New Look!

I know what you’re thinking: “Um, new haircut?”

No, new website!

Given that Leviathan is coming out on October 6, I thought we should retire the old Extras look and get all steampunk’ed around here. Hope you enjoy the gears. (Mmmm . . . gears.)

Thanks to all the folks who made this possible, especially Deena Warner Design and all the folks at Simon & Schuster. Without them, this wouldn’t look so fabulous. In fact, it would look exactly the same as it used to, because I’m way too busy these days to work on non-book stuff.

Well, except for heading down to the recording session for the Leviathan audiobook, where I got to hang out with star of stage and screen Alan Cumming (aka Nightcrawler of X-Men, Fegan Floop of Spy Kids, and the Emcee of Cabaret).

I haz proof:


I really enjoyed listening in. When I got to the studio, Alan (um, if I may) was just starting the huge battle scene in the middle of the book, and he was really rocking it. He’d invented voices for all the characters, which was freaky for me (but in a good way). Everything was so much more dramatic than how I read my own stuff aloud. Old-school storytelling is really nothing less than magic.

Alan was working off a specially marked recording script, and hadn’t seen the art yet. So over lunch we went through the Big Book of Illustrations I carry around with me, and he was suitably impressed and kept saying, “This should really be a movie.” (I told him he should play Count Volger, and he was down with that.)

Then we talked about old Saturday Night Live sketches, which I’ve done with a lot of people over the years, but not anyone who’s actually hosted the show.

It was loads of fun, and he had the grace to notify me when there was something unattractive stuck between my teeth, which is really all I want in a celebrity. (Note to self: black bean soup = tactical error.)

Enjoy the new site!

99 thoughts on “New Look!

  1. Fantastic new and shiny – I love it.

    Also, Leviathan rocks – am only a little way into it for reviewing purposes but am already immersed. Love the artwork too. Excellent job all around.

    Liz in London

  2. That is amazing, I am such an Alan Cummings fan and cannot wait until the audiobook is released!
    Also, the website looks amazing, Scott, I actually like it better than the Extras theme you had going, which is saying a lot because I’ve always liked that theme >.<

  3. yay back to normal….what I mean is I can post again
    Scott where did all the posts go from the top of the blogg(as in the peeps one)I love that one.

  4. Oooohhhh, I like the redesign. Then again, I have previously expressed the desire to steampunk redesign everything from Town Hall to our piano, so… That may be a documented weakness. *clutches rivets and can of metallic-colored Rustoleum*

    Also, Westerblog, long time no see.

  5. I love the new site!!! It’s so awesome!!! Speaking of steampunk books, I should probably get back to mine (but I have to work out a character’s personality before I can go any farther, and characters are hard).
    I can’t wait for Leviathan!!!!! 😀

  6. Love it! Now I’m super excited for Leviathan! A word of advice, though: don’t cite Spy Kids when you talk about Alan Cumming. Not a good movie… Or sequal… And as for the third, well…

  7. Wow! The new site looks AMAZING!! I don’t even know where to look there’s so much awesome stuff. Making me even more excited for Leviathan.
    AND I’m gonna start Risen Empire this week 🙂

  8. Wow i like the new website. Although i do miss the old extra’s theme.:) This is so cool but it will take some getting used 2.

  9. Wow, this new site is the bomb!!! but the weirly things at the top makes e dizzy lol @_@ wow lol good job cant wait to here more about uglies the movie ~cough~hinthint~cough~

  10. liz thats awsom you live in london tats were i wana live cause i was born there but the stupib milatary moved mi family to NEBRASKA IT SUCKS oh and right after i was born not even a year we moved im so jelouse liz (i dont no if this is like rasise or not but do you have the cool acsent)

  11. Dude, this new look IS FREAKING FAWESOME. I opened the page and was like, 0.0 “WHOA,” and my jaw dropped. It’s basically what the ancient philosophers used to call “Flipping Amazing!” And also what McDonald’s says: “I’m lovin’ it.” Pretty much lots of luff on my end.

    Alan Cumming will always be Mr. Elton to me. Grr, Mr. Elton. STAB EET WIF A STEEK!! xD

  12. :O It looks amazing!

    And I promise that if I ever meet you, I will tell you if you have something unattractive stuck in your teeth. 😛 (Even though I’m not a celebrity)

  13. Wow, the new layout is amazing! O.O

    And I still can’t get over the awesomeness of Alan Cumming reading Leviathan. I love it when the readers of audiobooks invent new voices for each character! It makes them seem so much more real, and it’s a lot more fun to listen to.

  14. The new website is glorious!
    I still can’t fathom that it’s happening….. Awesome Genre (steampunk) + Awesome Author (Scott Westerfeld) = A Very Happy Reader! (me).

  15. the new layout is so epic, a great way to get everyone pumped for the new series
    so cant wait

  16. Love the new site! I think it’s a bit more fun and artsy than the old extras background, and it’s got me so pumped for the new series!

  17. Am i like a complete bonehead? i still don’t understand what leviathan is about!!!! ehhh!!!
    the new layout is cool but i just really would like to see an uglies one, but i guess i missed it? it was probably back in ’05 when it came out 🙁
    but anywayz the gears are AWESOME

  18. I forgot to say, I was actually thinking about the layout last night (no idea why). I was wondering if/when you were going to change it to Leviathan. Seriously weird that it changed the next day. o_O

  19. I’m kind of in love with this whole steampunk look, awesome site. I don’t know if yours or Cassandra Clare’s Infernal site is the better one now. Hmmm…
    Totally pumped for Leviathan!

  20. ohmygod! the site looks soooo cool!!!! last time you changed the site i was here and i got first comment on like three pages hehehe not so lucky this time 🙁 but it rocks!!!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! :mrgreen:

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