Leviathan Trailer

This official Leviathan trailer is pretty amazing. It’s made entirely out of Keith Thompson’s art from the series, and has been rocking my world.
I’m glad I can finally share it with you.


Thanks to everyone at Motherland and Simon & Schuster who made this possible. (Click here to see more of Motherland ‘s work.)

Here’s the YouTube link, if you want to embed it in your own blog or see it WICKED BIG.

For more videos about Leviathan, click here.

Leviathan comes out October 6. Spread the word!

A Gentle Reminder: The Uglies e-book is still free, but only till September 4. Click here to go to Simon & Schuster’s download site.

Update: Forgot to mention: Leviathan comes out October 13 in Australia, roughly on October 6 in the UK, and in a year or so from now in Germany and France. The series has also sold in Holland and Turkey, but I don’t know the pub plans there.

89 thoughts on “Leviathan Trailer

  1. Lulz, Scott-la I am so totally sneaky.
    I found this like, a week ago. At the top of your page.
    You thought you could fool me, muahahaha!
    Anywho, I didn’t really want to read Levithan until I saw the trailer. Then I read the first chapter. And it is full of awesomeness. So good job. =D

  2. Oooh! I can’t wait to read this Scott! I am a huge fan, and wish I had your incredible imagination ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I can’t wait!! I hope this book is a series. And if it is start on the second book right now!!!! IM SO EXCITED!
    PS Anything on the Uglies Movie?

  4. Ah!!!!! Amazing much!!! I was excited about the book before but I’m actually more excited now. It took me a while to watch it because the sound on my computer was screwed up…but now it’s fixed!!!

  5. Whoot! Major epic-ness! The whole thing is so cool. And, although it probably wasn’t meant to be funny…the last line sort of cracked me up XD.

  6. Awesome! I watched it with my lil’ brother and he thought it was a movie! He was like, can we see this movie…pleeeeeeeeeeeease! Hmmm…Scott, you should team up with Suzanne Collins to write a book. That would make history for me and lots of my friends!

  7. Um…*cough*…Scott I saw this before you shared it you know? If you scroll over up in the left corner it comes up…Did you know that??? But still. IT’S AMAZING.

  8. Fool!!!! i didn’t know books could get trailers, totally happy-making!!!
    P.S.- shouldn’t u be working on another midnighters (silly scott-la)

  9. Holy eff. Leviathan looks amazing; I’m definitely going to have to read it when it comes out. This is absolutely the best book-trailer I have ever seen, no doubt because Keith Thompson’s amazing art could be animated.

  10. this trailer looks beyond awesome, the art is just so..IT I can’t wait to read the book (or at least look at all the pretty pictures รขโ„ขยฅ)

  11. I read much you re books.Thia is a different in the past.Did it come as a move or a book? It look awesome!! How much time did it cost?

  12. Hello.
    Regarding “The series has also sold in Holland and Turkey”: UK, Germany, France, Holland, Turkey… and Italy?

    Thank you. Bye. ^_^

  13. well, i just finished this book and ITS Amazing. i want to read more and i can’t wait til behemoth comes out

  14. I just finished the book and it was so amazing. I didn’t know there was going to be more than one book while I was reading it so at the end, when I realized there would be more to come, it was awesome.

    Great job Mr. Westerfeld. Everything was incredible. It only took me two days to read because I just couldn’t put it down, which is saying something for me because the last book I read that wasn’t required by school was the seventh Harry Potter book.

    Thanks for getting me into reading again, or at least getting me into reading your great series!

  15. Hi Scott, I absolutely loved your Uglies series. I am trying to find a book as good as that one but I don’t really know. :/ Can someone recommend a book of Scott’s like the series?

  16. when is the second book coming out cause this book was amazing and i cant wait till the next one, plz someone tell me when

  17. This is without a doubt one of the best books I have ever written, and I am in my forties. Scott, you are an incredibly creative and talented writer. I did not want this book to end!! Cannot wait for the next one. I have not been this excited about a series since HP.


  18. I have read the book and Behemoth and Goliath cannot come out soon enough– i’d say they were awesome, but that pretty much is already the definition of a Scott Westerfeld book!

  19. Scott Westerfeld, you are AMAZING. However, that is no newsflash.

    My english teacher asked us to do an analytical essay on a book of choice and I decided to do it on this series. Can’t wait to start on it! I praise you for your work. Leviathan and Behemoth and certainly the best you have written!

  20. I love the Trailer and the books. I think you should make a book or two about what happens after Goliath. I hope you do.

  21. I already read the whole trilogy before i saw this trailer. I thought the trailer meant they were making a movie though. Oh well. And the books are EPIC btw! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. I love all of these books espeicially the
    first and third. The trailor looks amazing and I really
    hope it becomes a movie!

  23. Well I feel like I’m posting this extremely late, but this was a seriously awesome trilogy.

    i hope it becomes a movie. a 2d animation would be super cool. i feel like if it were acted out, it might be ruined by an excessive amount of cgi. but whatever, it’d be awesome either way i guess.

  24. Um I just read the book but truly I felt that parasite positive was better it was way more absorbing.My person opinion ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    I hope you get a movie out of this I think it quite suited to be one and it is will get really good ratings from my point of view. By the way I am a new fan read all you’re books in 2 months and hope you keep making hits also writing interesting stories.

    Keep up the good work!!

  25. When i first read Leviathan I was pulled in like a bear to honey. I kept reading even during class. (My teachers weren’t too happy unless you count the librarian) The Leviathan series was by far the BEST series I’ve ever read.
    And a movie would be perfect. I would love to see all the Clanker machines and Darwinist “beasties” on the big screen.

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