Stormwalker Art

What with all the trailer hoopla, I forgot to post a new illustration at the beginning of the month! So it’s time for more Leviathan art!

You may have notices that the first three images were all from the Darwinist side of things. (That is, weird beasties.) This was an oversight on my part, because the Clanker side of the war (weird machines) is equally cool.

So I give you . . . the Cyklop Stormwalker!

One of the main reasons I chose Keith Thompson is his equal facility with strange creatures and fantastical machines. That’s the whole point of the series, after all, to see two distinct technologies (or ideologies, or aesthetics, or world views) at war with each other—one biological, the other mechanical. So to make the contest fair, neither one can look better than the other. I think you’ll agree, both are slathered with awesome sauce.

Again, this is only one of fifty pieces of interior art. Two percent!

Click here to see the other three images I’ve revealed.

And if none of this made sense to you, click here to see the Leviathan trailer, WICKED BIG-STYLE.

Update: Forgot to mention that Justine and I will be appearing at Teen Author Reading Night in NYC this Wednesday!

September 9, 6:00-7:30PM
Jefferson Market Branch of NYPL
425 6th Ave, at 10th St.

Gordon Korman, Pop
Justine Larbalestier, Liar
David Levithan, Love is the Higher Law
E. Lockhart, The Treasure Map of Boys
Lauren McLaughlin, Recycler
Bennett Madison, The Blonde of the Joke
Dan Poblocki, The Stone Child
Scott Westerfeld, Leviathan

54 thoughts on “Stormwalker Art

  1. Ahhh, seeing all the awesome artwork is torture!!! I really want to read Leviathan, and all the amazing artwork only makes me want it more!!!
    I need Leviathan!
    Is there any way I could get an ARC?

  2. yay…I cant wait for it to come out 🙂
    there are so many books out and coming out right now
    there is just to many

  3. Wow I’m so excited for the books! The cool pictures are just the icing on the cake, well more like sauce. 🙂

  4. i could probably just go back to another blog or look somewhere, but im to lazy…whens the exact date leviathon comes out again?


  5. YAY!!!! I can’t wait for October 6th! I have one more month to wait.
    PS (I ask again) Anything on the Uglies Movie?

  6. w00t!
    i will ad awesome sauce to my slanguage vocab
    the pics are utterly slathered with awesome sauce~~~~
    ping @ Jessica-la,
    i agree, it is fool

  7. I cannot wait for this book. It sounds so completely amazing! Attempting to describe it to someone makes it sound really lame… but I just know it’ll be awesome. It’s history completely mixed up, and the scifi factor added to historical fiction has rarely been done before. Plus, it has illustrations. A picture book for teenagers. It’s just… indescribable, at the moment. The illustrations look amazing from what you’ve revealed so far, and I’m so glad I’ve preordered this so I can get it the moment it arrives. I’M SO EXCITED! (and I just can’t hide it)

  8. When I get this book the first thing I’m going to do is run through the shopping centre yelling, ‘It’s a book with pictures! For people my age – and it’s OK!’
    And then I shall take it home and read it, because that’s what normal people do. You know. Awesome picture as always.

  9. oooo!

    one month away….

    &&when is the boxed Uglies set coming out? I could’ve sworn… or maybe I’m wrong.

  10. lol
    ping @ Julie-wa,
    Uglies boxed set has been out for months!
    Well at least in Canada…
    I even have it!!
    though I had to throw out the box because a few ants got attracted to it

  11. ping@Beli-wa


    I thought one was coming out that would include Extras… I guess I was misinformed.


  12. Ping @ Julie-wa,
    i thought you meant the Uglies trilogy boxed set, cause that one already cam out.
    as for the Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras boxed set ill check up on that.

  13. oh, yay!

    I got Uglies from a good friend, purchased Pretties… but when I heard about a full boxed set… I refrained form purchasing Specials and Extras… although I have bought Bogus to Bubbly

    I am saving up for the full boxed set… then I’ll give away my extra copies of Uglies and Pretties so the genius of Scott Westerfeld will spread farther ^_^

    then I still need Mind-Rain…

  14. LOTS of awesome sauce!!! very cool, i cannot WAIT until this book comes out. even as a poor college student, i’ll be spending my money on leviathan. 🙂

  15. Kristina-la, I know what you mean!!!
    dude, all the kids i hate are in my class this year!! Waaa…
    i only have 2 friends in there too… sighhhhh

  16. Anyone here know if Scott reads these comments/if there’s a way I can get into contact with Scott? I can understand if it’ll be a while before he gets back to me, but I have a few extremely important questions I need to ask him, and I need to make sure they at least get through to him.

  17. @ Maldeus: on the side bar it says ‘contact Scott’ and you can click on that and email him.

    Scott: That is so awesome. Like, really. You should have the illustrations on special shiny paper set into the book.

    One thing–just in case you DO read all these comments (if so, bravo to you!)… do you really get to choose your own illustrator? I thought the publishers chose it for you.

  18. I havn’t been to all my classes yet(we only go to the first one on day 1)
    so i dont know yet, but our school has changed everything, and it really sucks
    our school is currently painted half poop yellow, a bit grey-purple, and a bit blue
    they are just so welfare that they can’t aford to paint the whole thing one colour

  19. gaaah!! this stinks! now I want to read the book even more!! come on october hurry up, your making me feel bogus!

  20. oh poop….I just herd about a writers conference in my city…..which excited me…but none of the kool authers will be there
    Scott….you should come to Surrey sometime…or vancouver

  21. This looks awesome!!! I’m so excited about Leviathan!!! Partly because I fly (airplanes not beasties) and reading the “Darwinist” section got me really excited! I’ve had it on pre-order for months… I think my dad will go crazy if I bring it up one more time, lol.

    (PS sorry for posting in the wrong place earlier 😮 )

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