Leviathan Trailer

This official Leviathan trailer is pretty amazing. It’s made entirely out of Keith Thompson’s art from the series, and has been rocking my world.
I’m glad I can finally share it with you.


Thanks to everyone at Motherland and Simon & Schuster who made this possible. (Click here to see more of Motherland ‘s work.)

Here’s the YouTube link, if you want to embed it in your own blog or see it WICKED BIG.

For more videos about Leviathan, click here.

Leviathan comes out October 6. Spread the word!

A Gentle Reminder: The Uglies e-book is still free, but only till September 4. Click here to go to Simon & Schuster’s download site.

Update: Forgot to mention: Leviathan comes out October 13 in Australia, roughly on October 6 in the UK, and in a year or so from now in Germany and France. The series has also sold in Holland and Turkey, but I don’t know the pub plans there.

89 thoughts on “Leviathan Trailer

  1. If I didn’t already have a proof, I’d rob someone of it to read this. It looks fantastic and more importantly, it is fantastic!

    Well done all involved. Are we okay to put these on bloggish websites?

    Liz x

  2. ok to tell u the truth i was kinda confused about what Leviathan was about but now its all clear
    cant wait!

  3. I CAN’T wait to read Leviathan but right now I’m reading the Midnighters series its so good! Its going to be impossible to wait until October for this book!!!

  4. I wanted to embed this on my school site, but YouTube is blocked for the students. They could watch it at home, but it seems kind of silly for me to post things they aren’t allowed to watch at school. I don’t suppose you have this in any other format?

  5. I’m SOOOO excited for the book! I think I’ll preorder it, which I’ve only ever done for Harry Potter. OCTOBER!!!!!!! :]

  6. This book looks absolutely FANTASTIC!
    Definitely going to be one of the best books of 2009 😀 You’re amazing, Scott Westerfeld.

    Also, major props to Keith Thompson, for all that gorgeous art!

  7. omg that looks absolutely AMAZING!!!! *jumps up and down excitedly* i can’t wait until it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆 yup i just had a can of diet coke–not a good idea for ten at night…*sheepish smile*

  8. o my gosh. my mouth litterally DROPPED open when i saw the post oh gosh im soooo exited. the art looks Amzing

  9. Oh, wow. I honestly had no idea what Leviathan was about (I don’t know how I managed that!), but it looks soo good. o.o And the trailer is awesome!
    The art is beautiful.

  10. Loving the art, loving the concepts, loving the book already!

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but does the October 6th date apply to Australia or…?

  11. It’s been quite a while since a book excited me this much. Wonderful concept! Did you do much research on the significance of “Leviathan” in the Ancient Near East?

  12. hey!! I just have to say that I love your books especially the “Uglies” series, but I wonder if it is true that it will be made into a movie and if so is there any chance for people outside of US to get any role, or even just an audition??

  13. please! stop something new!!! an update on the movie status!!!!!! anything big or small!!!

    just something!!

  14. wow this looks AMAZINGG! and the art is truely beautiful! Im sooo excited and so is my friend(: we’re going to tell all of our friends about this! if only it was october alreadyy!!

  15. OMG im so excited i cant even begin to tell u!! this book looks so amazing and i cant wait till it comes out!!!! im counting down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  16. I just stumbled on this… WOW, this looks really cool, love the steampunk, concept, everything… Yes, I will buy this book

  17. Hey. 2 blogs ago I brought this up.
    Uh-oh. Ummmm….. Scott was this supposed to be a surprise for this post?

    Sorry if I spilled the beans.

  18. Oh, I just remembered why I came on here in the first place.

    Yesterday was my first day of High school (I’m a freshman) and I am taking German and I found out that October 6th is German American Day.
    I just wanted to know if that was done on purpose since it’s set in Germany, or close to it.

  19. That was amazing! Cobining steampunk themes with WW1… simply GENIUS! Can’t wait can’t wait can’t WAIT!

  20. What i can say more that…. Great Job xD

    I have 1 question the book will be released in only 1 language (english) or more??? if not are you thinking doing that???

    Just asking xD

    btw great video 🙂

  21. Hey Scott. It’s Morgan. You emailed me a few times :).
    Anyway just wanted to say heyyy on your blog. Haven’t been on lately, and I like the new format!

  22. I’m normally not a book reader myself, but I ran across the trailer for this on youtube earlier and must say I’m intrigued. On your book series page I couldn’t help but noticed you had already titled the next book “Behemoth”, this piqued my interest further. I’d be curious to know if a third book was to be added, I can only assume there will be, if it would be named “Ziz”? After all Leviathan was said to be a mythical beast of the seas, Behemoth with land, and the Ziz as a griffin like beast of the skies.

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