Leviathan Cover!

In celebration of my birthday, I give you the US cover of Leviathan . . .


Frequently asked questions:

What? This is the first book of my next series, which will include three novels and one full-color guidebook, The Manual of Aeronautics.

When? Book 1 comes out October 6, 2009. The other two novels come out in October of 2010 and 2011.

Where? It will be published (almost) simultaneously in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. No waiting! We’ve also sold rights to France and Taiwan, so far.

Who? It’s by me, silly. But it also includes 50 awesome illustrations by the artist Keith Thompson, most of them full page! This amazing cover is also by him. I’ll be posting samples here every month, and they will astonish you.

Why? Why is it illustrated? Because back in 1914, almost all books were illustrated, and I wanted it to look and feel like a book from that period. Plus, there are so many weird animals and machines in the world of Leviathan that I wanted to show them.*

WTF? Okay, Leviathan is set in an alternate world in which Charles Darwin discovered biotechnology. So the British Empire was built on the backs of strange, fabricated beasties. Living airships! Fighting kraken! Message lizards!

Um, but what’s that thing on the cover? That’s a Clanker contraption. You see, the Germans and Austrians in my world use machines instead of beasties. Cool walking machines!

Aren’t you sick of answering all these questions? Yes, and it’s my birthday. So enjoy the cover. I’m out of here.

Can’t I ask one more question?
Sure, but that was it. Ciao for now!

*Also, I wanted an excuse to go to Comic-Con

133 thoughts on “Leviathan Cover!

  1. hoooooooly crap!!!!! I WANT IT now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy birthday! oh, are you going on a book tour again? ‘cuz that would be SWEET!

  2. 1. Awesome cover.
    2. Happy birthday.
    3. Nervous-making was used in Revolutionary Road writtan by Richard Yates in 1961. I’m reading it for English and I just about fell off my bed when I read it this afternoon.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT-SENSEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fawsome cover!!!!

  4. Scott-la!
    you commented again

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you deserve an icy major day
    have the bubbliest



    OH YEAHH!♪

  6. mmmm new bookie….

    happy birthday, scott-la!!!

    does this mean you’ll be going on tour soon?
    cause i want a copy and a signie signie…

  7. Hey, I’ve held a giant poster of that cover. It’s still pretty! And illustrated!

    Hey, this is also my friend’s birthday. Happy birthday!

  8. Happy birthday 🙂 I’m so excited for this book. The cover artwork is terrific 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday, Scott! So I guess the Clanker contraptions would be like the Eva Units from Neon Genesis Evangelion. That makes it Leviathan at least ten times cooler.


    That is one righteous cover!! I’m unbelievably excited now that I know what the book is about!
    Whoa. Look at the very bottom of this website and the green text? It says This is silly text. Evil silly text!
    That’s kind of amazing. The smily face is still there too! 😀

    NOTE: If there is a girl reading this (hang on I’m getting more specific) I’m that one girl from Barnes and Nobel (5/05) last night, you recommended The Black Tattoo to me. I should’ve probably told you, like, my name but whatever. Hello! if you read this.

  11. I just looked at the cover again, and it’s absolutely amazing. *cries at the beauty* lol.
    (also, in my time zone, it’s 7:57 AM on the sixth. So…)
    I wish was October (stupid Time-Space-Continuum time machine conundrum)

  12. Hey, who came up with the questions?
    And, ‘I need an excuse to go to Comic-Con’ that’s amazing.
    What do you do at a Comic-Con?

  13. I’ve decided that this is going to be an awesome year, book wise. Crashed (by Robin Wasserman) is due to be out in September, then there’s this…and that’s all I know about. It doesn’t take much to get me happy…OH!! And the 6th book to HON…I’m going to work on saving up some money…75cents…I’m doing good! lol 😀

  14. OMG Jay-wa i just saw at the bottom of the page the Evil Silly text thing. Funny scott-la.
    ps happy bday and when is Mind Rain coming out?

  15. That is a fantastical cover!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!
    If you can’t tell i’m feeling rather spastic right now.

  16. I like your evil silly text at the bottom,
    It adds a unique touch to your website! 🙂

  17. I already knew Keith Thompson was an awesome artist (I’ve followed his work for a year now), and i have to say this cover is pretty high up there. When I read the preview chapters of Leviathan I had a horrible suspicion that you might go overboard on the steampunk, but NO! It looks fantastic, not too extreme, and reminds me of Robo from Chrono Trigger.

    Which is a good thing.

  18. Oh yeah. Happy birthday! I won’t say anything more, because I know how I hate being told “happy birthday” countless times

  19. It’s an okay cover. I’m not gonna lie though, it doesn’t look like my thing. but hey I’m sure it’s a good book anyway!

  20. Awesome, I can wait for it to come out. Waiting is so nervous-making. But i love the Uglies series, it was so happy-making but not so happy-making when i didn’t have time to read them. BUt i am reading Extras and it is SO happy-making!

  21. reagan: Yes. Waiting is hard. (‘patience is a virtue’ whoever came up with that crap was obviously not talking about [teenagers] waiting for anything important.)
    My friends are excited about this!


  22. I just checked out Keith Thompson’s website (and besides my computer being SOOPER S L O W and me wanting to claw my eyes out because of it…) and it was glorious! He is a gifted dude, seriously.
    🙂 Peace

  23. scott that looks really good but you should seriously write more uglies books…PLEASE!!!

  24. le·vi·a·than (lÉ™-vÄ«’É™-thÉ™n)

    1. Something unusually large of its kind, especially a ship.
    2. A very large animal, especially a whale.
    3. A monstrous sea creature mentioned in the Bible.

    I love dictionary.com

    Also, I agree with Kay-la, except you also need another Midnighters too (Just think of us as like, your accountant or something, we’re trying to make you money. Though, that’s not really the accountants job, is it?)

  25. Sorry, I meant to post this with the last comment, but there’s this righteous sci-fi song called Major Tom (coming home) it kind of reminds me of The Risen Empire, but not really.
    That’s all!

  26. YAY! I’m the one hundredth comment! The cover is awesome. I can’t wait to get a copy. :p

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