Forum Meet-Up + Leviathan Fan Art

First thing:
A few months ago we installed a Forum here on the Westerblog, and people have been gradually populating the threads. But it was recently suggested to me that we have a meet-up, where new people can sign on and be guaranteed a big group of online welcomers.

This sounds awesome to me, so I am announcing the first WesterForum Meet-Up. In fact, I’ll be joining in the discussions if possible.

Here are the times and dates, depending on where you are in the world:

(Update: The western US/Canada time was wrong; now it’s right.)

Saturday, January 9th, 2010
7PM Eastern/4PM Western

Sunday, January 10th, 2010
11AM Eastern/8AM Western

Sunday, January 10th, 2010
1AM CET/Midnight UK, GMT

(Okay, I admit that this time sucks for Europe. Next time we’ll do better for the fans there. Sorry.)

The meet-up doesn’t have an end-time, and of course the Forum is always open, so feel free to start a little early, and we’ll see how long it goes.

How do you get there? Click FORUM on the big menu at the top of this site. Then sign up so you can use the forums. It’s EASY!

Hope to see you all there!

Second thing:
I’ve been finding some amazing Leviathan fan art on Deviant Art. Check this out, from Dante-D:


This is wicked cool, seeing Deryn and Tazza hanging out together, and in a style that’s so different from Keith’s, while still capturing the same characters.

And here’s Count Volger, from Konira Thax, also on Deviant Art.


Also a totally different style, but still rocking the character.

A quick request: I don’t have a Deviant Art account, so I couldn’t message these two artistes and tell them I was ganking their stuff. Could someone please forward my thanks, and mention this post? Cheers.

Keep the Leviathan fan art coming, and see you at the Meet-Up!

68 thoughts on “Forum Meet-Up + Leviathan Fan Art

  1. I wish I could make beautiful art… and I constantly try but it never turns out well… so I generally stick to stringing words to create worlds

  2. Wow. A meet up on my birthday? Awesome stuff, but it’s too bad the party is at the same time. I hope you all have fun talking 😉

    I’ll message the artists if you’d like.

  3. I messaged the artists and told them to check out your website! I’m sure they are happy to hear that you are a fan of their art.

  4. OMG! This was such a surprise to me when I was told this! This kind of stuff never happens to me. I’m so deeply flattered you love my picture (considering I need to work on my humans.) I’m very glad you like it! I love the picture of Volger as well. I faved that one on my DA account.

    Still though, its no match for Keith’s work of art.

    This has brightened up my day. Thank you for featuring my art and thank you for writting such an amazing story. I can’t wait for Behemoth to come out! X3

  5. I’m guessing Canada can join in with the US?
    Oh well I’m going to anyway: P
    I’m happy.
    Omg it’s like 12:35 over here so Ima go to bed
    but I absoulutly adore the artwork I wish I was that skilled…
    Oh and trust me, wishing on a star doesn’t work…EVER
    take it from me. Experience can be cruel….

  6. This art is AMAZING!!! Wow, way to go! Wish I could do that….

    Also, totally bubbly on the meet up! I’ll try to be there, though I may be busy since it’ll be that day after my birthday…

  7. Aww thats right in the middle of my birthday lol, might catch the next Forum Meet-Up xD && wow i wish i could draw like that

  8. Wow 3 peps with birthdays during the meeting!! And I’ll try to be there during the forum, I’ll set an alarm on my cell!! And awsome pics!!! I love the one with dog or wolf thing, I love dogs!!! <3

  9. I swear, you authors always have online get togethers when I’m traveling, I’m really staring to question my luck here. XD But I’ll probably get on a bit later and see whose left, can’t hurt to try anyway.

  10. Scott-la, I think your US Eastern and Pacific Times are switched (7pm on the east coast = 4pm on the west coast, so I’m guessing you meant 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern Time, right?). I’ll be there~!

  11. Redcrest: You spotted a brokenness, but now it’s fixed. The eastern time was right, but I moved the west in the wrong direction. (How long moving between two hemispheres before I spot messing this stuff up.)

    Also, if the UK is on some sort of weird-ass double summer savings time, someone please tell me. Basically, all those times should be the SAME.

    Beli-wa: Didn’t mean to forget our neighbors to the north! Also fixed.

  12. Unfortunately, I have not been able to read Leviathan yet, actually, I have never even heard of it until I started commenting on this website.

    So I would have never known of Leviathan without my rereading and re-obsessing over Uglies, and, of course, me taking a peek at the website…OH THE HORRORS OF NEVER KNOWING!

    So maybe Scott isn’t so famous afterall… 😉

  13. Awwww tank you Scott!!
    Yay I feel so… Included!
    LMAO muahahahahaaaa
    hmmmm…. U alwas forget that I’m in the north…. Once you get used to it you can go out in -6 degrees with a sweater!
    LOL well, If you can take it…. *gives questioning look*

    ok well as soon as I turn eightteen I’m going to australia!!!!

  14. Beli-wa, do you mean Celsius? It was -8 Celsius for me the other day… and I had to be outside getting the plane ready! My toes started sticking to each other… ouch. Lol.

  15. Scott,
    This is Tosha and I wanted to ask you some questions about
    your book ‘Uglies’ if its okay with you, because I am doing a
    book project about your book, Uglies.
    Well just e-mail me when you get the chance okay?

  16. So, um, creepy . . . ? but I was reading your blog last night and when I went to bed I dreamt that this guy and I (he was fictional, but he kissed me in the dream, so I guess that means he was my boyfriend) were on the run from a Great Big Evil Thing and we were hiding in the middle of a very busy bookstore when you (yes, you, Scott Westerfeld) showed up and told me that I needed red lipstick because the Big Evil was afraid of it. So you handed me a tube of red lipstick, I put it on, and the guy and I ran off. So thank you for probably saving my life last night in my dream. 😉

  17. @ Beli-wa,
    Even though I’m not from Canada, I’m from the freezing state of Minnesota, where winters are harsh and summers are boiling hot. By right now it had reached the freezing point of -20 degrees F, I can’t even go outside without my face burning up from the cold!!!

    Does it get that cold where you live? If it doesn’t, BEAT YOU!!!!!!!!
    HAHA, just teasing!

    Now that I think about it, I know nothing about Canada. The only thing my American school has thought me about you guys is that the french settled there…and that’s about it! Oh ya, and that you’re right above us on the map!!! 😉

  18. @ Me and My Spagbol
    And they have lots of open space and wild animals… You might get attacked by polar bears, but the scenery’s nice, lol.

    @ Brynne
    Just thought you might be interested that I was cracking up reading that… Yeah, I have crazy dreams like that, too, LOL

  19. Ping at Sarah Aylet:
    yupppp I mean celcius thanks:)

    ping at Brynne:
    Muahahahhaha really!!!!!

    Ping at me and my spagbol:
    LOL that’s all?
    Well they don’t teach us much about you guys either…
    all I know is that you guys rebeled against England….?
    Oh ya and your big and lower on the map
    anyways like Sarah Ayelet said, we have beautiful scenery:)
    but I find were too smug
    LMAO and inno how cold it can get, but we use celcius not farinheight or however you spell that
    ohhh yes and yesh the frenchies settled there but you know what?
    On my school there’s a French program and I’m in it so half of my subjects are in French and the englishies and us hae alotta tension
    so the wars are still here, but more modernized….

  20. scott:

    i saw that most of your tour places are around the coasts and i was wondering if you might do one in the middle for all of us ‘Uglies’ lovers in st. louis and those who live close to it.

    that would be totally bubbly for us missourians! ha-ha.
    i love your books and i’m now finishing up the ‘Midnighters’ series.

  21. Ping to Brynne & scott-la: Haha! That’s great! I better go put on my red lipstick!

    Ping to the all important Scott-la: Okay, I’m not sure if you ever saw my Leviathan related question. I guess it didn’t go through so here goes:

    If Leviathan’s world fast forwarded (if that’s the right word, or if that even is a word…) to Leviathan’s 21st century, would the Clanker’s machines make global warming at a worse state than it is now, or would global warming cease to exist? (Since this IS an alternate reality.) Or would the Darwinists just create some CO2 sucking beastie that’s combined with some tree…Woah I could dbe on to something here! Like some storyline of some sort… Oh yeah if you can answer this it wou ld be fawesum/bubbly/flippin sweet/ random mumbo jumbe under the lines of great!

    PEACE! 😀 😀 😀

    Oh yeah ping to everybody who’s lucky enough to have snow to the point of where the roads ice over and there’s no school: Well, that ping pretty much said how you all are lucky that it’s so cold that the snow’ll MELT YOUR FACES OFF!!!!!(I love that phrase. You can see that because I capitalized it.) *sigh* but on the bright side, we’re delayed from school 4 two hours!

    BYE 😀

  22. Well… We had a snowstorm today (in time for me to have a white birthday) but we don’t get snow days. Once there was a snow day at Michigan and a student sued the school… so… yeah, we don’t get them. Period. But, I had plenty of time to enjoy the snow as I was sent all over campus today, and the bus shut the doors on me as I got to it and left me standing in a snowstorm… But yeah, it’s beautiful and fun at least!

  23. They said they were getting cheated of the education they paid for, or something like that…

  24. Ping to Sarah ayelet:
    That really sucks

    Ping to Brynne:
    ok I want red lipstick now….
    Too bad it doesn’t match my complexion!!!
    Gahhh FML.

  25. Hey, Scott-la! My friend was the one who suggested the meet-up to you! I, personally, think she is a very bright girl and that this is a brilliant idea! It’s a great way to spread our fan love for you and your amazing series! We love you Scott-la, and we hope to see you at the meet up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  26. Ping to The Other Tally Youngblood:
    It snowed just a little bit where I lived, but there was no school so YAY!!!! But I just wish it had snowed enough for me to make a snowman!!!! It hardly ever snows enough here to do anything in it!!!! 🙁

  27. @ Beli-wa,
    You are so absolutely lucky to have your school with French programs in it. All of America’s second language teaching sucks, because apparently it is not as important as watching TV and eating potato chips.

    Okay, I’ll admit that was a bit of an exaggeration, but I believe that America needs to get off its high and mighty horse and maybe learn a couple of languages. Most Americans seem to think that since practically every other country speaks English as a second language, they don’t have to learn anything, because English is obviously superior (sarcasm).

    Sorry, I’m just taking my anger out on our education system because I had wanted to learn French for a long time, and our school JUST started to have second language programs available, so now I just feel like an ignorant little American with no culture trying to learn a language at such an old age (well kind of).

    I guess you would never really expect that an American could ever be so Anti-American, considering the fact that we are generally supposed to be so proud of ourselves for no reason whatsoever.

    Anyways, Canada sounds like a great place to be, and a great place to go on a ski trip. Especially when you live in hilly Minnesota without a mountain in sight! 🙂 You Canadians are probably, like what, 4 or 6 hours aways from me? Ski trip, here I come…

    P.S. If you are fluent in French I am extremely jealous!!!

  28. Hey!

    I just finished reading Leviathan that I bought on my vacation in Sydney two weeks ago. Loved it and I can’t wait what you’ll come up with in the next bok.

    Also, I love that you listed among the interesting facts about you on your About the Author page that So Yesterday was translated into Slovene. That’s my mother tongue and I’m a translator and writer but unfortunately I haven’t translated any of your books so far. Maybe (hopefully) one day … 🙂

    Have a nice warm summer Down Under.

  29. Has anyone wondered if Scott ever looks at these comments and studies the slang and language we use, in order to get ideas for his various books?

    Just a thought…

  30. Ping at me and my Spagbol:
    kso, it never really too late to learn new languages: D
    bu hey know what? I’m kinda anti-canadian too.
    I personally think we are wayyyyyyyy tooooo SMUGGG
    I mean we think were better than everyone else!!!!!
    When I’m of age I’m mouving to Aussie!!!!
    I mean they have the greatest slang… Just ask Scott and Justine!!!
    lol ok anyways a ski trip up here is SO MUCH FUN
    I dunno how to ski but I went once and it was killer!!!
    Anyways maybe Scott DOES study his blog and observes what kinda slang we use!!
    Ok anyways that would he pretty epikk either way
    ; D

  31. psst… I started a role play on the Scott Westerfeld Forum and so far it is going great! Still accepting people!

    it is an original role play set in the Uglies world, but with original characters – no canon characters.

    Tally, Shay, David, Zane, Dr. Cable, Maddy, Az – all of them never existed!

    So the system is still alive and everyone is comfortable and safe and “happy.”

    So far:

    A group of youth have met up under strange circumstances, and a large number of Specials are nearby. No one knows what they are up to yet.

  32. Ping to peoples talking about foreign languages: My only experience in another language is french class in 1st grade! All I remember is Bonjour and how to say “scissors” which is too complicated to spell! So..Mkay

    Ping to Julie-wa: I will contemplate about joining! 😀

    BYE! 😀

  33. @ Beli-wa,

    You’re Hilarious!!! And if you think that Canada is way too smug, than America must be way too self-righteous!

    Moving to Australia doesn’t sound like a bad idea when you think about it. I unfortunately have never been there, and I am personally very angry that my parents didn’t bring me with them when they went (*sigh*). Also, I absolutely adore marine biology and so forth. So going to Australia may raise my education in sea life ( *cough* excuse *cough*). Though I do have a dream of scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef…

    How can you live in Canada, and not know how to ski!!! Sorry, I don’t know what part of Canada you live in but skiing would probably be the only reason I would go there! Well, maybe not… I probably would cherish the beautiful landscape and animals also!

  34. I would also like to state that I am now almost done with the mind-twisting book, Leviathan. I have never read anything like this book, where there is a blending of the past and future to make one perfectly portrayed alternate world. I know that this would be hard for most authors to pull off, but not for Scott Westerfeld.

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