Vintage Uglies

Okay, I’m twelve days late, but I didn’t want to miss commemorating the 60th anniversary of the first publication of Uglies!

Here’s the novel in all its original glory, back in 1959.


In other news, I suck at Photoshop!

Happy belated April 1st.

That is all.

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  1. lol it’s ok dude when i was 12 was like let’s see 3 yr ago 7th grade i was reading high school books read half the high school library in 7th and 8th grade…

  2. awwww
    now im the awkward convo starter=/
    (cuz they just ended thier convo and i cant think of anything to write….?)

    so i went back to school today(after break) and the STAR(thats the CA state testing) agenda came out
    but it was really onfuseing
    all my teachers called the office so they could tell us what to do tomarrow….

    so anyway…….

    uh buh bye=D

  3. Ok guys, it’s 10:41PM, so I’m going to try to start going to bed early… my doc emailed my mom (I had an app. sorta recently) and she said that the doc said quote “I cannot stress how important sleep and diet are”, so I’m going to work on that. Honestly, I’m going to REALLY try hard to start getting more sleep instead of wasting time like I am now for instance on the computer doing usless crap… oh, and Tally-wa7, I was 12 in… yeah, 7th grade… oh wow that’s actually when I first discovered the Uglies series! Lol I remember when back then I used to think that Uglies was a HUGE book… lol, that’s sooo funny! I’m almost 15 now, and a Freshman in High School… well, I’ll be 15 in July 28th…When I looked at it for the first time in forever, it was all small and stuff… now it’s like gotten bigger again… lol it’s like it keeps on changing sizes! I think it looked small cuz I was readin Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix then, and you all know how emensly HUGE!!!!!!!! that book is… but anyways, I’m going to hit the sack now so good night, ya’ll! I’m going to update my site in the next couple days, so watch for that… I’ll announce it here of course… bye!

  4. *Yawns* Still Tired. But finally I’ve got my power back. It’s been on and off all day cuz of crazy wind storms and everything…It’s totally sucked. That’s why I didn’t reply earlier Tally-wa7. Okay, so the we were all arguing about books we like and dislike, and me, Lizzy-wa, and Haley-sensei were just talking about it and we decided we should be able to speak our opinions in a…civilized way, without dissing the heck out of eachother and Lizzy-wa said it in a funny Medieval way and basically we just made it up that Scott-la was the king of Westertopia(? I think that’s the name we decided. I was opting for Westerfeldianiatopiataniaofawesomenessania or something like that, but it was too long. 🙂 ) and we just chose random things we’d like to be. I’m like the ninja faery princess of awesomeness on ice(lol) and Haley-Senei’s the head ninja and Lizzy-wa is the Royal Advisor. And All kinds of other stuff. Alex-wa’s partly in charge of it too, they’re making a website for it and everything but I’m not sure when it’ll all be finished. It’s just us being random and stupid and having fun and all. Just say whatever you want your title to be, it can be whatever you want!

  5. Oh, I was 12 at the end of 7th grade and beginning of 8th. I have a late birthday…But now I’m in 9th and am 14. I can’t believe the school year’s almost over, it’s gone by so quickly! So far, freshman year’s been pretty shweet. Can’t wait till I’m a sophomore.

  6. wow you girls are so young… I just started reading the series this year. My baby sister, ( who isnt a baby, looks like shes twenty and acts likes shes 25), read them last year and didnt tell me about it!!! So i wasnt happy when i had to find out randomly on my own. Thats what i get for being old…

  7. That cover definitely freaked me out a little!

    Scott-la you need a forum for the Uglies series!!! I was looking on Google and there’s NOTHING I want to join one!!

  8. hwy i’m a freshman tooo ! but i failed a grade ( b/c of hearing difficulties i swear!) so i’m 15 in 9th gade and i found Uglies wayyyy back in 2007 like 7th grade

    and the glitch thing was just wrong, wrong i tell you – how could they do that it’s just uneverythinggood and i thought people who provided books were nice, guess i was wrong 🙁

    and wow a nice dibate over twilight and harry potter
    welll i have read both and give a nonbias opinon on both
    for me, Hp lacks in hte grab-you-in factor like i never really got fully draggged into it by the story but that miight just be me but i can honastly say that the plot is amazing
    twilight was my first love, the first reall book outside school i read ( i did read as a child but mostly goosebumps) so the story really pulled me in. Though i know the plot isn’t good AND the last book is just rubish. So in the end, i Hp towers over twilight with an iron fist

    oh and i wasn’t fooled for a second scott is only like 40 impossible for Uglies to be that old and i knew that it came out in like 03

    anybody on here has read a great and terrible beauty, way better than twilight imo

    oh and scott i can’t wait that logn for liviathan 🙁 when do we get to see the cover ?

  9. Yep, I read A Great and Terrible Beauty! I think the series gets better as it goes along though. I thought the first was a bit on the boring side, but I liked Rebel Angels better and loved The Sweet Far Thing.

  10. silly schaza well again ill call you S.S i also read highschool books right know. this is so awesome to talk about a uglies trioligy that the books are awesome

  11. I’m so embarassed I actually fell for this at first! Here I am trying to calculate how old Scott-la must be….

  12. i really fell for that….i looked at the scott facts, and saw he was born in 1963…lol i’m gullible! 🙂

  13. Dont you think that the Twitter is just like face rank in Extras…. People have fans and its even making CNN on how many “followers” this actor or famous person has….

  14. im booooooooooooooored and staaaaaaaaarving to ,what time is it there you guys ?and whats this knew book thats better than uglies? i talk to much……………

  15. hashaahahahaha glitch is a funn word to say…………… why do i always miss the good conovs… damn it i always do

  16. Twitter is this website where people have followers and the just post whatever they are thinking and it lets other people know on their pages. It tells you how many people are following you like Ashton Kucher is going for a million people. I thought it was like Face rank because face rack tells you how popular you are… go to they have a whole story running about it

  17. Omigawsh Scott-sensei u scared me!!!!! I was like, “How dare everyone else got to enjoy the Uglies series when I wasn’t born yet!” Heehee.

    I ABSOLOUTELY LOVE THE UGLIES SERIES…i can never help but wonder if anyone else really GETS the series as much as i do, or if they’re just taking it in lightly. I guess I’lll never really know for sure…

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