Forest of Hands and Teeth

Those of you who enjoy delicious zombies might want to check out this debut by Carrie Ryan, called The Forest of Hands and Teeth.


I would tell you more about it, but I already wrote a signature review for Amazon, which starts like this:

Teenagers love a good apocalypse. Who doesn’t? All those annoying rules suspended. Society’s pretenses made irrelevant. Malls to be looted. School out forever.

But in The Forest and Hands and Teeth, Carrie Ryan’s marvelous debut novel, the post-apocalypse is defined more by constraints than freedoms. The book begins seven generations after the Return, an undead plague that has ended civilization as we know it. Of course, a zombie outbreak usually means shotguns and mall looting–the very essence of freedom. But more than a century on from the Return, the malls have already been looted, and shotguns are a distant memory. The novel’s heroine, Mary, lives in a village surrounded by one last vestige of industrial technology: a chain-link fence, beyond which is a vast forest full of shambling, eternally ravenous undead–the forest of hands and teeth. No villager ever goes outside this fence, unless they want to die. (And given this bleak scenario, some do.)

Mary’s world is bounded not only by the fence but by the archaic traditions of her people, which are enforced by a religious order called the Sisterhood. Marriages, childbirth, death, every stage of life must be controlled to sustain the village’s precarious existence. Even the houses are circumscribed–literally–with passages of scripture carved into every entrance to remind the inhabitants of the rules that sustain human life amid the horrors of the forest.

After so long an isolation, the village is beginning to forget . . .

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That’s it, except . . . it’s only 13 more days until Extras comes out in paperback. W00t!

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  1. Last weekend I looked at that book! Read the first few pages, then I moved on to Bogus to Bubbly (I read that for ten minutes). But what I read was really good, and that summary makes it look even better! I didn’t know it involved zombies. (laugh) Guess I’ll be reading this after Graceling~.

  2. I love zombies.

    I even like them better then vampires.
    (My opinion)

    I love reading all of the books you recommend.

  3. sounds good….

    to bad i have like 800 books i wanna read and im not even done with the one im in the middle of.


  4. thats what i thought dahlia-wa… But like the giver remix… I’ll have to look at it… Thanks for recomending it. I need new read.

  5. Dahlia-wa: It reminds me of The Village, also. Something about an isolated village located in the middle of a dark, daunting forest. I actually really liked that movie… But you’re probably used to horror films, which The Village is not.

  6. So I just finished Extras – I know, I’m ONLY two years late. But I couldn’t resist dropping by to say that you, sir, are officially in my top ten author-rank. I’ll miss Tally and Aya’s world. It’s amazing that you’ve created such a fascinating new civilization in black and white. If only we could have the same surge monkeys and kickers, our World would totally be party-making. Anyhow, I hope you never stop writing. You’re incredibly lucky that you’ve found your talent. Use it to your fullest! I’ll continue to support.

  7. AHH. I was going to buy that book! But I was in a rush to choose, (Thanks a lot Dad!) and just grabbed the other one. Now I REALLY want to read it!

  8. this book. sounds amazing. I want it.
    Alrighty, I know it’s super early, but I have decided that I will be a special for Halloween.
    I guess I have plenty of time to plan everything…
    also, Lizzy-wa? Alex-wa? somebody PLEASE fill me in on the website?? I haven’t even seen it yet!!

  9. YAY! I LOVE Zombies! They’re so fascinating~ I’m not a horror buff though. In fact, I avoid horror movies like the plague. But, Zombies are sooo cool and WAY better than vamps 😛

  10. well……………i havent been working on it that much ’cause alex-wa said she wanted to do so much. hailey do u have the information for it? and im going to work on the site.

  11. lol sorry tally-wa7… I meant this book review sounds like the village and the giver remixed together. At least thats what i thought of… Lol sorry for the misunderstanding.
    And i’m with lizzy-wa. Vamps all the way. But thats just cuz zombies creep the hell out of me and remind me of a nightmare i had when i was five *shivers* i get goosebumps just thinking about it… Ugh, bad thought.

  12. That book looks amazing! (along with the review!!)
    Maybe I’ll get Extras in paper-back…
    I’m doing an author report on Scott-la! Woo! I’m excited!

    Peace..: D

  13. How about another book for Uglies, Scott-la?

    Ahh I swear I would kill to find out what happened with Tally after Specials (in her perspective.)

    I liked Extras, but I have to say, I enjoyed Tally’s perspective and was rather disappointed to find her out of the books focus.

    And also! I would so love to make a forum dedicated to the Uglies series. If I did, would you be willing to either host it with your domain or link it on your blog?

  14. you do know that Vampires are pretty much
    just gay zombies right?(make-up…..dumb language)
    and there are many ways to kill them
    that is “REAL” vampires of course.
    the ones that count.

  15. That looks incredibly swell. Kinda like World War Z, but from a teenage perspective. Neato burrito.

  16. I’m still waiting for the 5th book of the Uglies series… And I will never stop waiting for it. I need another book in Tally’s perspective.


  17. Bre-la: totally agree. I havent read extras yet but I dont really want to. Im soo attached to tally and shay and(yes) Zane. Is there gonna be a fifth book?? o yea.. im the top 50!!!!

  18. I’ve been rereading the uglies series…I am TOTALLY fascinated by all the technology and wish i could ride a skateboard to be a (kinda pitiful) substitute for a hoverboard on halloween this year.
    well, i possibly could learn seeing as my cousin is a skater…
    I’ve already tested some flash tattoo designs! my friends think they’re awesome but they’re slightly creeped by the amount of ink i put on my hands…wait til they see my entire face covered in them.
    click my name to see a picture.

  19. well actually they are both the undead so ya
    they are in the same catagory.
    what do you care if I say Zombies are better
    its my opinion, is it not?
    well anywho, this will be a good follow up Zombie book
    to Generation dead….oh!! the sequel to that
    is coming out in May….its like a Zombie party this year

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