Fan Art Friday (Saturday Edition)

I received this cool piece of fan art about a week ago, but then I changed my site to a new server, and four of five days of archived email went missing. I’d downloaded the art, but have no idea who sent it to me!

Please email me again and tell me who you are, oh, masked artist. (Sorry!)

The artwork was by Briana D. Sorry I lost your email!


Lovely, isn’t it?

And it’s yet another opportunity to remind you that you can buy Extras in paperback now from your local bookstore, or order it from Amazon, Powell’s, B&N, or Indie Bound.

I also wanted to call your attention to a recent post by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, author of the excellent YA novels Golden and Tattoo, and a contributor to Mind-Rain, the upcoming anthology of essays about the Uglies series. She’s a monkey scientist by day (YA author by night) and recently had an odd experience. Another writer she was having lunch with was surprised to hear that there are cute monkeys and ugly monkeys, studly monkeys and the not-so-studly.

I guess they thought all monkeys looked alike, or something.

As readers of Bogus to Bubbly know, both humans and animals look for the same kinds of beauty markers. For example, female zebra finches are attracted to zebra finch dudes with symmetrical feather markings, just like humans think symmetrical faces are more attractive.

Anyway, check out Jen’s post about Monkeys: Hot or Not.

40 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (Saturday Edition)

  1. Monkey B is deffinatly better looking….lol wow saying a monkey is good looking……
    Scott do you think you could try to fix this virus thing?

  2. That’s some pretty neat fan art. 🙂 If I could draw better, or just draw something half decent by sheer luck, I would send in fan art. But sadly. I can’t draw very well and I haven’t been lucky in that department yet. 🙁

    Click my name.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I blogger I follow is doing this thing called Teens Read Week, and the first book discussion is going to be about Uglies. Check out to get all the details. 😀

  3. and scott-la:
    u may not have been paying atension to this but the site fer the “kingdom” that me, haliey~hiperness iz icy, and tally&zane-la thought of will be up soon it it would be great if u checled it out wen its done.

  4. That’s some pretty awesome art! I wanna send some in! Maybe I should actually make some first…ya, that might help. Lol.

  5. okay, im really confused about the time thing now :S
    im such an idiot. but i dont get it :L

  6. Its always been like that…..mabye he’s in Austrailia
    …just a thought…probably not

  7. this is pretty cool

    wa wondering y my post said 3am when i was postig at like 5pm

  8. WoW! That’s way fausome! Cool fan-art. If I had your email, or the art skills necessary I’d totally send you something. But my skills lie elsewhere… *applause* all those who do fan-art like that, hats off to you.

  9. I remember when I first got my copy of Extras I was so happy cuz I got it before the actual release date. I was so interested in the whole series because well beauty has always been an important concept for me. It surprises me, each and everyday how ppl see beauty. I realize that Extras wasnt much about beauty rather it was more about fame. I tend to laugh when I see famous movie stars and how great looking they are. To me as a muslim women modesty is beautiful. I came to realize that I dont need the world to see my outter beauty because my inner beauty is so much better. As a muslim I feel very proud of being who I am without showing much of how I look like. I feel that everytime I walk down the street people are seeing the real me. I have true respect for the uglies series because it showed it isnt bad being who you are. There is more to life than always looking good. Even though the world to me will always be about looks. Its not all about looks to at least some people. I may wear my hijab and am very different from many girls and some may even say I am not pretty but I truly believe that beauty is very important in the world. The only thing is my concept of beauty is different, just as it is for everyone else.

  10. I didn’t ever know about it until my cousin told me she saw a new book in that series I liked and I was like OMG YES……that is also the time I started coming on to this site…..didn’t want to miss anything anymore

  11. ummm hi i heard that there was a new series is that true or just a rumor?
    please some one let me no.
    also i have not read PEEPS yet and i no this souns silly but im scared to read some thing that has not been recomended to me so if you could tell me your opinion on the book that would be awesome :).Also i read gthe hole Uglies series twice second time included the extras and i am reading it again 🙂 lol just 4 fun.Any way i LOVE the series just to let you know 🙂 . Thats all my thoughts so bye bye 🙂

  12. aahhh, australian time . i get it now :L
    oh and , Chloe : Leviathan is a new book coming out in october, but idk if thats what you mean. 🙂


  13. peeps is really good…..I was hesitant at first too just because it was about Vampires and science…..not my thing…..but I was desperate for a book and you know what Im glad I read it because it is one of my favourite books now. It’s just that the book is so different, and you never expect it.(warning i parasites and stuff gross you out…..probably not the book for you….but it is worth reading)

  14. I loved the monkeys! Th fan art was good too, but some of the panels were slightly pointless.
    SCOTT-LA fixed the bug!(for me)
    It only started popping up a few days ago, but everytime I cam onto one of the pages it would ask me THREE TIMES if I was SURE that I wanted to read the content.Grr! but it is fix-ed now.

    Cathy, I loved your post. I think that the concept of beauty in the Uglies series is wonderful, especially the parts of the books that deal with nature and society. When I walk down the street and people watch I don’t see what they are wearing, or whether their faces are symmetrical etc. I tend to notice things that are ‘different’ about them .A Stepford Wife-ly world where everyone is bland, happy and gorgeous would be my idea of hell.

  15. strange… my name is BrianNa D… but that is definitely not my picture… I wish I was though thats awesome!! 🙂

  16. omg that fan arts fawsome =]]]
    and monkey B is obviously the stud, but monkey A’s adorable too lol

    chloe – Peeps is absolutely fantastic. i recommend it. its amazing =]]

  17. I read cycler, after a much-needed trip to borders.
    i liked it, i thought it was really good.
    Also, i started reading Stupid Perfect World, but i only got to chapter…seven or something like that before we had to leave.

  18. and Cathy – thats gorgeous. your absoultely right. inner beauty is so important to the world, and its amazing how outer beauty basically washes it away like its nothing. keep on having pride for who you are, and not what you look like.

  19. thank you Gaby,kristina-la,Millie-wa and any one else who helped with my book problemo. 😀

  20. That is So good..
    I tried Drawing a Fan art but my Cat likes to eat paper so before I could scan it my cat Distroied it.. but it’s totally Bubbly

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