Vintage Uglies

Okay, I’m twelve days late, but I didn’t want to miss commemorating the 60th anniversary of the first publication of Uglies!

Here’s the novel in all its original glory, back in 1959.


In other news, I suck at Photoshop!

Happy belated April 1st.

That is all.

191 thoughts on “Vintage Uglies

  1. oh boy. i feel so gullible right now. i didnt even understand that this was an april fools day trick! i had to look at the comments to see what it was all about. hah.

  2. Oooh, ya we just got off on friday. HeHe, my dog just scared the heck outta the ups guy…He came to the door and she starts barking and he jumps and then she walks up and he sees she’s just a fat little bassett hound and he’s like…Oh. It sounded so much bigger! I thought a german shepherd was gonna come after me! Ya, she has a man bark…

  3. Oh dear, I can’t believe I fell for it hehe. I almost got up to get my copy and check the information xP.

  4. Lizzy-wa, exactly. They’re both just books. No need to get all supercrazed about it. Twilight fangirls… sheesh. I’m sideing with Harry Potter, sorry. I think they’re both good. But J.K. Rowling is just a better author. She’s had much more experience, that’s the simple reason for this. And the whole HP story came all at once when she was on a subway. Wheras Stephanie Meyer only had a dream, and it was simply one little small scene. See? They’re both good, okay? And they’re both just books, K? And Twilight WILL die out soon. VERY soon. As in, when Half Blood Prince comes out. Or when Maximum Ride the movie comes out. Or when HoN the movie comes out. Or when the Ugleis movie comes out. Oooor, when the Warriors movie comes out. Ooooooooooooooooor, when the Vampire Diaries TV show premeires. See? There are just too many things that can easily destroy the Twilight hype. Okay? So that’s it. And folks, DO NOT CALL ANY BOOK “TRASH” BECAUSE IT IT’S WORTHY OF BEING PUBLISHED AND MADE INTO A MOVIE, IT’S NOT TRASH. No more “trashing” books. Tha’ts that.

  5. Ooh, new people! I remember when I was new… it was funny, like I looked up to Andrea-la, and T&Z, and like everyone else… I was all excited when Andrea-la replied to my VERY FIRST COMMENT as Alex-wa… I commented like 2 times before, but as “alex”. Hehe. And that was not even a year ago! Wow… it feels like it’s been a while…

  6. Okay no lauging… But I went to my book and checked to see what year the book was written. Then was like what the heck he’s not event that old… I feel like a complete idiot… lol wow I’m not usually not that gullible but you know He made it convincing…

  7. Umm….I would just like to appoligize
    I got a little mean about the trash thing,
    that was unfair, Meyer probably wasn’t ever prepared for her book to get so popular(for good reason)
    but its not trash(as much as I would love to believe so)
    ……..yes well, I can’t believe you’re on Spring break still
    ours was like a month ago.(I wish it was now (warmer)
    it is so hot out here right now!!(its been so cold for a very long time(surprisingly not that wet though…..its Vancouver though so we still have a lot of rain)
    well Im bored

  8. Alex-wa, you looked up to me???? WELL…I mean I know I’m awesome and all…Lmao, Just kidding.

  9. tally&zane i want to be updated on everything on the kingdom,and im beenbusy and its hared gatting to use a computer. thanks Tally&Zane for answering me when im new here i totally look up to you guys.

  10. reagan where do you live?not that i want to hit on you but your answer will help me be very less confused and im only asking for a city…….

  11. Everyone else seems to remember when they started commenting here. I have no idea when I started commenting, or even when I strated reading this blog (which was a while before I started commenting). I used to comment as PeaceReaper, but then me and Orchid thought of this club thing that we haven’t done anything with, which is where our flower names came from.
    Maybe I’ll go through old posts until things stop looking familiar. That should give me a good idea of when I started reading Westerblog. 🙂

  12. Oops, turns out I never commented on here as PeaceReaper (I used that name on some other blogs, just not this one). After scrolling through a bunch of comments, I realized that I only ever commented on here as Lady Dahlia, Dahlia-wa, and my current name which is too long to type again (though saying it’s too long to type takes more time than typing it). It looks like I started commenitng sometime in September of last year. So, I really haven’t been here that long. 🙂

  13. I don’t and why would knowing where I lived confuse you less? lol I live in St Johns very small town

  14. i know that was random but have been dised alot and i diddnt want to have it happen again regan this time says 12:57 after i cheked the time and it was seven old are you.

  15. DUDE i didn’t get it for a minute i was like…he’s not tat old is he???? but then i saw happy late april 1st i realized i’m really as gulliable as my friends say i am…

  16. so out of the 4 books in the Uglies trilogy (never get tired of sayin tat) which was your fav and why?

  17. i ♥ uglies because it’s b4 her image of david was shattered bcuz in the end it was never the same intensity in passion as it was b4

  18. lucky you ours was last week but i have wednesday schedule where we don’t go in until 10:35 opposed to 7:35

  19. AH and i can’t believe zane died…after the crappy stuff she said to david the scars are still there and the person she said them for is gone

  20. ya idc really but lol the schaza part is my actual name and it amazes everyone my friend told me if you say it like scha-za it sound like a magician

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