Lindy Hopping: I Haz Proof!

Those of you who follow my wife Justine’s blog know that two months ago she was challenged by various no-goodnicks to learn to Lindy hop. This bizarre challenge came about because she’s writing a novel set in the 1930s, when Lindy hopping (an early form of swing dance) was all the rage. Justine proclaimed that she’d only do it if her fans raised $5,000 for the New York Public Library. Which they did!

So we took lessons.

Justine doesn’t like being video’d, so I had to take secret footage. Heh, heh.

Go here for the rest of the story, and to enjoy the dancing!

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When recessions loom, libraries have the double whammy of having their funding cut at the same time as more people pour through their doors looking for help with job-hunting, learning new skills, and staying warm. So don’t forget to support the NYPL, or the library system of your choice.