Walker Wednesday #2 (+ BlogFest!)

Simon & Schuster’s annual BlogFest is happening right now! BlogFest is a huge group blogging project in which the same questions are answered by me and 39 other S&S authors. (Click here for the full list). Today’s question is, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”

Not every author answers every question, but there are usually three or more of us for each one. It’s been cool to see different writers respond to the same stimulus.

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Now, continuing with my recent (and no doubt short-lived) tradition of Walker Wednesday, behold today’s walker, the Italian, flame-breathing, two-legged motorcycle known as Lrry.


I didn’t run into Lrry until Leviathan was complete, so it didn’t occur to me to include any two-legged motorcycles. The closest thing to Lrry in my world is the four-legged horse walkers revealed here in last week’s Walker Wednesday.

Anyway, I like that Lrry breathes flame. More things should breathe flame. And its walking motion has something uncanny about it. That’s a cool thing about walkers, they set off a weird reaction in my head. I’m used to animals walking and vehicles having wheels, and when those two things get mixed up, it rewires my brain just a little.

I mean, seeing a cat with wheels would be pretty freaky too, right?

But why is this thing called Lrry?

Here’s a (rather long) movie showing Lrry in motion:

57 thoughts on “Walker Wednesday #2 (+ BlogFest!)

  1. Jessie-wa: glad to know we’re on the same page hahaha. yeah phones are necessary for survival and will probably end up killing us all..but you know it’s all good. πŸ˜‰ and im glad you’re feeling better. πŸ™‚ it sucks being sick. πŸ™ except for the fact that you can miss school and sit at home and read all day..that’s the silver lining!! πŸ™‚

    tell me a story into that goodnight…

  2. Viva La Smoke!: i hate being sick but i like the staying home part. i was rereading pretties i think i told u but i finished on friday. ive decided that i like the book specials but i dont like tally special cuz all she does is hurt anyone thats not special including david (i love david!) and zane! and also i didnt just figure this out but the people she loves always cause her to do bad things like: she went to the smoke because she loved shay as a friend(well and she loved the thought of being pretty) she tried to destroy the locket in uglies which brought specials because she loved david, she became a pretty to make it up to david cuz she loved him, she got stranded in the wilderness cuz she jumped off to late cuz she loved peris as a friend, she became a special cuz she loved zane, ect. so its not tallys fault its everyone elses. that was long and confuzing sorry lol bye

  3. Jessie-wa: totally agree with you on all accounts! she never does anything for herself and is always trying to make someone else happy. despite shay saying she’s self-centered…she’s really not. if it weren’t for her loving shay the whole thing never would have happened!! so really it’s SHAY’S fault but whatever. hahaha.

    GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!! <3

  4. Viva La Smoke!: haha ya its all shays fault. lol! sorry i went on this camping trip and NO ELECTRONICS!!!! it sucked no phone no computer no nothing lol so much hiking but it was fun

  5. Jessie-wa: pretty sure i’d flip out if i had no electronics. well…i could survive without my computer…and to some extent my phone…but if you include iPods in electronics…well…i’d go COMPLETELY CRAZY!!! i loooooooooooooooooooooove my iPod…you may think that’s sad but well i do and i can’t survive without music…no way no how…it’s what keeps me sane! haha πŸ™‚

    tell me a story into that goodnight…
    GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!! <3

  6. she has many legs to choose from. In Uglies terms she is a Diegoan, someone who alters her body at will for practical and aesthetic reasons. SheÒ€ℒs also good at talking about these alterations in awesome ways.

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