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  1. hi im your biggest fan ever i realy love your uglies series i was wondering if you would please write one more book in that series
    i know what you could call it. me and my dad say you could namethe next one perfects the perfects are the ones that are the best of the best.
    you could have peoplelike the darks in it. the darks are th evillians.

  2. If u make another book in the Uglies series it should be about how Mady and Az ran away and like Davids childhood and stuff. And u should make another midnighters book. plz plz plz, it could be about jessica, jonathan, and melissa traveling and finding other midnighters and finding out more and more secrets. plz plz plz! If i can get my mom to drive me 700 miles to Tempe, AZ or fly out to Boston for a suprise visit to my aunt i will totally see u and talk to u bout this idea

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