Uglies Movie Update (4 realz)

Last week there was a short piece in MTV News’s Hollywood Crush last week about the Uglies movie. Let me quote it:

Industry sources have confirmed to MTV News exclusively that Screen Gems, in the wake of the success of its current release “Dear John,” is developing — and in fact, fast tracking (!) — a film version of “The Uglies” series.

While there haven’t been any decisions made regarding things like casting yet, we can tell you that our source said production of the movie is planned for later this year. That means we will all hopefully know soon enough who could be playing the beloved teen Tally Youngblood in the futuristic, meaningful tale about a dystopian society that places an incredible emphasis on looks.

Emphasis theirs. Here’s the rest.

In the words of my Hollywood agent, fast-tracking means, “it’s on the list of projects that they are hoping to make vs. the ones that will never see the light of day.” In other words, this is not a done deal. But it’s a lot better than being in that other, not-so-fast-tracked pile.

Now, some of you are no doubt asking about casting at this point. STOP! I’m the wrong person to ask. Trust me, if I hear anything I will tell you here on this blog, on FB, and on the Twitter machine. But in the meantime, I have nothing to do with casting movies.

If it were up to me, you would all get to play Tally for exactly three seconds of screen time. (And this would be why it’s not up to me.)

Plus, I doubt it’s as far along as this article makes it sound. Like, the casting isn’t going on right now. Probably.

Watch this space for more.

In other news!
If you live in Sydney, you can catch me at the launch for Foz Meadow’s debut novel, Solace and Grief.

It’s about a girl named Solace who has grown up in foster care her whole life, and who’s always realize that’s she’s kind of . . . different. She doesn’t like the sun, she’s wicked strong, and if she concentrates really hard, she can hear a conversation two blocks over. Then someone starts invading Solace’s dreams, and things get really complicated from there.

It looks like this:


Here’s the launch deets:

Sunday, March 7

Kinokuniya Bookstore
Level 2, Galeries Victoria
500 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

I’ll be giving a wee speech about how cool this book is. Of course, I’ll be more than happy to see you guys there and say hi. But please remember that this is Foz’s party, not mine, so buy her book!

It comes out in Australia on March 1. When it finds a US publisher, I’ll let you know.

And finally!
Sorry that I missed the latest Forum Meet-Up. It was scheduled for early Sunday morning, Sydney time, and I woke up ill. Too ill to type!

But I hope you all had fun. I’ll try to check out the questions you left me, and answer some of them here on the blog.

My apologies again.

310 thoughts on “Uglies Movie Update (4 realz)

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH scotty-wa i loves you and your spiffy mind.
    i just cannot wait to see this brought to life!!!
    i’m writing a transcendental essay about Uglies right now actually…i should get back to that…ugh. it’s bored-making.

  2. AAAH!! I cannot wait! I would LOVE to play the role of Shay, but unfortunatly, I’m way too young. UGH! maybe I could play Sussy or something. unlikely, but that would be fun!

    I think Cate Banchett would make the perfect Dr. Cable (the creepy Russian lady from Indiana Jones.

    and QUIT the whole team David team Zane thing! do you want this to be a second twighlight?

  3. oops. I ment Blanchett. and I can’t see Meryl Streep being evil. plus she’s a little too old. srryShayla!

  4. OMG =) i love the books, these are teh only book series i actually finished and loved, can’t wait to see if there will be a movie, lovve TALLY

  5. OMG A movie??? that would be so awsome! i started crying when Zane died it was so sad! sorry if im a spoiler. I want to read more of scotts books i just got levithian but i don’t think it will be as awsome as the uglies series 🙂 i wonder how the movie will be i hope they only have things from uglies other wise i would be sad. Luv Ya!!!

    XD if it goes through. ( please, please, please!)
    i could not believe someone could write a book this awesome. Me and my friends love it! I wanna be a movie/book reviewer! It seems so awesome. XD

  7. i’m from argentina and I LOOVEEEE the books!!! i’m waiting for specials because it’s not here yet!!!! please please i die for see the movie…:)

  8. i was wondering if the idea got scraped or somthing? i can’t find anything but fan made trailers ( like a million that ALL copy each other and ALL are really bad) so what is the scoop of ice cream on that?

  9. Oh holy hell, there are 209 comments of movie ecstatic readers.. My two cents involve the possibility of Specials as a movie – in particular the kiss sequence between Tally and Zane on the cliff – a fitting song for this moment or shortly afterwards with the nausea etc has been playing in my mind for days now. “I’ve got friends” by Manchester Orchestra, seems perfect for a Tally / Zane / Shay / Dr Cable montage.

    PS I can’t believe I missed you at Kinokuniya Sydney, my most favourite place to be in (almost) the entire world. Perhaps I’ll catch you next summer. Meanwhile, the Sydney winter comforts me well.

  10. I wonder how the hoverboards will be like in the movie. If there were such things as hoverboards… that would be so COOL.

  11. ommgg! i can’t wait! i just finished Uglies and it was AMAZING! i’m of course planning on reading the other books. this idea better not be canceled, and if it does, well, who know what will happen?? i just hope it doesn’t get like Twilight and stuff and get into teams. it’ll just mess it up.

  12. OMG! i am soooo excited about this movie! I really hope they go through with it and i hope they make a movie for each book in the series. Also, I can’t find any REAl movie trailers or ANYTHING on the movie! are they really going to go through with it? AND it would be really cool to see all the hoverboards and stuff, i’m sure they could do it somehow with all the “movie magic” and special effects…

  13. ping to Flo76 They don’t live in asia, they live in America. The fourth book’s main character lives in asia.

    and I CAN’T WAIT TILL THE MOVIE COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They better stick to the book’s plot! The worst is when they delete important things/characters that happened!

    And about the character’s looks and all, even tho ppl say in the book, Shay has dark hair, for some reason, I’ve always imagined her as blonde. “Shay” just sounds like a blonde! lol And for Tally, it should be brown hair and brown/blue eyes.

  14. ping Keiko-chan
    I actually have a friend whose name is Shay and is blonde,but in the book they described her as really skinny, with dark hair and pigtails, and it’d kinda screw it up (Ithink) if they don’t keep it that close to the book.

  15. p.s. oops I forgot,
    alot of people want it 3-d, and thats cool, and all, but so many movies are 3-d now, and I think this should just be a MOVIE without anything to make it distracting. but they HAVE to get it right!

  16. oh, and I doubt Scott reads these, but in case he does, make sure htey don’t screw it up! they don’t need to add anything that wasn’t in the books, so they can fit things in that were in the books

  17. oh my god i LOVE the books i just told my friend and she freaked (we are very slow with news)

  18. I just found out, i know i know im a little slow with the news but thats ok. I cant wait i love the books, i hope they put the movie in 3-D, i think that would be so cool.
    I wish i could be in the movie that would be great, but i am way to shy ask anyone who knows me.
    But they have to get the right people for the movie.
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im just so excited.
    Thank you so much Scott for writing these book!!!!

  19. OH Ya, they cant fit all the books into one movie that would not be good, they have to make them all into there own movies!!!!!!!!!

  20. i really do hope they make an uglies movie it will be my dream come true i love the series personally keep this a secret but i think this series is better then twilight

  21. Oh my god! I looooooove uglies!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! i cant wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….this is the most amazing moment of my life!!!!…aaaaand reading the series, oh my gosh!..
    i cant breathe….

  22. oh my gosh heck yeah!!! this series is waaaaayyyy better then twilight!!!! totally agree.

  23. i agree this is sooo much better then twilight, i have read both book series and i LOVE the uglies much much much much much more, its the best books i have ever read!!!!

  24. Hey, dang the 225th post I hope Scott will get this. I LOVE the Uglie series and I am a big fan. I hate a film version of “The Uglies” series, that just SUCKS!!!! Anyway I’m ten turning eleven in October, I live in Colorado and well if the movie comes out in 2012 I’ll be 12!! 🙂

  25. ping @ ashley: that’s an amazing idea (: like the show will go into detail about how tally& the others live their lives as they go from uglies, pretties, and specials.

  26. Uglies movie? This will be interesting. It’s exciting, but also kinda sad, because tons of peopel will see the movie before they read the book. Even if it will suck I’ll see it anyway. (Just like with the Twilight Movies and the Harry Potter Movies.) Uglies Movie: Two possibilties, Awesomeness and Suckiness.

  27. O. M. G.

    They better make this movie totally awesome-making and bubbly, otherwise I’m not going to very happy-making. And if they make Uglies good, I can’t wait for pretties to come out. Can’t wait to see those pretty-making flash tattoos

  28. omg, they better not botch this book!

    like they just did the last airbender – from the TV series. I mean, Twilight was an okay version of the book. So’s Harry Potter. But if they mess up Uglies like they did Airbender, then it means war!

  29. i hope they would have auditions for the movie like in toronto ontario i know that its not forsure but i wish i would be able to audition (:

  30. They better not make all the books into one movie!! I would be so mad!! They have to make a movie for each book!! That would make it so good. The books will always be the best though. I have read them 4 times!!

  31. WUHOO!!! Can’t wait for the movie :D. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a complete flip out :/. It’s going to b e hard if they’re going to make the whole series into one though…. o.O
    I love the series and I have been hoping they make the movie!!! :DDD
    sooooo excited 😀 😀 😀 😀 XD

  32. thank you scott-la for your books. i use bubbly talk all the time and it annoys the heck out my my brother ben-la. anyway i’m really excited for the movie i just forsed my mom to read the books like two days ago and she loves them any way good luck on the movies

    why shay is the real hero of uglies

  33. holy nipples!! uglies will rock my nips!! cant wait! im even gonna even shave my nips for this whoohoo!!

  34. thanks soooooooooooooo much scott for writing these books, they are my favorit!! I cant wait for the movie, as long as its just like the book. GO UGLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I have decided that from my possibilities I don’t know which is most probable, Suckiness or Awesomeness. But I do know this: This movie better rock or like Michelle said it means war. (Not literally of course… more like a fan-led rebelion against the director if they totally mess it up.) But I really hope they don’t mess it up. Even if they do disappoint us though we’ll still see and we’ll still buy all the T-shirts and fan stuff based off of the movie and even if it does suck we’ll all still love it anyway.

  36. im happy to know that uglies
    will be a movie too!
    cause i’m a fan of
    this book!
    good luck and i hope that
    the movie will arrive in canada soon!

  37. I know this sounds stupid but when everyone says unknowns are you talking about someone no one like NO ONE knows about that they would find in an open casting call or someone like kirsten stewart was before twilight happened because nobody really knew who she was but she was in things? & and Mr. Westerfield please PLEASE when you hear anything about the movie let the fans KNOW!!! and let there b an open casting call and PLEASE be involved in the movie! and thats it 🙂

  38. O and does anyone think 13 is to young to play tally but im like 5’6 and people tell me I look alot older than I am?

  39. Wow! Congrats Scott! I must say that the moment I finished Extra’s (which was AH-mazing!) I knew the series would make an awesome movie with all the new technology we have today. Please write more books with all that talent!

  40. ps la verda se ve interesante el libro y ps kisiera k mandes ami correo mas del libro para saber mas de k va vasado las cosas y como lo crean todo y k pasa con la chava bueno ps esta chido el libro

  41. Im so excited for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish it would come out sooner!!! Im trying to get my friends to read the book right now, but only two actully have.

    Dr. Cable – Sigourney Weaver
    Tally – Unkown
    Shay – Uknown
    David – Nathan Kress
    Zane – Zac Efron…mabey
    Im not sure about all of thoes charaters for sure, its just an idea.
    I LOVE UGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Heehee, it makes me so happy and excited to know that there might be a movie… I just hope if they do make one it won’t be utterly disappointing, that would be totally bogus :/

    I love the Uglies series so much, I love all of your books! Congrats on this step!

  43. thank you for making the books…my friend showed them to me because i was “overly obsessive” of the the twilight series…psh… but now i have seen the light!!!!! the twilight books are in no comparison of Scotts work…. best series EVER!!!!!! Scott Westerfeld is a true author and has finally rid me of (for lack of a better words) stupid sparkling vampires…. LONG LIVE SCOTT WESTERFELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. i LOVE THiS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt wont to read it but my teacher said it was good so i gave it a chance and i loved it. i told my bff to read it and she did and also loved it. pretties was my faveorite but i love em all:) i am soooooooooo excited to c th movie i heard tht it would cum out in 2011 but i guess not yay im excited to see who the cast may be(drew roy for david?!?!) and how ur going to make all the speical stuff in the movies like the hoverboards so yeah thanks:D

  45. Im soooo Exited for Ugglies moovie!!!! I loveeedddd the books, they better not ruinn the movies like twilight didd, the movies were horrible if i were stephanie i would sew, but anywayy im so exited!!!!
    Okay and i have the perfect actress for tally, shes supposed to be a ton boy with her hover board and everything but on the inside she just wants to let her beauty out and be a PRETTY girl, i dont care for selena gomez, but when i saw her i said this is tally allllll the way!!! IMMM SOOOOO EXITEDDDDD : )

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