Fan Art Friday – Lego Stormwalker!

It’s Saturday here in Australia, but it’s always time for Fan Art Friday! Especially when we have such awesome Leviathan-inspired art.

Check out this beautiful Lego Stormwalker from Sam Hinz:

Stormwalker 004

Yes, that’s Alek, Volger, and Klopp (left to right) hanging out at the bottom of the picture.

Stormwalker 003

And now some more glorious views:

Stormwalker 008

And here, for reference, is Keith’s original version:


Okay, that was awesome. Lego Leviathan, anyone?

31 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday – Lego Stormwalker!

  1. I absolutely adore it when people get inspired by the most wonderful books and make the most wonderful art. and it is also SO INTERESTING to see what people come up with! It could range from a simple drawing to an elaborate Lego sculpture (as proven above).

    One of the reasons that I love reading so much is from the INSPIRATION you receive from the most fabulous authors. Someone was clearly inspired by Scott’s writing, and I am sure you all can agree with me when I say that we are all truly inspired be Scott’s ingenious writings!

  2. *wants Behemoth*
    I can’t wait until your next book tour!

    *wants Lego Stormwalker*
    The most awesome Lego creation there is! (just short of the 3 foot tall Death Star, complete with 2 DARTH VADERS)

  3. WOW!!! This is amazing! I don’t think I could ever do that. *Agrees with Caitlin-wa in that I want Behemoth and a Lego Stormwalker.*

  4. oh noes, i just realized something, are the legs backwards? either way its still totally awesome

  5. That’s pure SKILLL.
    that is so freaking legit.
    I would actually buy that.

    ping at me and my spagbol:
    wow I really couldn’t have explained it better myself

    ping to Caitlin-wa:
    i completely agree.

  6. Wow! My brother is a LEGO nut and I used to be (>.<) And I constantly see amazing art that people can just create, and I go green with envy….
    If Sam made instructions, he would be amazing.

  7. That is so freakin cool, and made so good.
    My little brothers do tons of stuff like that with their own legos, so I bet it took a good long while to make something like that O.o

    Btw, anything on the Uglies Movie??? (she asked quietly)

  8. Barking spiders! That is awesome! I was a little concerned that there wouldn’t be Walker Wednesday, but now I am totally relieved 😀

  9. Icy! That was so cool. Lego should most definitely make a Leviathan line. But until then, there’s always the lego-savy fans out there for us! Frankly I can’t make a thing out of legos……

  10. Ping to the people pinging me: “ROFL! Literally rolling on the floor laughing! Winky face Winky face!” Sorry David Crowder Band moment. Yes, it does hurt and yes it happens to me all the time. Speaking of something that hurts, I have an essay due Wednesday and I still haven’t come up with a stupid thesis! I DISPISE THESISES! (or however you put it in plural) G2g ! peace! 😀

  11. I want this SO badly. Although, I still have my Legos, and want to build one, too! Hopefully this will definitely inspire a Lego Leviathan!

    The Clankers seem easier to lego-ify, though.

  12. i made a little lego deryn thingy last week ( was going to make a huxly but a stink at lego)
    the zane vs david reminds me of the twighlight thing david= the were wolf i guess?

  13. DUDE!!!!!1one! that thing is amazing! i once tried to make one and i ended up making the six legged walker whos name i cant remember! as previously stated, that thing is AMAZING!!!!!!!

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