Shay’s Eyes, etc.

Thanks to everyone who came to the NYPL reading last week. It was totally awesome and packed, which is how we authors like it. For those of you who weren’t there, I read a bit of Chapter 2 of Leviathan, the part that goes with the image I posted last week.

And now a message from our sponsor, Swarovski Crystal.

Tally took a steadying breath, the room spinning again, but in a good way. She gestured for the windows to transpare a little more, and in the sunlight she saw the new additions.

“Ooh, pretty-making.”

Bolder than all the other implanted glitter, twelve tiny rubies ringed each of Shay’s pupils, glowing softly red against emerald irises.

“Bubbly, huh?”


No, I didn’t photoshop that, and it’s not a prank. It’s the second-place winner of a competition co-organized by designboom and Swarovski Diamonds, by Anthony Mallier. It’s kind of amazing how close this design is to Shay’s eye surge.

Not that I’m complaining. I doubt I’m the first to come up with this idea, given how long people have been saying, “you’ve got a sparkle in your eye.” It’s only a matter of time before diamond-laced contacts are real, and not just a prototype. Read more here in Mami Magazine.

Of course, there’s no time-telling feature with these, so Shay still wins!

Thanks to Twitter-pal @13stars_above for spotting it.

In other news, the Leviathan trailer has almost 60,000 views on YouTube! Thanks to everyone who watched it, and told your friends about it. (Clearly, some of you did.)

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, but there is a book to write—Behemoth, sequel to Leviathan! That’s right, I have to finish Book 2 before I go on tour for Book 1 at the beginning of October. Speaking of which, I’ll be posting the tour info soon, once I get a few details sorted.

Watch this space for details!

Click here to read the Romantic Times’ blog entry about the reading last week. Complete with this picture of me, Lauren McLaughlin, E. Lockhart, and Bennet Madison.

70 thoughts on “Shay’s Eyes, etc.

  1. Wow, like, a record.
    That is awesome.
    I love the ‘Future of Pretty’ posts you do, Scott-la.
    Geeky tech? My heaven. The fact that Twitter had something to do with this post? Doubly Supercalifraj! (As James Cordon would say :D)

  2. I have a super-duper idea, Scott. I know you came to Toronto, Ontario, last October, and it was good times, but you should come back. To quote 30 Rock “Toronto is just like New York, but with out all the stuff!”. Just a thought. Also, I really want to see someone walking down the street with those contacts!

  3. I always thought they should make mood contacts with the chemicals they make mood rings out of–can you imagine having your eye color change with your mood? So cool.

  4. hey lace/lacey:
    I will be coming to Toronto in early November. Details soon!

    And don’t worry, mad scientists are working on the Forum as I type.

  5. Wow!!!! Don’t you ever get a little tired of deadlines!!
    I can’t even imagine writing an ENTIRE book just knowing someone is waiting for it.

  6. that absolutely amazing. they should do it in different colors like shayss too =]

    and yes, post tour info SOON =]]]

    I’ll be the one wearing a HUGGEEE smile on my face!!

  8. oh and ppl, don’t worry,
    im gonna be a scientist when i grow upp
    so if there not out by the time i become one, ill invent them
    it IS possible
    just put and extra layer on it that in like a mood ring on the outside but glasses on the outside (like a one-sided mirror)
    *looks away to possible future*

  9. Ooooh. I so love those contacts! Very pretty-making haha. Wish i could get my hands on some… 🙂

    Scott: Are you coming to Chicago anytime in the forseeable future? I’d really love to come if you are! thanks a million.

  10. Oh and another thing. Do the links for the short stories not work anymore, or is it just my computer? I tried to click on the alien/cricket story but a SyFy error page comes up saying that the requested page is not available. Which is kind of weird.

  11. lol I was just thinking that we needed some of the good old posts
    about Uglies stuff like that
    its like you read my mind 😛

  12. oh screw toronto, come to Vancouver 🙂
    The east coast has all the fun
    its the west coasts turn(of Canada)
    even like just seatle would supper fool

  13. I have 20/20 vision but i’d give it up to get those or some like a mood ring i totally agree everyone thats said that! So happy-making! Scott-la, will you plz plz plz come to Colorado Springs??? I would totally LOVE it if you did!!! They need to make some of those contacts so that people with 20/20 vision can wear. That would be really really bubbly!! :mrgreen:

  14. Thats so pretty-making! But I highly doubt my mom would ever let me get some. *sighs*
    And are you really going to try to finish book two before you go on tour for book one?! It would take me forever to write a book like Uglies or Midnighters or Even Peeps. How do you do it! Do all authors just stay in there house while there evil twin goes out and gets all the glory? (just kidding about that last part)

  15. Good luck upon finishing the draft for the sequel to a book’s that not even published yet! And please don’t forget to include Philadelphia when planning out your tour. We’re always overlooked by event planners.

  16. Ah! These are amazing. But will there be other gems and colors available? I hope so. Also, I notice that “Comments are stamped with Australian Eastern Standard Time.” So have you given up on Tehran? Also, what happened to “This is silly text. Evil silly text!”?

  17. Jessie-wa: I’ve always wanted to do that big bookstore in Denver. (Tattered Covers?) But I’m not sure yet about this tour.

    Justin B: I’m pretty sure that Philadelphia is ON, dude.

    Nate-la: Hmm, I guess the time went back to Australian when I rebooted the site. Sorry, Iranian revolutionaries! And the Evil Silly Text was part of a Good Sensible Test that my webmaster was running, which I did not understand and is now (apparently) over.

    Kim-la: Houston does not look good. I’ve been to TX three times in the last few years.

  18. PS You guys know that I have nothing to do with planning all this stuff, right? It all comes down from a giant computer at S&S. (Or maybe it’s a head in a jar of some kind. They won’t let me look at it.)

  19. (Los Angeles. Please. I would play hooky from school to come meet you, and I’m taking 2 AP classes. You miss a day from those, and you DIE. I would still pick meeting you.)

    Okay, begging time is over. When I read Pretties, I was like WTH who would put diamonds in their eyes?!? And now it’s conceivable… that’s a little scary. Scott-la, I think you predicted the future… AHH!

    In other news: Leviathan is preordered and I can’t WAIT! I’m getting non-Scott fans excited about it, too.

    In other, BETTER news: My english teacher has her freshman class reading Uglies as an assignment. My english teacher is AWESOME. She thinks you’re a great writer, Scott-la. Anyone who has a class set of Uglies is just amazing, in my opinion.

  20. That is so fantastic! It’s sort of evil, but only because I find The Diamond People evil on principle, but HUzzAH!
    I’m so excited about the tour! I vow to go to one of the places. Even if I have to get my parents to drive me to Toronto!*Practices puppy eyes and elaborate speech*

    Caitlin-wa: That’s so cool that you get to read Uglies in class, for a grade. We had to read A Tale of Two cities, and everyone fantasized about a sacraficial burning of the books. Did your teacher just decide to do it, or did it take some proding from students?

    Farewell, and have a fantastic day!

  21. I love this!! As soon as those contacts are no longer a prototype, I’m buying them, I can guarantee that.
    And that’s awesome that you’re working so hard on your sequel!! I have 70,000 words for my book, but since I’ve come to college I’ve had no time to work on it…

  22. Now that I’ve read more posts –
    MR. WESTERFELD!!! Come to Madison!! I’m here now so I don’t have to drive to Mequon like two years ago!! I’d bring all my friends! Yay, publicity!

  23. I gotz a question: Scot-la r u coming to cleveland ( pleaspleaseplease )? That would be totally fawesome of u. not that u actually get to decide these things, but u know, i just HAD to ask!

  24. Hey everyone that looked soooooooooooo fool if i wore contacts i’d totally wear those, i wish they told time backwards though also i hope they wear these in the movie…
    P.S.-Scott what happened to midnighters

  25. Sorry this is gonna be a kinda long comment. Yay Scott-la!! I really hope you do come to Colorado Springs or Denver I’d get my mom to drive me either way. I’ll look up Tattered Covers and see exactly where it is. When you know if you’re coming to Colorado Springs/Denver plz plz plz put it on blog. You’re my fav author of all time!!! You might not read this or you might not care this is my poem that i wrote. Plz say if you like it or not it’s ok if you don’t, still working on it. I agree phobe-la, still waiting for the hoverboards! lol. Well here’s the poem…

    What’s Different?
    Yet the sky is still blue and the grass is still green. Something’s different about today, maybe the sun is brighter, maybe the sky is clearer. Maybe everyone and everything’s just happier. The birds are chirping and the breeze is gentle. Well maybe it’s the fact that the grass isn’t green anymore and winters coming. “Snow” I found myself smiling at the thought.

    Live and Laugh, Jessie-wa :mrgreen:

  26. Wow I love that pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, truly it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And 4real your already writting the sequel to Leviathan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap slow down the first ones not even out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Oh again those contacts are sweet!!! They need to make ones like a mood ring, that change with your mood. And they need to make them for people who don’t need contacts too, cuz i don’t need them, but i want them!
    Live and Laugh, Jessie-wa :mrgreen:

    can’t BELIVEEE your cominggg! sooo excited!!
    im gonna get the whole series signed, and im gonna be happy.
    totally somothered in Awesome Sauce!!!!

  29. oh come on scott you know you want to come to vancouver (as in the west coast of vancouver) and i really really want those contacts!!! expensivebut totally pretty-making!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COEM TO VANCOUVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IF YOU DO YOU CAN GARUNTEE I WILL BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (i cannot wait for leviathan to comeout!:D) and do not slow down writing keep on going! YOU ARE THE INSPIRATION TO THE ASPIRING YOUNG WRITERS (like me:) )

  30. Scott-la are you coming anywhere on the west coast of the U.S.A? I live in Utah (if your reading this and have heard of it good for you!) and nothing happens over here!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ COME SOMEWHERE CLOSE!!

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