I haz a Twitter

For those of you who’ve ever wondered what my novels would be like if they were only 140 characters long, I’ve decided to engage in a strict program of twittering once every, um . . . fourteen hours or so. Because that’s what all the cool kids are doing.

To follow my tiny meanderings, go here:



So how many of you guys twitter, anyway?

81 thoughts on “I haz a Twitter

  1. I found you the other day on there and spazzed out. Thank goodness I checked all the MJ tweets I missed and saw an @reply to you. =0

  2. I am so happy. This is a great and wondrous feat for me. In all the like 3 years I’ve been on this blog, I’ve NEVER gotten first comment! *wipes tear* Proud moment. Lol. And yay for twitter! I started following you yesterday Scott-la! Ha, that sounds so creepy and stalkerish…

  3. I’ll have to check that out. I think almost all my authors Twitter now. i don’t really see what the huge deal is. Ever time I try to do a short post on my blog it ends up being regular post length (I guess I should just stop calling them “mini blogs”). 🙂

    Why is everyone so obsessed with getting the first comment? ❓

  4. Well darn. I was sort of boycotting Twitter completely, but now it seems that the protest is over.


    You’ll be seeing my screename soon.

  5. I noticed the twitter about a day after you got it [: I’m following under OliviaElaine.

    I was trying to escape Twitter too…and failed miserably. It was just too hard to keep updated without one!

  6. I’m on twitter… I’m 1_saraluna! 😀 Thanks for posting feeds of other rad authors, definitely going to follow. Twitter is fun when used sparingly!

  7. i do! i’m following you and you’re following me @sjanae. it’s addicting once you get used to it. i joined to see what the hype is about and now i’m apart of it XD

  8. Hey Scott; unrelated, but I had a question for you about your writing process. Do you plan a lot of your books in advance with outlines and such, or do you kind of just let it evolve and mutate until some kind of conclusion makes itself apparent? I’m kind of the latter, but I’m wondering if I should introduce more structure as I seem to have trouble finishing things (BAD, I know).

  9. I do, I do. I’m not addicted, but once my primal stalker instincts resurface, I know I will be. call me stoolboomblaine, because I am so obsessed with Waiting for Guffman.

  10. I don’t know why everyone’s obsessed with getting first post…It just seems awesome to me. I know it’s silly!

  11. Cool. Twitter is really getting popular though I’m not so much as addicted to it as some others . . .

  12. Me Twtter. Me Like Twtter. Me followzs you now, Scott-la. I am really happy that lots of the people who I admire have started Twittering…especially Brendon Urie, and Matt Duke!squee
    Unfortunately, my friends are more occupied on *Facebook*-mocking voice.

  13. Twitter is cool, but it’s not for me. I’d probably end up talking about TVTropes. I think I’ll stay off the site, it’s hard enough being addicted to Fanfiction. Anyway, have fun, Scott! Just don’t abandon the blog.

  14. I don’t yet, just got mspace and FB so not ready for another thing, but that’s great that you’re doing it for those that twitter. I agree though, don’t abandon the blog!!!

  15. Omg!! yay you have twitter 😀 i will follow you …. as soon as i find out how twitter works . i cant even sign in atm :L:L
    but i cant right now cause im in school and the computers block social networking sites -.-

  16. Bubbly!!!

    Mine is http://twitter.com/juliwa

    honestly I rarely use it cause my friends on it are also on facebook&myspace… but now that you are on it… why not?

    &&Dahlia-wa —> I’d guess because it’s more likely Scott would see our comment if first, and it totally bubbly to be first at anything really…

  17. Why isn’t @justinelavaworm in your cool kids list? Betrayal! 🙂

    Seriously, her banter with @maureenjohnson is worth the price of admission.

  18. I see no point in it. Really, it doesn’t seem that entertaining to me. But I’ll have to pop in and skim what you’re posting every so often, just because, well, its you.

  19. I just started Tweeting a few days ago. I started the day you put it on Facebook that you had joined Twitter. It was at that moment that I knew I had to start.

  20. I was all happy and stuff when I saw Justine’s tweet about you being on Twitter.

    And actually, I found this post from Twitter!

  21. darn…i absolutetly hate twitter…but i may have to get one because of this….



  22. I don’t twitter, it’s pretty pointless if you’re not famous and nobody you know cares…
    but i joined about a week ago to follow Ellen Degeneres. 🙂 I suppose I’ll have to start following you too!

  23. Haley Rae: yeah, no one follows you if your not famous :L.

    mine must look so depressing – i havent tweeted (is that what you say ? oh well, sounds good) yet because i cant even sign in. hehe. but i wont anyway . im just going to look at what Scott-La and a phew other celebrities say ….

  24. Twitter is not for me. The thoughts I have often should never leave my head, so putting them on twitter would be a bad thing. But I think it’s an awesome thing.

  25. I gotz a twitter now.


    I just started it yesterday. It’s actually pretty fun so far:)

  26. Holly-wa, I follow Brendon Urie too! And Ryan Ross! WOO! Actually, the whole nobody follows you unless your famous thing doesn’t apply all the time…I have like 6 totally random people following me. That’s not a lot, but I was like ummm…I’m being followed. That’s on top of all my friends peoples that have twitters. Es muy interesante. (SO GLAD that I’m done with my 3 years of spanish.) So I slept in till like 9:45 when Scott-la’s twitter message on my phone woke me up. Zomg. My favorite author is now an alarm clock, Scott, what CAN’T you do?!

  27. I don’t… What is twitter anyways? Everyone talks about it but I have no idea what it is.

  28. I seriously just got a twitter like this morning, I am “following” you. That’s the only thing I hate about it. They make everyone seem like a stalker.

  29. I really hate twitter. It’s no different than Facebook status spam. 90% of twitter activity only comes from 10% of the accounts anyway.

    And really, when you’re standing in the park, smelling the flowers, enjoying the sun and appreciating the light breeze that blows past and you twitter about it, you’re not smelling the flowers or enjoying the sun or appreciating the light breeze that blows past. You’re standing in the park being distracted by your cellphone and twitter.

  30. I, like so many others, also have your twitter feed on my phone. :]
    And, also like many others, I got a Twitter just to follow your feed. It’s like a mobile Westerblog!

  31. I got my twitter for pottercast. I was only going to use it FOR pottercast. And then I was following 27 people. Oh, dear.

  32. whoa, I am like really late on this one! I don’t have a Twiltter, though, IDK it just doesn’t sound interesting to me…
    OMG like I just have to get Mind-Rain, but my mom still doesn’t want to go to Barnes & Nobles!!!!!!

  33. Hey! I’m so exited because extras just came out in Maui so I got it yesterday. Well there went that money 4 a new haircut, but oh well it was totally worth it. It is totally bubbly so far! Darn now I’m gonna have to go on twitter too! Man I was so trying to avoid it but now I guess that you and my friend tara-la both are on it I’ll have to check it out.

  34. I had Twitter for about a year but then everyone and everybody’s cat started using it, too, which led to it being advertised on television (you know, so-and-so news at 9 is on twitter, etc). And then people started sending their Twitter feeds to Livejournal and Facebook so I was reading their feeds *three* times instead of one. And that was kind of enough for me. 🙂

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