lined up on the shelf. The site of them all lined up is tottally happy-making!

  2. The collectors set is super-pretty!Also matching editions – v. important. And Geektastic looks good, wish it had a John Green story though.

  3. So. So. Sooooo tired. Spent the night at my friends housel. We watched Hannibal Rising, again. Freaking AMAZING movie. And I did a backflip off her couch and landed wrong on my shoulder, ouchness much. Can’t move….gahhh…*makes zombie like choking noise and dies*

  4. damn! i already bought the hardcover of extras! maybe i’ll give it away so i can have all paperback 🙂

    i cant wait till the tour! last time scott came to toronto, i couldnt make it! i hope he comes again. 😀
    i cant wait till Leviathan. it seems interesting.

  5. I’d assume that it’s pronounced “lev-eye-uh-thin” kind of like it reads…

    I haven’t been here in soo long (this place has changed O_O), but I’m very excited for the new book.

  6. you know, the name geektastic itself sounds awesome. yay book nerds! and are we still inventing a westerfeldian kingdom? cuz i wanna be a horse riding ninja.
    i want the uglies collectors set, but i already hav all the books, so yea…

  7. YAYYY! I get to go to the beach tomorrow with my friends! I’m so glad it’s spring break! I So needed a break from school, I was gonna go carazay.

  8. lizzy-wa101102
    i wana b a manga head.
    manga headz rock!
    which is weird cuz i dont even like manga that much…but for some really really weird reason i wanna be a manga head…
    wat do u want to be?

    LUCKY!! I was gonna go to the beach with MY frend but it rained…we went to johns incredible pizza and killed zombies instead.( house of dead 4) that place should b called johns mildly interesting pizza…

  9. Ha my spring break was a long time ago… we have today off (Friday) because… oh, wait, it just turned 1, so yesterday we had off… it was Good Friday for most of the world (Except for Orthodox christians because we use the old calender, which at times can be very annoying), and in SA we have a like HUGE catholic population, so like we get Good Friday off… it’s cool, even I don’t celebrate it today, but oh well…

  10. When you go on tour for the release of Leviathan, please please PLEASE come to Las Vegas! I would die of happiness!

    I can’t wait for it! Or the release of the Uglies anthology! I’m so excited!!!

  11. Oh wow, it’s soooooo late, like 2:30… why do I stay up this late on weekends? lol anyways… I’m going to bed, I just want to let ya’ll know that I just added the HON shirt to my Zazzle, and changed one or two around a bit… so, ya… check them out! Again, there’ll be more, lots more, I just have to work on designs… and just so ya’ll know, not all of my stuff is going to be about books, some stuff will be about… IDK, just other stuff and things like that… so ya…

  12. Speaking of Zazzle, I should really add to my gallery. I’ve had a bunch of other designs in mind since before I started, I just haven’t gotten around to making them. 🙂

    I thought I would have missed more than I did. I mean, I was gone a whole day! I think there are only, like, 14 new comments. 😮

  13. Ha, lmao. Riva-la that’s genius! John’s Mildy Interesting Pizza? And it’s so true…Well I’m up and I’m SOOOOO tired! But I’m sposed to be getting ready to go! I remember when I was little, I collected sea shells and this one time I found like the prettiest ones ever but my bag of them was full so I stuck them in my pocket but it turned out they still were home to some lovely lil crabs and they started crawling around in my pocket and scared the hell-o kitty outta me…good times, good times…

  14. Lol, T&Z, haha! Since I stayed up sooooo late, I just woke up. At 12. Hey, once I woke up at 1! When I saw the time I was like hooola crap, is it reaaaaly this late?!?! Yep. I’m on the computer so I can tell mi padres that I’ve been on it, and reading my book, too. So they won’t know that I’ve actually woken up so late! I’ll say… that I woke up at 10 ish. Yup, that sounds reasonable. Wow, it’s so sad how I can lie to my parents just like that…. I only lie about small things, like this, and not to often at all, so I guess it’s not too bad…

  15. My spring break was… well, I guess now it’s two weeks ago. D: But last night I went to a concert as a present to myself for turning sixteen. So it’s all good. 😀

  16. Yeah, I’m, like, a super old commenter here…
    God, I must have first come here before I was even in seventh grade? Urrr… like three-four years ago. :/
    Haven’t been on in a while, though.

  17. HEY GUYS! I’VE UPDATED MY SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya, I know it’s been like FOREVER since I’ve updated my site, but I’ve finally updated it! Click on my name to go there!

  18. Yeah, since I’m Orthodox, my Easter is a week after the normal Easter. So, I’ll by dyein eggs in a week! I’m sooo excited!!!!!

  19. Ahhhhhhh exciting! Can’t wait for new westerffeld books.

    Is that marrisa cooper on the cover? Aka mischa Barton?

    New to blog! So hi LOL

  20. As excited about Levianth as I am, I have to say that I can’t WAIT for that Geektastic anothology! In a small town full of wanna-be’s, any reasurance that I’m not the only one who prefers role-playing to rumor-spreading is much appreciated.

  21. ah! Levianthan published on my birthday <3 what an awesome present 😛 Can’t wait to see the art posts! And good luck 🙂

  22. OMG SCOTTS coming to MELB! Im soo exited, i missed him last time! Im gonna start bugging my school librarian to arrange it already- WOOT!

  23. Make sure Leviathan is released on a Kindle version. I find that I’m completely unable to read books on anything but my iPhone now.

    I’m excited for the new book!

  24. Yeah, Kindles seem awesome. But they are super expensive. I would rather just get the book. Speaking of books I can’t wait to get the Uglies Pretties Specials Exras one giant book thingie!!!!!! It’s da bomb!!!!

  25. I was just wondering why the Extras cover is on the whole box set….just wondering.

  26. OMG!!! i absolutly loved this series more than practically everything else ive read. I got it last year when i still needed reading points so i decided just to get it so i earned my points… I LOVED IT!!! i think it would be amazing if you like made a prequel to everything. Starting with what made the whole uglies/pretties thing begin. It could talk about how the rusty world fell apart (other than war)
    luv ur books!

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