Leviathan for iPhone

Hey, I just decided to whip up an easy piece of Bonus Stuff to put on the new site.

So here it is, the amazing Leviathan iPhone wallpaper!


(Surprisingly, this took a while.)

Obviously, not everyone has an iPhone, or any sort of mobile phone at all. But this is pretty much the only thing I can do myself. Rest assured, though, the clever marketing people at S&S US and UK, and at Penguin Australia, will probably think of more and better stuff soon!

So leave your suggestions in this comments thread. What kind of Leviathan-related stuff would be cool for decorating your websites, Twitter feeds, phones, and other personal digital domains?

Bonus points for originality.

67 thoughts on “Leviathan for iPhone

  1. A personality quiz would be spiffy. Also, have you guys seen the Harry otter Tweets? Basically, you send one of your followers a little animation/action (e.g there was a Peruvian Darkness powder one which blacked out your Twitter homepage, and a Opugnio one where little birds flew around on-screen) which you sent with a ‘lil message. When the lucky recipient logs on to Twitter next, they get it. Something like that? I just think that Twitter apps in any shape or form are awesome PR devices.
    P.S Scott-la, I got Justine-la’s battle of the sexes book in the post today ( I won it). It’s Awesome!

  2. I think all the ideas posted are fawesome.
    But I don’t think anyone has mentioned a first-line poem? Like the one you posted for The Last Days? That would be cool, and probably not too spoiler-ish….
    I can’t wait for Leviathan to come out. I went and got The Risen Empire because I couldn’t wait to read a new Scott Westerfeld book. But I didn’t get the Killing of the Worlds so now I have to reserve that…

  3. hey!! what about my boook sock idea?!?!?!?! helloooo ppl! mine is the most origional yet!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ping to Riva-la: as much music as possible means having thousands of songs (i have around 3000 songs and i’m a little over 3/4 of the way done with importing my cds into my computer to put on my ipod)
    and i also am attempting new styles since i have only one month until school starts
    this year i’m starting skinny streaks (my extensions) rather than bangs and also this really cool style of lacing up my converse but i have no clue how to describe it
    im also going to sport unknown band tshirts (check out the last day off on myspace…they are AMAZING)

  5. ping to kat-la: meeswearzconverze2! could you take a pic of ur lacing converse @ put it here? My crazy old mother won’t let my go on myspace because *imitates motherly voice* “it’s too age inapropriate and diffrent parents have diffrent rules.” blahblahblah wish I had full bangs. another thing my mom wil nnot allow because of volleyball. sigh…


    just tried to see if this was a smiley code. Peace out homedogs! (sorry. I’ve got FrED on the brain.

  6. ping to the OTHER Tally Youngblood: i don’t have a digital camera but i’ll try borrowing my mom’s. i can’t go on myspace either but i have a blog that i never post on. i’ll try to put a pic of it on there but you can’t tell how to lace them by just looking at them. when i have a chance i’ll study the shoes and then write instructions to lace them. this lacing style will only work with low tops. i’ll talk to ya l8er.

  7. wait whoa
    at-la is me Kat-la…my computer decided to go crazy and not put in what i typed so for everyone at-la is me Kat-la

  8. Okay, one thing I’d like is a desktop theme for hp and pc. That is one thing i’d really like.

    Also, why just iPhones? What about LGs or regular phones? I mean, apple has too much stuff already and I don’t have any Mac stuff. Except for an old crappy iPod. I hate it.

    ping to tOty: i keep trying to convince my mom to let me get converse cuz i REALLY need new shoes but she like:no, too expensive! i just got a new bit for your horse! so yah. im broke rite now and theres so much tuff inneedsa buy so i keep having to work it off around the house….yeaterday it michaels i got a MJ poster and tacked it up to my ceiling….

  10. A nice new T-shirt in your online store would be bubbly… I’m still saving money for a Tridecashirt though.

    You could put up a blog post teaching us some of the lingo you’re famous for… so we could learn to speak like your new characters before we get to meet them. That is, assuming you made up your own slang for Leviathan… :]

  11. this is a kind of random thing, but in that picture with the air balloon thing, i think it would be kind of cool if there could be an actual hot air balloon like that or something. 🙂

  12. Hey people cant wait for the new book to come out!!!!!!!!
    to scott-la: i think u should make little monster-pet-thing-icons. like those fish you can get then feed them everyday and watch them grow except with the beasties things in leviathan. it’d be sooooooooooooo fawesome!

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