21 thoughts on “Chatting is over . . .

  1. Noooo. DWTS is around that time and its 2 hours long, and since I’m sincerly RELIGIOUS about it…. grrr. oh well, I’ll try.

  2. I was there! Thank you for taking the time to do it. You should do this again, I would love to just sit around for an hour with other fans and you to talk about your many great works. Keep up the great writing Scott, I can’t wait for future books. (:

  3. That was so great! I can’t believe I got a chance to ask my favorite author questions, and have them answered! (But I still want to know: do you like Tally or Shay better?) 😀 Thanks for doing that! Yes, definitely do it again! 😀

  4. o yeah #12 😀 cant help but brag im usally 94 hehehehe 😀 *Does a little dance* anyways R u writing a new book in uglies series? u must!

  5. can i interview you scott?For Randomnees sake? I could also add it to a book report i would make more details 😀

  6. Hey Scott-la! I am reading speacials right now it is totally bubbly-making! i love the books sooooo much why does the series have to end! it is really unhappy-making!!! but i have a question….if the world Tally lives in was real and we were living in it right now, would you run away to the smoke or stay behind and become pretty….personally i would become pretty even if i new about the lesions!

  7. Hey i love the Uglie’s seris i like how you make the pretties talk so bubbly! My friends and I talk like that all the time. I’m on specials right now! I just wanted to let you know that there are’nt very many books that can keep my interest. Well basicly there are NO books. Besides yours i find my self excited to get out of the car so i can read! My sister says they are depressing but they really make me feel awesome! The way the new smoke is, is totally bubbly! I would love to be a special. Lol once again. I love ur books.
    Keep on righting.

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