Uglies Movie

Do I have your attention now? Good.

Okay, so let’s say you were going to talk on the phone tomorrow with the producers of the Uglies movie. What would you most want to tell them?

Don’t get into specific casting suggestions or anything like that, because you are a mere author, and they are powerful and wise in the ways of Hollywood. But what one key thing—big or small—should they never forget while working on the film(s)?

Comment away. You have until 3PM Wednesday, New York time.

We all get an extension till 3PM Friday. Keep the comments coming!

702 thoughts on “Uglies Movie

  1. Omg almost every person here to say something about the specials sound like they want the specials to be hideous.


    Specials are “cruel pretties”, I stress this because I don’t want Dr. Cable (a personal favorite character) to look like a TROLL!!!!

  2. I just don’t want them to cut things out, to make complete alterations of the plot, to make the transition from ugly to pretty look realistic and NOT plastic…Hmm…what else? well the setting has to go by the book and plz don’t let them make Tally a Mary-Sue.

    That’s all for now. *fingers crossed*

  3. Tally’s innocence and cunning shouldn’t be lost. She is this amazing character who is so clueless in the beginning, manipulated by everyone around her. The acting has to capture every bit of detail in her personality, how badly she wishes to make it right with Shay, (also note how Shay’s actions and thoughts have been altered by Cable, so glad she goes back to normal in Specials) her love for David, replaced by intimate affection for Zane, her twisted optimism in the operation, her defense of nature, her inability to choose which side she ACTUALLY desires to be on. She’s just this awesome girl trapped by the politics of a futuristic society. When the film is in production, they should remember she is not a one sided character: she cannot be shown as just adventurous, or just manipulated, or just a traitor. Her strengths and weaknesses must be equally shown, peeling back her layers. This lingering feeling she has inside, even when she is in the Smoke, even after her operation, even after becoming a Special….she can’t shake her Ugly mind. She can never fit it to the mold she’s been put in. She’s such a dynamic character….

    in short, just let Tally be Tally, and don’t let them screw up Shay’s menacing transformation (although we know she’s a sweetheart on the inside and is being controlled by Cable).
    yeahhhh….that’s my rant about Tally…haha 🙂

    oh, and make sure the transformations are completely crazy…Specials with wolf eyes, Pretties with all the same skin tone…all that. I’m looking forward to the flash tattoos 🙂
    and the setting has to be perfect. PERFECT!

    OK, that’s it! 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry for the late response… probably too late, but I’d just like to say…

    Well, the book is really good. As in, AMAZING. I can’t even tell you.

    and let me tell you, there are so many REALLY GOOD BOOKS that are turned into movies. and the movies… they’re horrible.
    I mean, not bad to watch, but who wants to ruin a book like that?
    See, when I read a really good book and then watch a really bad movie of it, I have a weird picture of the book because it affects my thought of the whole setting, plot, and I can’t remember which is which.

    I LOVED this series, and I don’t want the movie to spoil it.

    The setting has to be clear, and they can’t leave out stupid mistakes on the setting. I have this distinct image in my head for every single part of setting.
    Oh, and you have to include some details. I get really mad when I’m watching a movie based on a book I read and they leave out my favorite part from the book…
    They shouldn’t leave out anything from how Tally gets to Shay in the Rusty Ruins. Nothing. It was one of the best parts. And you can’t make the Rusty Ruins itself too…organized, either.

    I have so much to say, but it seems like it’s too late, so all I’ve gotta say is, I CAN’T WAIT.

  5. just keep the movie as close to the book as possiible and make sure they dont cut out a lot of the little of the little things cause that is what makes a difference between a good movie and a great movie alsdo just keep it natural and iam sure it will be a hit

  6. Okay, I know this is about a year and a half late but, if you still can, MAKE SURE THEY GET THE BUNGEE JACKETS RIGHT! At first, remember that Tally is very VERY biased about getting the operations. They can’t just make her think for 5 seconds then decide to not become pretty. They really have to show Tally slowly changing her mind about the whole operation. THEN she can go in, find out there’s a problem, and go to the Smoke.

  7. Just please, please, PLEASE! don’t let any actors from the Twilight Saga be in this movie. And please don’t let it get that cheesy 🙂 Also, I think the movie should be one book at a time, not all of them smooshed together. 🙂

  8. HEY open the beggining of the story with the rustied dieing off it will give some clarity on how the society changed to the present day uglies

  9. I think it should open with tally walking through the pretty party. Also make sure Tally does not narrate the movie!!!

  10. Firstly, I agree with Eric, it should start of with some history of the Rusties. And I think they should make all the actors for the main characters unknown. Not people like Kristen Stewart or Anne Hathaway who are really famous. And it should include everything in the book and nothing else. Not like in Harry Potter 6 where the house burns down. I mean, that wasnt even part of the book. So i dont think any new things should be added. Its perfect as it is! And it should be a really long movie! With good acting! Hopefully the movie is successful!

  11. I would tell them that they should know that this isn’t more vampire magic crap this is the newest thing that would smash the box office bringing a new futuristic unique series that will forever change Hollywood with the futuristic gadgets and gizmo’s and new inventions that are slowly evolving there way into real life.

  12. I would tell them that they should know that this isn’t more vampire magic crap this is the newest thing that would smash the box office bringing a new futuristic unique series that will forever change Hollywood with the futuristic gadgets and gizmo’s and new inventions that are slowly evolving there way into real life today and that they should take a good look and get there butts working on this stuff

  13. Ok so I’m a dedicated fan of all your work but I just happen to be a guy! I would like to see the movies be a little more guyish because even though I get the whole girlish feel of some parts of the books and why they are like that I think that they could be lost in translation to the male audience I think that if they grudged up the ‘pretty’ parts that it could open doors to a larger male audience!

  14. I think that Angilina Jolie would play the part of Dr. Cable perfectly! Also I would love to be a part of this movie. I am 13 years old and I have always wanted to get into acting! And even though I’m only 13 I have passed for a 16 year old before! I’m kind of tall. Is there a website where I should put in a resume type thingy for acting? I’ve never done that kind of thing before and I’m not sure how to let people know im interested in acting. Please help!

  15. Also I agree with skylers comment (number 664) NO MORE VAMPIE JUNK! PLEEEAAASSE! Not to be pushy or anything but I just alwasy thought that these books were unique and didn’t need to immitate the rest of the writers in America. Don’t fall prey to the trap of vampires! their not that kool! good luck with your movie! 😀

  16. I also agree with Laurens comment (number 655). If you let either one of those two (Kirsten Stewart or Robert Pattinson) even close to the movie, it will just be thought of as another “Twilight” movie and I would be devistated if the true personality of it was masked by the apperance of thost Twilight characters. People should see your books for what they really are, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ok, I am aware that this post was made months ago but, a few of the posts here really bug me. In the industry, it is nearly impossible to fit every little detail of the book. For example, in the Harry Potter books, Hermione is supposed to have insanely bushy brown hair throughout all 7 books. However, her bushy hair dissapeared the third movie. This small change in appearence did not affect the basic storyline of the movie at all. So, having Tally portrayed by someone with dark blonde hair wont kill the story! Also, in book to movie translations, you can’t make the movie a carbon copy of the script unless the book is already written in a cineamatically pleasing way. You have to remember that this is a film that must appear to the whole of the population, not just your views on how the film should be. Also, many of you have misconceptions on how Uglies look (or so I believe, this is just my interpretation of Uglies). Uglies are not all ugly people by today’s societies standards. In the era of the book, Megan Fox would probably be considered and ugly. She is very skinny, has to large lips, and is not perfectly preportional. An ugly just looks like one of us. Heck, most famous supermodels would be considered hideous in the setting of the book. Sorry that this is a bit of a rant but the naiveity here is sorta astounding.

  18. *appeal to the whole of the population* sorry!
    Also, to many of you, acting isnt just mimicing expressions and reading scripts. True actors and actresses feel the character and divulge their whole being into who that character is.

  19. the pretty’s and specials should be good. i dont like comparing things to twilight…. but…. like how the vampires didnt look all that, they acually looked creepy. in all movies really when there someone extravagant looking, the casters mess it up and the characters come out wrong…… ESPECIALLY the specials, they HAVE to fit how there described. one more thing, how you describe tally and shay (and others) in the book, like dont have tally w/ big full lips and long volumouse shiny hair. that’d be messed up. not saying the people who play them shouldnt be good looking, just not extravagent. also remember, in the uglies world, they dont wear makeup and they dont wear big fancy clothes. so they would be really-normal looking, even if in real life they look extravagant.

  20. sorry to double comment. but tally- idk lol, but like the girl on the cover
    as a pretty i imagined tally PERFCTLY as michell tractenburg
    and shay as emily brownimg. just saying,
    but also PERFECTLY zane as brad pitt, but when he was young w/ blonde highlights, when he was in fight club

  21. I think that shay should be kinda of an emo/goth fir(just got the idea of it)

    you need someone to potray her correctly, like in specialies, you need to get the cutting scars right and the half crazed smile

    real people not superstares would be perfect, beacause makeup and work magic for pretties and specials, but uglies should be just us

    also with the script you need to get the last line from each book in there perfectly and the fact that in uglies when tally is hover boarding away from the smoke whes not wearing crash bracelets or shoes, and the thing latter on when she says to someone(cant remeber who)
    when he says ” hover boarding, no crash bracelets” and she says ” been there done that, at least u had shoes” you need to get some of the witty comments in there 2

  22. sorry for the double posting

    but u also need to get the age right, u can’t have a 20 year old playing tally/shay/david/peris in uglies its just wrong

    aslo the part in the beging after she crashes the party and ends up meeting shay shouldnt be changed, the plesure garden part well….is the movie gonna be pg13, cuzz then it doent need to be changeed

  23. I think that they shouldn’t forget the important relationship between all of the characters. The emotions felt while reading the book are important and needed to be transfered to the movie. Tally and Shay are friends, but not perfect. David and Tally have an earnest realtionship and fall in love from trust and bonding, not setup. Basically, the characters need to meet, bond, and transform their relationship in the movie the same way that it was portrayed in the book, or else the overall feel will be wrong.

  24. That the dorm uniforms are supposed to be unflattering on ALL Uglies, the Pretty costumes and paries are supposed to be super extravagant (Like an A-List party), and that there are hoverboards and hovercars, so they don’t use groundcars. I say for the part in The Smoke where Shay and Tally are looking at a Rusty-time mag, they should use a Tiger Beat one or one about Models. 🙂 I would SO want to be an extra (ha-ha) in this movie is they make one. And if there is a movie, I want to help design the theme park!!! (That way I could gain some face. Plus, it’d be fun) 😀

  25. Well, its been nearly two full years since I first weighed in on this.
    And I’m a very different person now to who i was back then.
    But going back over my comments from then, it seems my opinions are mostly unchanged.
    Well, excepting my musical tastes.
    They’ve changed a fair bit.
    Suffice to say, anything I say here and now is LONG past being considered for the films production, but for old times sake, lets surmise and update:

    Actors – Fresh and young without Disney’s all consuming contractual obligations bearing down on them.
    I honestly wouldn’t mind Robert Pattenson in this film now, i think he’s starting to come into his own as an actor.
    Kirsten Stewart on the other hand seems to be devoid of any emotion and thus would be terrible in any film.

    Musical Score –
    Grand and sweeping for the nature shots.
    Rock & Techno for the city scenes.

    Script –
    They cant just slap a book onto film; I accept that it needs to be condensed a bit.
    But please stay true to the original key plot points.
    Direct quotes would be nice.

    Visuals –
    No lens flares. Thats just bad film making
    (I’m looking at you Mr J.J. Abrams)’
    No shaky cam.
    No crap on the lens.
    And for the love of god, don’t make the whole damn film orange and teal!

    Ive learned a few things about film since then, and it seems that, whilst a nuisance, the flash tattoos would actually be quite simple.
    Just rotoscope them on in post production.

    Hover boards are still something they need to get right.
    And honestly, in the last two years, i’m sure its gotten even easier to do.

    And thats conclusively about all I’ve got to say on the matter.
    And whilst i know this is likely to never be seen by anyone at all, least of all any of the people producing the film, it’s still nice to write this stuff down, for legacy’s sake.

  26. It should be animated, because the only shiver-making movie as of late was Harry Potter. And I don’t want someone like M.night raping my Favourite books. Or Miley, Selena, Demie or any of those Bubble-heads to be playing Shay or Tally, I want acting careers to be launched by this movie, absolute Extras to play the lead roles.

  27. I hope this is actually a good movie because if not it will be soooooo unhappy-making!!! I don’t think someone known should play any of the main characters because it would just be bogus, though, they have to be an awe-making actor or actress. Also the `pretty slang` in New Pretty Town is very important because in the book it hits you so fast it is almost confusing. Probably the most important part of this upcomming movie is the special efects like hoverboarding, bungie jackets, the way the specials move swiftly, and everything else. I hope that all the people who have talked about this have made it clear that the special effects are very important and if done correctly very bubbly-making!

  28. I am so looking forward to this movie!!!! I’ve read similar books and nothing topped it!!!! But most importantly I would focus on the actual scences more than the characters…. I know some pplz will disagree but idc! This movie is gonna be EPIC and totally BUBBLY-MAKING!!!!! Scott is a proven genius and i cannot wait to see what the director and him come up with!!! =) =) =) =)

  29. SO sorry about the late comment, andn i think someone might have already said this, but-u need to have AMAZING cinematography. like, on tally’s way to the smoke, the nature needs to be BREATHTAKING…like, from the eyes of someone who’s never been outside the ultra-superficial city before….think east coast cliffs and massive, open expances of dry, long grass…also anmazing soundtrack, daft punk and the gorrilaz and rock+techno for New Pretty town, but soaring beautiful instrumentals for the big nature scenes and once tally gets out of the city.
    the pretties shuld be REALLY pretty, but in a…not necessarily SOFT, but innocent way. they should look pretty similar as well, maybe use one computer-animated face of the “average pretty face” perfect nose, huge eyes, thick lashes, full lips, perfect body, and morph that with the face of the actor playing that particular pretty so they look similar.

    the specials should move like a praying mantis, but IMPOSSIBLY fast…and the smokies should be strong and tan with blisters and scars from all the work…also the last line HAS to stay ‘im tally youngblood. make me pretty.’ GASP gorgeous line. also NO DISNEY ACTORS………………………..can the girl on the cover of ‘Uglies’ act? coz she’s how i imagine tally. also sleek, visually attractive tchnology and the sense that new pretty town is ”the place to be” until tally goes to the smoke…
    ok im finished!! get on with ur movie and MAKE IT LOOK AMAZING!!!! you have my approval!! good luck :):):) xD

  30. OMGOMGOMGOMG JUST REMEMBERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u NEED to have a flashback scene of when the oil bug destroyed the world as we know it!!!! the audience needs to be able to understand why this futuristic world is the way it is or else the movie won’t have a backbone. it should be really horrible and scary with lots of screaming and an air of helplessness……….ok im done!…probably….im probably gonna have another amazing revelation in 30 seconds and HAVE to post it..kk bye for now! XD good luck and STAY TRUE TO THE BOOKS

  31. SHAY AND TALLY ARE BRUNETTE!!! tally mousy brown and shay blackish dark brown, but sorta strawlikeand SO not lustrous

  32. the mood of the film should be discussed also it should also be a reflection of the book what i mean is not every part of the book will be shown in the movie but no important scenes get cut out. ALSO the big city doesnt need to be a HUGE disaster area for us to know what happened all it really needs is like the ruined cars and debris everywhere bodies unidentifiable through all the deteriorated mess a skull here a finger bone there paper EVERYWHERE dirt dust wind you know like a pockyclypse happened lol the film should be shot wide angle because the sets are extremely important. just about the only thing more important than the sets are the special effects. they should be AMAZING no matter how good the acting in the movie is bad effects could make it horrible so watch that closely you dont want tally-wa riding a cardboard hoverboard through green shot water splashes from only one angle with an obviously computer generated city because its waaaaaaaaaaay too shiny in the background everything must be realistic… so you should make it a 3-d movie HAHA!

  33. dude u need 2 turn this into a movie it has all the write thingz like good carchters and an awsome author

  34. 1. MGMT’s “time to pretend” for the opening scene.
    2. Who played the ice queen in the Narnia movie? There’s your Dr. Cable.

    Much luck!

  35. I’m only 11 but i LOVE your books and I’m always looking for the movie. Am i totally missing?- did it already come out?! If yes could you tell me where to get it or when it’s coming out? That would be completely happy-making, Scott-la. Your books are absolutely BUBBLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re my favorite author, Scott-la

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