I haz a Twitter

For those of you who’ve ever wondered what my novels would be like if they were only 140 characters long, I’ve decided to engage in a strict program of twittering once every, um . . . fourteen hours or so. Because that’s what all the cool kids are doing.

To follow my tiny meanderings, go here:



So how many of you guys twitter, anyway?

81 thoughts on “I haz a Twitter

  1. oh my gosh…i feel like a horrible fan… stupid school…well, i would like to announce my return to the westerfeldworld will be celebrated by getting said ‘twitter’ AND

  2. I FINALLY got The Forest of Hands and Teeth! They didn’t have MindRain!!!!! I was SO sad! But oh well, I’ll get it later! Off to read!!

  3. you’ll so love forest of hands……its soooo goood
    I still need to get mind rain….but first I want to finish kiss of life….Im almost half way. I for one will never get twitter……well in time mabye…I like just got face book last summer lol im always the last to get something

  4. ah, the world is so unfair. first, no all american rejects tour in san diego…then no twitter for riva…why? why? why?
    i need to go night-skiing again. that will probably make me feel un-numb again. because night skiing is all about jumping off ramps and not falling off the edge of the ski mountain when there is basically only you, your friend, and a tall beanie-capped guy who looks like he is part of a gang and is snowboarding and spraying snow in your face. [actually i want to try snowboarding, tho not at night]
    in Snow Valley there is a black diamond trail that is actually called The Edge. and is literally on the edge of the mountain. again, with night skiiing, all you see to the right while going down is fog, and trees, and pitch-dark. ok, no more numbness, just remembering it is making me icy. and cold. u kno, i should go put on a jacket…

  5. Well, finally!! I was getting sick of all the authors on my feed bitching about you not being on twitter, like, every time you were mentioned.

    Already added you, of course.

  6. ZOMG,Scott-la!
    I was just reading the book ‘Scatterheart’ by Lili Wilkinson. And guess which cool cat is mentioned?

    here, “Justine Larbelestier and Scott Westerfeld, for excellent accomodation(she spelt that wrong),wine and conversation,and for helping me figure out what the field of spikes was.”

    I reckon all of you author-types think ‘Right, these are teens in this bracket (i.e ME) who like our books….let’s form a conspiriacy and mention each ohter on our website, Twitters, blogs and stuff!’

    Darn you, authors I love.

  7. I don’t really understand Twitter. It’s like this is what I was doing five minutes ago, and a day ago I did the same thing. Although I’ve really only looked at my sisters and she works all day. lol.
    *signs up for twitter anyway* : D

  8. *pouts* no twitter. but i have a lot of other stuff, i mean, i hav email, IM, AIM, and several blogs that i write for…and i really dont hav that much time. [no iphone like my uncle] or else i would get one, but my mom is already seething at my apparent lack of time spent away from the computer. so i guess i will never b one of the cool kids. maybe i should secretly sign up for twitter. *evil laff*. its hardly illegal tho.

  9. I agree: twitter is boring. Like, I just got one, before I had to take the kitten to the vet cuz she’s sick now, and I was like um… so that’s it? No APPs or games or quizes or anything, or cool profiles? And then I was like This is boring. I’m out.
    Lol I don’t think I’ll be on Twitter ever again. Who cares what your doing every minute? I mean, really.

    I woke up!
    I’m eating breakfast
    I’m petting my kitty
    I’m eatin a snack
    I’m watching TV
    I’m … hm… reading a book
    I’m hangin out with friends
    I’m watching a movie
    I’m eating out for dinner
    I’m going to bed

    Booooooooriiiiiiiing… to me, anyways

    the one author i most wanted to add;D

    i really didnt get twitter before but i think its an awesome place to document inside jokes and like, i dont know;P


  11. No twitter for me, thx. I don’t need to know the minutiae that go through people’s minds or their lives…

  12. Already added you. Before I even saw this! Tee-hee! I search people come on everyone has one. Well… almost everyone.

  13. Looking over the time-stamps on your tweets, I have come to the conclusion that you do not sleep at all. Ever.

  14. WOW! ping to Генадий Петрович (cool name even though i can’t under stand wat it is saying!) wat language is that! it’s totally cool!

  15. ok is your little personal page an ad or something? cuz i translated your totally bubbly and icey page and it was something about playing music. google said that ur language is russian? am i right? wait… y am i even typing this, bcuz u don’t know wat it says! o well! 8)

  16. I love the whole story of Tally. I mean all the things that she goes through and all the self-discovery, awesome. I mean i was so into Specials that I creid when Zane died. I just felt so bad for Tally because of that loss

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