Extras in Paperback! (finally)

In exactly three days—on Tuesday, April 28—the long-awaited paperback of Extras will appear on the shelves of your local bookstore.

At last those of you with the first three Uglies books in paperback can possess the unified edition. Consistency freaks, rejoice!


As you can see above, the cover is the same as the hardback except for that little “burst” on Aya’s left cheek. As it says, this edition includes an excerpt from Leviathan (And no, it’s NOT the same excerpt that was in Bogus to Bubbly, because that would be lame.)

Plus, there’s an actual piece of art from Leviathan in this edition, the first to be unleashed upon the world. I’m extremely happy with the art, and can’t wait for you guys to see more of it.

Anyway, I will be bugging you all with newsletters and Facebook blasts when this date arrives. Be warned.

You can pre-order Extras in paperback now, from Amazon, Powell’s, B&N, or Indie Bound.

Westerblog has changed servers over the weekend, so comments in the last 24 hours have apparently been lost. Sorry! Maybe they’ll come back. Maybe not.

102 thoughts on “Extras in Paperback! (finally)

  1. Hi Scott. I was wondering if you’ve ever listened to Rihanna? I like to listen to music while I read, and I’ve found that I always feel strange reading The Midnighters series to anything but Rihanna, because that’s what I listened to the first time I read them. I’ve also noticed that her song “Disturbia” seems to really tie in with Rex’s story in Blue Noon.

  2. my newly-refound obsession with the uglies series is growing…gah!!
    I’ve been reading bogus to bubbly obsessively…it makes me REALLY REALLY want to have the technology and stuff….especially a hoverboard…

  3. YES!!!!! I just got another friend into Uglies! Anthony, who’s playing David in my movie, has JUST finished Uglies!!! Hehe….

  4. Hooray!! another inductee!! good recruiting, Alex-wa.
    hm…i wonder if i ride a skateboard it’ll be an acceptible substitute for a hoverboard on halloween…i am aware that I am planning this a little bit early.

  5. Haley-Sensei, I think a skateboard would be a good substitute, since, you know, hoverboards don’t exist (yet). 🙂

    I could have turned one of my friends into an Uglies fan, but I kind of sort of told them everything about the book right after I read it, so now they don’t want to read it because they already know almost everything that’s going to happen.

    I’ve been working on drawing my character thing for the kingdom. So far, all I’ve managed is a half-decent chibi on my dry erase board. Maybe I’ll do an actual (non-chibi) drawing on the dry erase board, those drawings just seem to turn out better. 🙂

    Click my name!!!!

    Does anyone else watch Time Warp????

  6. If any of the books are going to be compared to Disturbia it should be peeps al the way….its like a perfect fit.

    It’s a thief in the night
    To come and grab you
    It can creep up inside you
    And consume you
    A disease of the mind
    It can control you
    I feel like a monster

    We’re in the city of wonder
    Ain’t gonna play nice
    Watch out, you might just go under
    Better think twice
    Your train of thought will be altered
    So if you must faulter be wise
    Your mind is in disturbia
    It’s like the darkness is the light

    Release me from this curse
    I’m trying to remain tame
    But I’m struggling
    You can’t go, go, go
    I think I’m going to oh, oh, oh

    isnt it creppy it’s like so made for Peeps

  7. i think its kind of for both midnighters and peeps. (you got the mind thing for mindcasters and monster for rex, and you have the whole parasite feel thing for peeps…so could be for both in my opinion.

  8. AJ – that’s interesting you listen to music when you read… I’m listening to music half of my life, the other half I am reading. With my favourite books I can’t listen to music too… I fall into the books… and if anyone or anything pulls me out I get quite irate.

  9. Hehe I’ve just about made all my friends read Uglies! I was the one who got Savanna into Uglies, you know…. my friend from Ohio, Khalyani, read Uglies, but she didn’t think it was super-fantastic, though…. she’s not into sci-fi apperantly lol

  10. Ugh. Ya’ll know what I’ve been doing all freakin day??? MATH. We had MATH TAKS today. Uuuuugggggghhhh I’ve pretty much read the whole entire Max book today!!! It’s real good, though, ya’ll. It’s held my attention for hours!!! Maximum Ride is just an amazing series….. of course, Uglies is, too


  12. Hi Tally-wa7! I LOVED Max, it was really awesome. I read it like the day it came out. Really great. Oh wows, I despise math too Alex-wa. I HATE it SOOO much. It’s my worst class. I’ve had an A in it all this year, but I’m dreading Geometry next year and then Algebra 2 and then AP Math Analysis…I don’t know how I’ll survive! I’m gonna have to work SUPER freaking hard. Jeezum, next year I’m going to be so overworked. My schedule has Geometry, Honors AP European History, Honors AP English, Honors AP Biology, ummmm, it was YearBook but I changed my mind so I’m either doing Drawing & Painting or Art 3/4 I’m not sure yet. And then Tennis and Softball, and Oh my goshhhh, I shall be soooooo busy.

  13. I just finished reading Max a couple of days ago, it was awesome. I think I read it in about three hours, it was also, like, my second book of the day (first one being Frogs and French Kisses).

  14. Oh, and I FINISHED HUNTED!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe. I’ll be finished with Max shortly, too…..

  15. ATTENTION: I added two new shirts to my Zazzle store! I’m going to add one more right now… two more, actually, or maybe even 3 more…..

  16. hey guys,
    do you all remember Andrea-la trying to be an RTS?
    well, my friend in real life is trying to do that now.
    sorry, had to rant. i don’t know what’s up with her, she is one of the most original, creative, quirky people i know and we all love her for it! but she’s conforming…cause society said so. i am NOT COMPREHENDING the logic here!!

  17. Any one know the answer of 6!=? and 8!=?, cause i’m really confused by Scott’s math equation in “The Last Days”……He said that 6!=21(p. 91) and 8!=36(p. 220), but if my calculation’s right, then the answers are totally wrong. I cannot help but wonder if Scott really know what a “!” behind a number means…..

  18. Dahlia-wa: Tell your friend it’s about the journey not the ending. 😀 I’ve never heard of time-warp.

    Also, math sucks.

    Haley-Sensei~TOP NINJA: YES!!


  19. Never heard of Time Warp?!?! It’s only, like, one of the only interesting shows on Discovery channal! Anyway, on the show they film stuff in super slow motion, and it’s pretty awesome. In the last episode, they had Metallica on there so they could film them playing in slow motion, it was pretty cool. They also smashed a couple guitars. 😀

  20. Grrrrrrr………no!!!!!!!! I have the first three in paperback, then I just thought, “Screw it, let’s just get Extras is hardback,” and I still haven”t read it and now it’s in paperback. *sigh*

  21. is there a sequal to the extras and if not please make one alot of kids at my school have read the ugly sires and like me are hoping for another (no pressure)

  22. niki – theres no sequal
    lol but he should make one thatd be TOTALLY fawsome!

    but peeps is amazing. if you havnt read it, READ IT.

  23. lol its the first book i read by him. omg it was AMAZING ahaha

    funny thing was i found it in a random book store i was in when i was on vacation a while ago and got it cuase it had a cool cover…..
    who knew itd become like my favorite book ever?

    lmfao =D

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  25. i wonder whos gonna be in the real uglies movie, like, the one in the theatres, cuz i cant find anything about that. u kno, its supposed to b out in 2010, wich, scarily, is less than a year away!
    o yeah, during my skool’s CST’s, they gave us orange juice and goldfish crackers. random, but very happy-making

  26. Alex-wa, I like your designs, but I have no money! Or else I would buy, sorrys! I play piano Riva-la! Oh mah gawwsshhhhhhhhh, I just got back from a concert, my night was amazing and I think my hearing might be permanently impaired. If anyone would like to hear more about it, just ask! Cuz I won’t force the story upon you without you wanting it! HeHe. I had an AWFUL day though at school, but this made up for it. I’m SO tired, so I’m gonna go to bed and hopefully I’ll be able to hear again in the morning! LMAO.

  27. i ABSOLUTELY LOVVEE uglies too theyre like right up there. but i read peeps first. so its like in my mind….a classic type thing? lol
    but uglies is LIFE.

  28. Hey Alex-wa!!!!
    sooo excitin that u will be doing a fan made uglies movie!!!!!! i will try to write you a sript but not this weekend cuz
    1. I am at my dads house and his comp doesnt have word’
    2. I am getting a new horse this wekend ad i have alot to do with her
    4. My mom is an editor and she can help me write the script when i get back to her house
    5. On monday it will be a good distractor from my piles of HW
    so on Monday after school I will start working on a script for a David scene. PS about how long do you want the scenes to be?
    I will check out the shirts!!!!

    isnt house like the best TV show ever????????????????????????????
    and i LOVE Eragon, and Artemis fowl, but i am rele mad at the inkheart world right now cuz my freind(who is SOPPOSED TO be reading Uglies) is reading inkdeath or Inkspell or watever and she keeps saying “Well its overdue at the library…….” YADI YADI YADDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE N E E D S TO BE READING UGLIES!!!!!!!!
    grr and sry i kno i shudnt judge a ook by whose readingit but wateve

  30. Wohoo, now my series will be complete! No wait, still need Bogus to Bubbly, darn, and that Mind Rain when it comes out…

  31. Jay-Wa I know this is late but thanks for the information! It’s greatly appreciated!

  32. I could have checked it out of the library but wait…
    Since i live in a small place and stuff our library is poorly supplied so i had to buy all your books even though i finish them in a week i keep buying them and good thing that it came out on paper back because your books are not cheap

    please go clickerz on my name

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