Last Leg of US Tour

Thanks to everyone in the Boston and DC areas. Robin and I had a great time. When we got to Politics and Prose, we found out that Holly Black and Tony Diterlizzi had just been there with their new Spiderwick book, and they left us a present:


An original Diterlizzi! Thanks to Holly and Tony for being so sweet.

For signed copies of our books, head to Politics and Prose in DC, Hooray for Books in Alexandria, VA, the Children’s Bookstore in Baltimore, or the Borders in Sterling, VA. We are everywhere.

Right now I’m in LA at the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association annual convention. But I won’t have time to do anything else before heading to Miami:

Sunday, October 25 6:00PM
Books & Books
265 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

And there’s a TeenReads forum beforehand at 5PM. Robin has gone home, so it’s just me, but it should be cool.

After Florida, I finally get a week off, and them: Canada! Click here for all tour details.

Click here to buy Leviathan.

And note that Justine is in Austin now, talking about her new book Liar.

Saturday, 24 October, 10:00 am -5:00 pm
Austin Teen Book Festival
Westlake High School
4100 Westbank Drive
Austin, TX

Click here for the rest of Justine’s appearances.

Bonus Updates:

I’m on the radio this weekend! You can tune into Inside Edition on Air America at noon Sunday (EST, I guess) and hear me interviewed by Ana Marie Cox. You can also download the segment from iTunes, it’s the 10/23 episode. We manage to give Leviathan a contemporary touch by talking about, um, balloon boy. (It was all a publicity stunt for me, it turns out.)

Also, I was recently on a post-apocalyptic YA panel in Manhattan, click here to read about it and to see my fabulous Dr. Who coat.

34 thoughts on “Last Leg of US Tour

  1. Your talk and sideshow on Leviathan was excellent and so interesting. I’m so glad I got to see it and you completely convinced my YA skeptical friend to read your book. Quite an achievement I’ve been on at her for nearly a year to try YA!

    Enjoy your week off and the rest of your tour.

  2. Ping to Alexa,
    I know! My friends think they don’t like sci-fi because all the sci-fi they know is aliens from mars! I keep telling them to try YA but do they listen? Only one of my friends reads YA! (and by that I mean YA that isn’t Twilight)

  3. HAHA love the picture! and i always am trying to get my friends to read YA…haha..sci-fi books are my favorite! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by Hooray For Books! on Wednesday, and for mentioning us on your blog. We made a display of Leviathan and are having the illustration framed to hang above the display.

  5. amazing pic! unfortuneatley, i didn’t just randomly see u walking around d.c. oh, well…
    ping to everybody: i totally know about the whole science fiction thing… all my friends are only obsessed with harry potter ( which i’m not into, suprisingly… books with prophecies and “chosen ones” r too predictable ) and homsian mysteries ( seriously. don’t ask. )… they just refused to read anything science fiction-y.

  6. Ping to Alice-wa,
    Science fiction is my favorite genre, but I’ll always love Harry Potter. (the first book I ever read obsessively) I think Uglies is more bubbly in terms of plot, and JK Rowling and Scott-la have such different writing styles that I can’t compare them. 😀

  7. hehehe awww! when i first looked at the whale i was like ‘aw its so cute!’ and then i realized i thought the little whatsits (probably missles or something hehe) were its eyes. then i realized it actually had vicious mean looking eyes and was all ‘aw its not so cute…’ hehehe but really if you ignore the real eyes and just look at the missle thingies and mouth it really is an adorable whale

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😉

  8. kay… so I’m not down with all the twitter lingo and I had to look-up what RT means… haha
    I was so confused but still felt honoured cause I knew that whatever it meant Scott had at least seen it
    and I looked it up and now know…

  9. Coolish article. I totally agree with the whole time-to-get-over-vampires thing, and post apocalypse will be a change to thought-provoking for all those gaga vampire lovers.

    Hmm. On that, does anyone else feel that they are being exploited as a market when one thing is really popular, so lots of other copies come out trying to buy into the craze (note: vampire novels)??

  10. so does anyone wanna comment on my article? on the online ed. of my school’s paper?

    everyone just commenting and saying how awesome Leviathan is – that might get more people at my school to read it
    I’ve gotten a few to read it already, and my one journalism teacher put it on her list

    it’s a simple&short review because the trailer accompanies it so not much was needed… but a third party saying how good it is always helps, and ya’ll could be a fourth party ^_^

    link again:

  11. ping @ Banana —> thank you very much!!!

    and I wanted to say steampunk instead of historical fiction – but neither of the journalism teachers had ever heard that word… and out of all the editors, only one other knew what steampunk was… so I was told not to use it…
    I didn’t know what else to put so I put historical fiction.
    Some of it is true, like Scott-la pointed out, the story of the tennis courts&locket… the Great War did happen and all…

    but honestly, especially since it was journalists and wanna-be journalists – they had never heard of even the word steampunk.
    isn’t that totally weird-making?

  12. Thanks for visiting Miami and for signing my books! I promise I’ll finish reading Leviathan, and I’ll come around next time you’re in town!
    lol that rhymes…

  13. seriously, i tried to introduce my friends to the wonderfulness of sci-fi but they are so closed minded! i also read more than they sleep and am a more mature reader but still, they could try! they aren’t afraid of creepy little boxes that run around all over the place and have know brain but surgery that makes you prettier? thats HORRIFYING!
    i mean seriously its only a COUPLE nanos! no big deal! its not like they make you a zombie or something! i mean there is the cure! and everyone (who wants to be) is cured! sheesh! i try to tell them but they have to have the stupid stories with bunnies who loose there easter eggs! what comes of that? I deffinately like complex plots! sci-fi is my favorite!

  14. Aww Austin? I was so close… Only a three hour drive
    Just started Bogus to Bubbly and your names in it! Just wanted to give you a heads up about somethin I noticed(:

  15. Ping to Christina~wa,
    That probably isnt me because I just got on this site in August and I changed my name a couple weeks ago, but thats awesome!

  16. Cool pic 🙂 i adore both Scott-la and Holly Black, and that was before i knew they spend so much time together. its fool to know authors converse wit eachother

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