Uglies Movie Update (4 realz)

Last week there was a short piece in MTV News’s Hollywood Crush last week about the Uglies movie. Let me quote it:

Industry sources have confirmed to MTV News exclusively that Screen Gems, in the wake of the success of its current release “Dear John,” is developing — and in fact, fast tracking (!) — a film version of “The Uglies” series.

While there haven’t been any decisions made regarding things like casting yet, we can tell you that our source said production of the movie is planned for later this year. That means we will all hopefully know soon enough who could be playing the beloved teen Tally Youngblood in the futuristic, meaningful tale about a dystopian society that places an incredible emphasis on looks.

Emphasis theirs. Here’s the rest.

In the words of my Hollywood agent, fast-tracking means, “it’s on the list of projects that they are hoping to make vs. the ones that will never see the light of day.” In other words, this is not a done deal. But it’s a lot better than being in that other, not-so-fast-tracked pile.

Now, some of you are no doubt asking about casting at this point. STOP! I’m the wrong person to ask. Trust me, if I hear anything I will tell you here on this blog, on FB, and on the Twitter machine. But in the meantime, I have nothing to do with casting movies.

If it were up to me, you would all get to play Tally for exactly three seconds of screen time. (And this would be why it’s not up to me.)

Plus, I doubt it’s as far along as this article makes it sound. Like, the casting isn’t going on right now. Probably.

Watch this space for more.

In other news!
If you live in Sydney, you can catch me at the launch for Foz Meadow’s debut novel, Solace and Grief.

It’s about a girl named Solace who has grown up in foster care her whole life, and who’s always realize that’s she’s kind of . . . different. She doesn’t like the sun, she’s wicked strong, and if she concentrates really hard, she can hear a conversation two blocks over. Then someone starts invading Solace’s dreams, and things get really complicated from there.

It looks like this:


Here’s the launch deets:

Sunday, March 7

Kinokuniya Bookstore
Level 2, Galeries Victoria
500 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

I’ll be giving a wee speech about how cool this book is. Of course, I’ll be more than happy to see you guys there and say hi. But please remember that this is Foz’s party, not mine, so buy her book!

It comes out in Australia on March 1. When it finds a US publisher, I’ll let you know.

And finally!
Sorry that I missed the latest Forum Meet-Up. It was scheduled for early Sunday morning, Sydney time, and I woke up ill. Too ill to type!

But I hope you all had fun. I’ll try to check out the questions you left me, and answer some of them here on the blog.

My apologies again.

310 thoughts on “Uglies Movie Update (4 realz)

  1. OMG!!!! ITS GOING TO BE A MOVIE!!! I hope they actually DO IT this time!!! I’m so excited! you have no idea!!! YAY!!! now if only they’d make midnighters into a really good movie! lol XD

  2. i hate this book i wish that scott westerfield would just not have been born or just have died as a baby.

    ps, i love you give me a bj later on

  3. i hate this book i wish that scott westerfield would just not have been born or just have died as a baby.

    ps, i love you give me a bj later.

  4. Hi I wanted to know about the uglies movie when will the casting star where will the casting start and where is the movie planning to be shoot? I would really like to know me and my cousin want to be extras on the movie we live in wisconson and wi. is verry woodsey it would be a grate place to shoot the movie. or most of it anyways !!!!!! think about it Alex salazaRA


  6. I really want to be Tally or Shay relaly bad! I’d make a good tally! (or shay) But I live no where near where you try out for a casting role.

  7. Heya, could they be planning to add more tour dates for Madison Square Garden in New york ? I wanna go, nonetheless my mother says we need to pay for it in like the month of january or feburary, anyone think there may still be any seats remaining ?

  8. ok i am really pumped for this movie to come out and i think that they need to cast a real, down-to-earth girl for the part. I would like to be in it, but i know the chances of that are basically none, so i would like to say some characteristics that i think Tally’s actress should have:

    brown hair (duh)
    blue eyes
    acne (she is after all an ugly)
    insanely short or insanely tall (not the perfect height for someone her age)
    someone who can act out a lot of different emotions, and
    someone who can be made insanely beautiful for the Pretties movie, and insanely scary and beautiful for the Specials movie (since it would be totally bogus to have three different actresses)

    that is how tally should be and i hope someone agrees with me

  9. SCOTT YOU NEED TO KEEPWRITING THE UGLIES SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. SCOTT YOU NEED TO KEEPWRITING THE UGLIES SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Btw julie-wa i agree with you!

  11. Am i the only one who is devastated that this is happening?? I’m sorry Scott, but I really don’t want this to be another Harry Potter. Although I love Harry Potter, I know from personal experience, that once the movie comes out, people won’t want to read the books, just watch the movie. I know this, because I have been intending on reading the Harry Potter books for years, but yet I still haven’t. Also, I don’t want to lose my vision of the Uglies world, because I know once I see someone else’s interpretation of it, I will lose my own. :(( This is my biggest fear! The only thing that would make me remotely happy about this, is if Emily Browning played Shay. But, I know, you’re not the one to ask about this. Sigh…

  12. I think its really great that a movie might be made for Uglies. Well done to Scott. And if they ruin the movie (which will probably happen), they ruin the movie. We still have the books.
    PS- I am going to play every character in the movie. Every. Single. One.

  13. Wow.Just don’t squish all books in one movie!Please try to get as much detail in the movies!I loved the books!I tried to read the books in every class! 🙂

  14. I’m not too worried the movies will ‘ruin’ the books. When I was reading this series, I kept thinking to myself “how amazing would these books look on screen?”. So I’m actually pretty psyched that it’s happening.

    P.S. Kaya Scodelario for Shay 😛

  15. I hope if they make the movie they do the books justice. If I find out anything about the casting, I am going to audition. :DDD lmfao. I’m really excited!!!!

  16. Do you any of ya’ll know if there will be open auditions or if you would need an agent… Or anything about the casting? If it has been cast etc.
    If you do can you email me at
    Thanks. (:

  17. I will pay 30 $ just to see this movie lol PLEASE DONT MAKE IT INTO ONE MOVIE !! Ill be so mad it will ruin it ): but il be excited either way lol

  18. Please I really like to see the uglies trilogy in the movie theaters or even in DVDs. I just wished that they wouldn’t mess up with the movie. I promise that i’ll watch all the uglies movie!!!!!!!!

  19. Please I really like to see the uglies trilogy in the movie theaters or even in DVDs. I just wished that they wouldn’t mess up with the movie. I promise that i’ll watch all the uglies movie!!!!!!!! And I forgot to mention it would be awesome if its in 3D!!!!!!!

  20. Does anyone else think that the girl in Push (Camilla Belle) who played Kira would make a good Tally? I mean, that’s how I pictured Tally I just want to know if I was way off or if anyone thought the same thing.

  21. i think the books are amazing!!!!! i am sad to see there are no more ugly books…but they better make a dam movie! i mean i have been waiting 4 a while and nothing! i am a fan of THE UGLIES SERIES 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that its really informative. I am going to watch out for brussels. Ill be grateful if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  23. when they change the stuff, at least get it as closs as twilight, and gett he good lines in there, like the ” hoverbording,no crash bracelets” part where tally replies “At least you had shoes”

    And about the twilight part, at least get it close, twilight got the good parts in there, just dont screw it like vampire diaries did. you want it close, not way off, you cant have a 20 year old playing a 15 and 1/5 year old eaither.

    soory im a supper fan, own all the books, have a sighned copy of uglies and everything, read them all like 7 times and reading them again. ive also done 3 book reports on them and had to explain the the surge is not “getting thair skin peeled offf and almost killing them” beacause one of my some-odd freinds said that to my other freind and almost ruinded it for her, i explain it as ” extreme plastic surge and body-semical reshaping” much better driscription for the weak stomached in my opinion.

    And also, you have to give eatch book its own movie if this book gets a movie that is(reaaaallllllly hop eit does) perhaps sbread specials into 2??? one whith shay special and one cured??? Also The hoverboards are as long as the perople, not sckateboard sized, more like snowbords!!!!! REally hoping to see this movie soon

  24. soory for double posting

    last one was kinda long, but to sum it up, im a 14 year old girl thats a book nut, i think i look kinda like except my lips are wayyyyy to thin, probly look more like tally to other people lol.

    Tally, Shay, David, Zane,Fausto,Peris,Assorted Crims=open auditions please, and please please please come to american, California would be great !!!Seems like all good authors dont vist the SACREMENTO area lol, i got the signed copy off amazon for like $

  25. Ping to Kara-la:
    Totally agree, you cant have to many old people playing teens.
    Also, dont let them animate it scott, please stop the crazyness!!
    Finnally,I also live in sacremento, CA and would love to meet you, your my favorite author!!

  26. Ping to sweets-la:
    I agree with both of you. It would be totally bogus for too many old people to play teens.
    And I think that the movie hitting the big screen is totally bubbly-making. Tally-wa should be played by an actual 15-year-old who is good at acting. Shay should be played by… ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dacey Loxx.!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ she absolutely is Shay-la material. You should consider her, Scott-wa! As for the rest, make them what you think is fit. But for Dr.Cable, if she were a Crumbly, that would be totally bogus. At least make her not too old please!

  27. i am so exited/happy for the uglies movie!! it better be not all in one movie because i love all 4 books and they better base it off of the actual books

  28. OMG i LOVE these books so much and i wish i could be tally but im like not old enough or tall enough and would be killed if i kissed a boy even in a movie (Tally and David kiss in book 1) but i really wanna see the movie and if they r coming out this year then i will see it like the same weekend it comes out!!! Scott Westerfield is an amazing writer and i want to read solace and grief so bad

  29. my name realy is tally i was born in 1991…i am addicted to the uglies series…i hope the movie comes out soooon!!!

  30. i think whoever plays tally should change each movie because the plastic surgery thing and being made into pretties and specials or it should be a really dedicated actress who DOES get plastic surgery, if only temporary

    Angelina Jolie should be Dr. Cable, when r u going to start finding people for the movie????????
    I LUVLUVLUVLUVLUVLUV your books!!! U rock!!!!

  32. Im a huge fan of the books! i want there to be a movie so bad! ive recommended the series to all my friends and the ones that read them loved them so much. it has to be a movie it just has to be.. Make the cast good live up to the books Cant wait!

  33. Love the series with all my heart! Love to read, write, act! I would love to play a part in this movie! I would love to try out via recording or whatever..

  34. I actually don’t accept this kind of write-up. However, I did regarded on Google and I’ve determined you are suitable and so i have been wondering inside the incorrect approach. Keep on writing excellent material in this way

  35. Yeah, I love the books, but is this even still happening? Its been a year plus and nothing new has come out 🙁

  36. I’m not even a teenager and I liked this series. I think a movie, if handled well would be wonderful. Lately Hollywood has been “pro stretching things out”…

    Series are popular in movies. And if I were a screen writer for this series I would definately try my hardest to have each individual book have its own movie.

    I really think this would be better as a small tv mini series though. But the CG for the future technology might be expensive.

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