Melbourne Writers’ Festival

Greetings, Victorians!

Next week Justine and I are headed to the Melbourne Writers Festival. I’ll be doing five events, and at all of them I’ll be revealing fabulous Leviathan art and talking about the series, as well as other Deep Topics as listed below.

Note that you have to get tickets for these events. The Sunday event Justine and I are on is a bit pricey. You can book tickets here. All my other events are only $6, and you can book them here.

See you there!

Event 1
Day: Sunday
Date: 23/08/2009
Time: 4:00 PM
Venue: ACMI 1
Event Name: Taking Over the Grown-Ups Table
Panelists: Isobelle Carmody, Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier
Chair: Agnes Nieuwenhuizen
Join Justine Larbalestier, Isobelle Carmody and Scott Westerfeld, three authors who have successfully marketed their books to crossover audiences. Join these hugely successful YA authors as they discuss just who they think are reading their books.

Event 2
Day: Monday
Date: 24/08/2009
Time: 12:30 PM
Venue: ACMI 2
Event Name: The New World
Panelists: Scott Westerfeld, China Míeville
Chair: Cordelia Rice
Join two of the festival’s sci-fi superstars Scott Westerfeld and China Mieville, as they discuss the boundaries of science and fiction. How does fiction repackage Earthly themes into other worldly packages? What are the rules of science fiction, and how do you break them? All of Scott’s books in the Uglies series have made the New York Times Bestsellers List, while China has won two Arthur C. Clarke awards for his speculative fiction.

Event 3
Day: Tuesday
Date: 25/08/2009
Time: 1:45 PM
Venue: BMW Edge, Federation Square
Event Name: Creating New Worlds
Panelists: Scott Westerfeld
Chair: Cordelia Rice
How does science fiction combine the known with the unknown? Join young-adult and sci-fi novelist Scott Westerfeld as he talks about creating new worlds, and of writing Extras – the latest book in his Uglies series, all of which have made the New York Times Bestsellers List. His next work, Leviathan, an illustrated novel of an alternate World War I, will appear in October 2009.

Event 4
Day: Tuesday
Date: 25/08/2009
Time: 11:15 AM
Venue: ACMI 2
Event Name: Place, in Space
Panelists: Scott Westerfeld, Anthony Eaton
Chair: Andrew Finegan
Why is setting so important to a reader? What elements of a setting bring a place most alive? Scott Westerfeld and Anthony Eaton take you through their building techniques. Anthony is author of the Darklands Trilogy and Scott is an award-winning science fiction and young adult author whose next work, Leviathan, will appear in October 2009.

Event 5
Day: Wednesday
Date: 26/08/2009
Time: 11:15 AM
Venue: ACMI 2
Event Name: The Science of Fiction
Panelists: Scott Westerfeld, Penny Tangey
Chair: Cordelia Rice
Join young-adult and sci-fi novelist Scott Westerfeld, and award-winning comedian and writer Penny Tangey, as they show the ways that science can accelerate fiction; how to blend science into writing; and why it is such an exciting element of any fictional world.

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  1. Hey everyone…..Forest of Hands of teeth(if you read it when Scott recremended it) could be a movie too…..I think its more of a possibility then Uglies(sucks but oh well it’s a good book)
    Go to her site and share your thoughts about who should be mary because right now they want Kristen Stewart and that would be a travisty

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