NY Anime Festival

The Good News: Actual copies of Leviathan exist in the real world.

The Bad News: They are sealed in cardboard boxes in the impregnable basements of your friendly local bookstore, armed with thermite bombs that will explode if they are opened prior to October 6. These boxes look like this:


If you see one, do not touch it before Tuesday, October 6.

In other news, it turns out that my steampunk “panel” at the New York Anime Festival is just me. So I can rock out, showing images from Leviathan and gabbing to my heart’s content.

By the way, the Festival looks really cool. Lots of costume events and generally awesome. Click here to check out the general lay of the land. And here for the amazing list of guests, which include Gro-Wings, an amazing looking steampunk fashion house.

Anyway, I hope some of you are coming. See you Sunday.

Leviathan: A Steampunk Panel
Sunday, September 27
1:30 PM รขโ‚ฌโ€œ 2:30PM
Javits Center
655 West 34th Street

51 thoughts on “NY Anime Festival

  1. As excited as I am to get my hands on that book, I’m glad they are holding it for the release day. It makes it more exciting knowing everyone has to wait together and only the fortunate ARC readers have read it before the rest of the world. I’ll be there on 10/6 to get my copy!

  2. MWWWWWWHAHA! Love the stickers! I will now go on an evil laughing spree wile conjuring my plan to get Leviathan from my books a million store! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
    HAHAHAHAH!! …. *_*
    can’t think.
    will continue to plot.
    shrouded in darkness.
    darkness helps with.
    evil plans.
    PEACE! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. HA SCOTT-LA! I am here to tell you that my bookstore doesn’t HAVE an impregnable basement. (Instead, there is a storage room that has a rather warehouse-like structure and reeks of cheese. I think I can withstand the cheese though if it means I can get my hands on Leviathan!) Thermite bombs….rite…
    I live in the south! I know what hot is!
    Now to find my good steak knife…

  4. sorry for that. Wow on the n.y.c. festival thingie. So wish i could be there!
    CAN’T WAIT FOR LEVIATHAN! just the thought of those boxes is so tempting…
    huh. that’s one sentence i never thought i’d say. i must go break into those boxes! I’d leave money for it, of couyrse. No deliquent, me.
    Oh, yeah and ping to the OTHER tally youngblood, i know what u mean about the cheese, but know what i hate more than cheese-reaking warehouses: target bathrooms. THEY SMELL LIKE FRUIT LOOPS! it always makes my stoimach rumble, but then i look for the cereal and all of find is… toilets :p.

  5. hey everyone. ok i know this is totally besides the piont but does anyone mind if i copy an extremely long entry consisting of my short story for L.A. ? i need peoples opinions and insight! i need Scott-la and his amazing ideas NOW!!! All i need is permission Scott-la!!!!!

  6. Yay my copy will be coming in the mail shortly ๐Ÿ™‚


    Crying on the inside and out that I won’t be there Sunday…

  7. Those stickers have to be one of the most amazing things I have ever seen – which now I think about it is kinda sad….
    This is slightly random, but does anyone know when it comes out in Australia?
    Also – Scott, there is nothing under ‘Books’ about The Last Days!!

  8. must open box now!
    do you think (if i asked poltitly)that they would let me keep the box?
    they let me do it for harry potter 7
    that would be so cool
    i think i should start collecting book release boxes!

  9. Awesome!!!!! I need that box, but i already ordered it in the mail and it’ll be here any day(Oct. 6). *sigh* To long to wait!

  10. ร‚ยกร‚ยกร‚ยกHi Everyoneeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Here from Spain!!!!! *O*

    Wow! Leviathan!…I need that box too!!!! XD it will travel to Spain T_T?

    (ร‚ยฌร‚ยฌ My english is not very good T_T)

    Byeeee people!

  11. lol Thermite bombs? Yea right Scott! lol But I promise I will wait *Pulls out her pocket knife* I’ll be just a minute XD Just kidding. But really! Books take foreeeever to get published! Speaking of which. You need to come to Atlanta to sign books. I don’t think my mom would let me fly on a plane much less fly to Miami or Washington DC. lol Its not to to far away from Miami, huh…You’ll probably even have made a pitstop at Hartsfield Jackson before. Its like the largest airport in the world.

  12. Hello all,

    Loved the book and look forward to the next one.

    We are quiet lucky back in the U.K the book has found it’s way in to the shops early.

    Hope you will come and do a signing in the U.K

  13. This is why I love working in a library. We don’t have a sealed box, just a scrap of paper on the front saying ‘Do not release to patrons until October 6.’ It doesn’t say anything about employees reading it… You can guess what I’ll be doing as soon as I get off work tonight!

  14. I ordered Levithan yesterday! yay! I cant wait. so in the UK did leviathan already come out?? If so u guys r so lucky!

  15. The book cover could do with a vote or two on book cover wars.

    Click the name!

    Another great thing about this book is the great page illustrations along the journey of the book.Which work well!

  16. Ahhh! So excited~ (but aww…Australia’s still a little behind on release dates, no? T__T~)

    I…really want that sticker on the box actually o_o! (or, even better, I would want a sticker with MY name and book on it hahaha). Do you keep the stickers as ~*momentous artefacts*~?

    Is there any possibility of a book signing in Sydney? o:

    Hope you have lots of fun at the Anime Festival Scott!

  17. If u make another book in the Uglies series it should be about how Mady and Az ran away and like Davids childhood and stuff. And u should make another midnighters book. plz plz plz, it could be about jessica, jonathan, and melissa traveling and finding other midnighters and finding out more and more secrets. plz plz plz! If i can get my mom to drive me 700 miles to Tempe, AZ or fly out to Boston for a suprise visit to my aunt i will totally see u and talk to u bout this idea

  18. If any of you fans see that box i don’t think they want to listen to the sign. I know I would have to force myself not to take a peek. Oh well. It’s so hard to wait! I want to read it soooooooooo bad!

  19. ping to alice-wa*: Fruit Loops? eww. I’m glad my Target bathroom dosen’t smell that way…

    ping to public and scott-la: Still trying to get the box into my clutches! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ha.ha.ha.ha-ha. ha-ha-ha. ha-ha-ha-ha. HA.HAHA.HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAHHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  20. CAN’T WAIT TIL OCTOBER 6TH!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    this is from the last post to Jay-wa: yeah i am TYC Leader/BIGGEST GREEN DAY FAN EVER and Forever Last. how’d ya know? haha besides the fact that i said it a couple posts ago. that’s cool though that you remember! ๐Ÿ™‚

    GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!! <3

  21. ummmmm….well this is to the OTHER Tally Youngblood: ummm…are you like Tally’s evil twin or do you like believe you’re like Tally? haha just wondering coz you seem like maniacal or like crazzyy evil in a good way though. like i think we’d totallyy get along!!! just saying…so yeah that’s it.

    now on to “important things” like homework. it’ll actually be ok though coz im writing about Uglies! i got my Reading/Writing Workshop teacher interested in reading them and since there are only four books in the series she says that’s manageable! (totally effed up that word! haha) so yeah im just spreading the love of Uglies in my little corner of Pennsylvania…where no book tours EVER come…and where no one reallyy cares about Uglies…except one other person i’ve met who actuallyy uses pretty talk…so yeah im just all alone over here…but i digress. oh well….:(

    GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    wow….i have noooooooooo life on a monday night! well…at least it’s monday here in PA…don’t know about anywhere else…and you know what? MONDAYS SUCK!!!!! yeah that’s all i have to say………………………………………………………………………hmmmmmmm………

    gonna go read Angels & Demons! kick ass book if anyone wants ta know!

    yeah……now you all know i have no life….oh well……

    GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!!! <3

  23. Can’t wait to read the new book! Does anyone know if it’s going to be translated into German? I think my brother might be interested in Leviathan, but he doesn’t read English books…

  24. Those costumes are win!
    I can’t wait till october 6! Good luck with the festivle and your table, Scott-la.
    : D

  25. other tally-wa, your CRAZy hehhehehehehehehehehehe

    so has anybody gotten a lucky copy from those few lucky-rulebreaaking-bomb-proff bookstores? heheh

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! ๐Ÿ™„

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