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NaNoWriMo is over, so it’s time to get back to regular posting about regular stuff. Here we go.

Thing Number One:

You guys have been asking for a Forum for a while, and when I re-jiggered the site a few months ago, we planned to have one. It took a while, but it’s been active for the last few weeks.

We were working out some bugs, so I didn’t announce it here. But people randomly found it, and various interesting conversations have started. You should go check it out.

To get there, click on the Forum button on the top-right of this page (over the message lizard) or cheat and use this link.

Thing Number Two:

RH Mondadori, my publisher in Spain, had a very cool idea. After publishing Uglies and Pretties using the American covers, they decided to go in a new direction. They held a contest, the first prize of which was to be the cover model for Especiales.

The guy who won is a total fan, which is great, and he also has a definite Special look. The designer held off on the flash tattoos on the front cover, but he has one on his cheek on the back cover. (Which I don’t have a jpg of yet.)

Anyway, here he is:


I don’t actually know his name, only that he’s 22.

Thing Number Three:

Justine and I are about to head to Istanbul (aka Constantinople). If you’ve read Leviathan, you know why this is. If you haven’t, then just ignore this blog for a week or so. (Or get reading!)

Anyway, it’s going to be wicked cool. I’ll be posting photos and such here, assuming the internets are good at our hotel.

Thing Number Four:

And now it’s time for, Walker Wednesday!


Today’s walker comes from CrabFu SteamWorks, who specialize in making steam-powered robots and other toys.

Check this out:

Yes, that smoke is REAL steam that REALLY powering the walker. That’s why Keith’s Clanker walkers are always spitting out scads of smoke.

Click here for many more delicious CrabFu SteamWorks toys.

34 thoughts on “The Forum

  1. holy sheeet!!!
    how hott is that dude on Especiales?

    Scott, there should be more males on the covers of your books!
    I think you’d sell more books…
    : )

  2. Kailey-wa… that site’s great :- )
    Also… that’s a really cool cover-contest idea. And the walker’s fantastic.

  3. Ha! That’s a great idea for a contest!
    Yeah, it would be fun to be on the cover of one of your books, but I’d rather be in the dedication… “To Team Toshi Banana: #1 Uglies fan!” Doesn’t that sound good?
    Well, maybe not…
    Bubbly Walker Wednesday! 😀

  4. Wow, i’m so jealous of the guy that one that competition! I so would’ve tried to get in on that!
    And yeah, that’s a great competition idea.
    The walker is so cool! I can’t do anything like that. D:

  5. Ping to Ellen: OMG so do I!

    Ping to everybody: Wow. I even waste my life away on authors blogs at school! Also, my friend Gabby says the walker wednesday robot is fawesome! 😀

  6. i forgot to say lucky lucky lucky scott i want to go to turkey so bad it looks wonderful and beautiful i love traveling i’ve been to Dubai which is also very beautiful but turkey is one of the places i want to go so bad 😀

  7. i love the spain cover! the model is totally special, he doesnt need the flash tattoos.

    and wow. that walkers exactly how i pictured some of the ones in Leviathon. tottallyy cool =]

  8. wow i havent been on here in like forever but its good to be back! anyways its finally snowing down here in houston!!!(tx) we got outta school early because of it.
    well now i have a lott of posts to do laters 😀

    and ps that dude is hot and he kinda looks like zane on pretties

  9. Oh my goodness I haven’t commented in so long! School is utter madness, so many things going on at once, I hardly have time for reading. I miss commenting though. Awesome cover, he really does have a specials look! And that walker is AMAZING. *goes to check out forum now*

  10. Dude that website is faaaaaawesome! scott-la… wow that cover is awesome you should put more guys on ur covers

  11. Bwhahaha My first time to ever commt on this site!! Hello there fresh new faces! Tha names kazura!! Nice to know ya >.< So cun I uh become part of the convo? That would be Radtastic! How is every one out there in rusty land? I hope no one is planing any thing devious without me in hand haha…. Well at least I hope I can play part… unless ur making a bacteria that will eat peoples brains and eyebrows possibley… Ne one else live in texas? Wanna check out the best kicked story of the centurey? Well so do I! Any one wanna start a kicker site? On youtube, myspace, facebook..ect. Message me at my e-mail is! I tottaly look forward to talk to you awesome sacuce ppl oh and if u havent checked out the new book "Levithan" then u need to I read it in two days (Well I was in iss) It was amazing I cant wait for part two!!

  12. Did you ever get the back cover? Hehe, I think I’m going to try and make a steampowered machines (with parental super vision of course) It would be hard to make one, but much harder to find a steam engine… I’d totally be a Clanker, I’m good with Machines. Hmm But I wanna make one with legs… lol this is gonna require a lot of work.

  13. I love that cover! It’s so bubbly! I love it!!
    Who is it supposed to be though, Zane? Cuz the original cover was Tally so that’s probably Zane [IDK] it would make sense… yet it wouldn’t, cuz Zane wasn’t a Special… Hmmmm

  14. Quite interesting, well I just wanted some songs and got your blog. Thanks for this one mate 😉 I just loved it. An additional comment or feedback which I would like to give is that this theme is quite boring and you need to work on it but everything else I fine.

  15. this series is so Bubbly-making you know? You Gotta love it:) . I dont get a Pretty haze when i read it.(Yeah i know soooo Bubbly!) Me and My clique the Players(band thing lol) got finished reading it . lol you know its so bubbly! ttyl ppl

  16. Hi! I’m Spanish, and I think the name of the guy of the cover is Sergio García and it is from Madrid. ^^

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