70 thoughts on “Uglies Giveaway

  1. wow! i always pictured how it would loook. the movie anyway,
    it needs to hurry up and come out. for real.

  2. No offense, but I hate the trailer! It sucks! It is nothing like what I expected. It was awful in my opinion…to be honest, I don’t think I would want to go see the movie after seeing that trailer. I saw a trailer on youtube that a girl made for her book club, that I thought was way better! No offense to anyone who liked it, but it was really crappy, in my opinion! Here is the link to the youtube trailer I watched:


  3. I am in love with uglies, i really am. I know every book inside and out, but i feel like you cant make Uglies a moive. I cant see anyone being able to act out tally,shay,david,zane or anyone in the book. I dont want the movie to ruin the book ):

  4. that trailer kinda makes it sound like a horror film, not to a downer, but you know i hope they don’t show to much SC in the first film cuz its only supposed to be a scary place in the beging

  5. Ok first of all awesome vid. it looked VERY real the only part that didnt really make any sence to me was when that guy was taking that girl away i cant think of any part in uglies with a scene like that. Oh well…Still a very good trailer even though it teases me by not being the real thing. I just finished reading Extras i would have finished last year but yeah we cant take books home from the lib. during vac-a. I aslo just finished Bogus to Bubbly very happy-making :P.

    and if your one of the people who read the previous comments just saying dont waste your time on going to the link Emily-wa gives you in her comment(no offence) but that vid. isnt as realistic as this one not saying its bad but just not as good.

    cant wait till the movie…i hope its very icy :]

  6. very icy!!!!!;) i cannot wait for the movie, i read the books a few years ago and i always thought it’d make a great flick!!!! and i think the song GLAMOROUS by fergie would be PERFECT to go alone with the plot!!!!

  7. When will they release the movie? And why are people’s fan trailers for this using snipets from the hunger games?

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