Avatars and Wallpaper

Introducing . . . some more Leviathan downloadables!

First, the delightful Avatar/Icon with Spinny Gears:

And a selection of wallpapers:

(1024 x 768)

(1280 x 1024)

I promise I’ll do a more substantive post soon. I’ve been thinking about some interesting stuff i want to share with you about writing. But for the moment, enjoy the freebies.

And don’t forget, the Uglies e-book is still free here at the Simon & Schuster download site.

42 thoughts on “Avatars and Wallpaper

  1. kool #2
    I am so bored, I can’t wait for Leviathan….and finally something to change me Harry Potter wallpaper 😛

  2. All these steampunk gears remind me of Wicked! wickedthemusical.com
    Enter the website, and there are gears everywhere!

  3. Neither of the wallpapers are big enough for my new computer (1600×900!), but they’re all gorgeous! I still love the colours and baroque theme of the cover.

    By the way, my family’s going camping next week and it’ll be the longest I’ve spent without internet/technology in about six years. I feel like Tally heading for The Smoke for the first time!

  4. YES, Person-la! I was thinking the same thing! Hopefully Leviathan will be just as good as Wicked!

  5. My friend used the word scary-making in a sentence, and I was laughing on the inside because pretty talk has finally made its way into our daily conversation. And she didn’t notice/catch herself either.

    Oh, and I noticed a while ago, people were doing twitter shoutouts, so here’s mine: twitter.com/audreyknox (original, I know, but I’m still kind of on Team Facebook).

  6. That wallpaper is awesome. xD But I just redecorated my computer screen. No matter how geeky that sounds. And I like my guitar-and-duffle-clad hippies.

    So yeah…I’m using that next, though. Prolly going to change it on the release date. xD

  7. WEEEEEEEEE! When I saw that one facebook I was goin “yeeeewww. weeeee.” Lol. I sound so stupid.

  8. Bubbly-making wallpaper! Oh, can’t wait to c what u post about writing! Trembling in my boots. or flip-flops. Whatever.

  9. *patiently waits for writing post*
    Now I’m not quite sure what to do with that free download…but I ‘ll find something [:

    The wallpaper is fantastic. I have to go on the desktop to set it.

  10. Yes. this is so cool.
    By the way, i have another idea, but its not digital.
    The other night I had a dream that the cover of Leviathan was a hologram of moving gears and pullies and stuff and I got a free copy form Scott Westerfeld in person. I thought that would be so cool (the cover I’m talking about, although meeting Scott would be just as amazing). You know, Just a thought.

  11. those thingys look really cool.

    just wondering, how many of yall have heard of the junior catholic daughters of the americas?

  12. hi westerfeldians.
    i havent been on in a looong time
    great wallpapers scott-sensei!

    on another note…
    u probably dont remember or have never heard of the time when a terrorist bombed jakarta, indonesia. i hadnt either until one day when i wz surfing the all american rejects website, and came across a broadcast that tyson ritter made. he said that he wz going to make a speech the next day. Well he did, he made a speech against terrorists, against those who oppress.
    here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fl7cP8N1Rwc
    **wait! he does swear at the end, so stop the video at 1:53 if you dont want to hear it!

  13. Omg scoot u look amazing! I love the lighting and the clock in the backround
    P.S- where can i get those goggles?

  14. I want i wallpaper so bad!! This might sound weird but for every book I read I put a new wallpaper up on my computer. So far I have 7 wallpapers (My desktop changes pictures every minute) and most of the books I have read I can’t fine wallpapers for. And it says error every time I click on the Leviathan wallpaper!

  15. hey peoples awsome looking cover unfortunelty the wallpapers dont work :/ kinda suck been looking for that for a while hope u can fix it soon

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