More Leviathan Art

It’s getting near the first of the month, so it’s time for more Leviathan art!

In this Keith Thompson masterpiece we see the Leviathan itself, in all its living airship glory, mooring over the Regent’s Park. Check out all the cool details: the elephantines at work, the policemen holding back onlookers, and the little drama unfolding at the bottom—a pickpocket interrupted in progress, perhaps?


In the printed version you can see even more details. But this gives you an idea of how intricate Keith’s work is. And as I keep saying, this is only one of fifty pieces of interior art. Two percent!

Click here to see the other two I’ve already revealed.

44 thoughts on “More Leviathan Art

  1. wow all of the artwork are so intricate! theyre so fawesome, cant wait ’till the book comes out:]

  2. 6th ๐Ÿ™‚ and wow more art je tres adore ( sorry for crappy french )
    can’t wait for october

  3. Awesome!!! This artwork is just taunting me, reminding me that I can’t have the book for a few more months. But I love it anyway! ^_^

  4. Ooh, 10th comment. Just when i thought i’d neve rmake top ten. Anywayz, can’t wait for the book to com out! It could come out tommorrow and it wouldn’t be soon enough!

  5. Sweet. ๐Ÿ˜€ October is going to be the best month EVER! (for many reasons, Levithan being one of the big ones.)

  6. The drawing is gorgeous!! I love his style.
    I suppose that’s a grand airship tethered in the background, then?
    Fabulous. Reminds me a little of Final Fantasy (in a good way)

  7. Being that it actually HAS airships, I feel this book has great potential to become a future Hayao Miyazaki film!

  8. breath-taking! can’t wait to see it in print.
    brilliant artist Keith is!

    &school… eh… my last year of high school starts in September… so I have a month.

  9. Hydrogen is colorless and odorless…it doesn’t smell of bitter almonds–even if it’s inside a clart-bag airbeast.

  10. I love the luminous quality to the way Keith colours *__*! I’m definitely buying the book, for both the story and deep studying of the art~ And, like a commentor said above, it does evoke the feeling of a Hayao Miyazaki film :DD

    Extremely excited~

  11. OMG this is such a quincidence (spelling) my art teacher is all of a sudden into all this steampunk stuff so we get to make leather bracelets with gears and metel all over it!!!!!!!! Go steampunks
    P.S.-Scott-la you can be expecting a pic of the bracelets when thier done ๐Ÿ™‚

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