Chat on Wednesday (Thursday in Oz)

rgz chat ad March 2010

All times USian. In Australia, we’re talking Thursday, noon Sydney, 9am Perth.

And don’t forget I’ll be hanging out at Readergirlz all month.

In other news, check out the cover of Uglies in its Brazilian Portuguese version.

Feios_Capa 03 aberta

34 thoughts on “Chat on Wednesday (Thursday in Oz)

  1. I agree with Haley Rae! you really scared me Scott-la!

    The cover was awesome, i love looking at the different covers different countries have for a book! its always so much fun!

    Im gonna go check out readergirlz! looks like a cool website!

  2. Cool cover. I like how it’s similar to the US covers in its look and tone, but still different! Coolios! 😀

  3. WOW! Awesome cover – I thought it was Taylor Swift at first. Anyone know what’s the model’s name?

  4. Cool cover, and I agree with the rest I was scared O.o

    @ Christina~wa

    I think it is David, I mean its the Uglies book right??

  5. Lool. I got scared too but maybe just cause it’s march break and we nerdy readers (in other words me) stay at home all day doing nothing….
    Anyways I love the cover but I still like the American one better…Although I like the this models hair better….
    And oh shit. It’s like 2:40 am over here I’m going to sleep…..

  6. haha. itskinda cool cause it looks like tally has no body; like just a floating head xD (or is it just me?)

  7. oh mi genius i obviously missed something! who is the chick hugging in the cover????????

  8. Thank you for chatting with us today, Scott! We very much appreciate your time with readergirlz this month, especially with the time difference tonight/today.

    Viva la Portugal!

  9. Hey Scott –
    So a lot of us are writers, and while you did have a very productive and helpful month a while ago to give us tips about writing, I was wondering if you could give us more information on finding an agent and getting published?
    Maybe you could share your own story of when an agent first decided to represent you, or when a publisher decided they were going to publish what seems to be your best seller, Uglies?
    I’d love to know about all the work you put into your books, if you let any one help and edit for you (they say that another pair of eyes finds things better than just one!), and your feeling while you were sending out queries to agents.
    It’s just a thought – I’d love to know more!

    p.s., no luck on my book yet – but right now I’m re-reading it, re-editing it, and one of my friends is also helping me point out things I need to change and such. I plan on rewriting my query and re-sending out my story as brand-new and never-before-seen. 😀

  10. I am SOOOOO MAD right now. I missed the chat by a freaking half hour. I’m such an idiot. GAAAAHHHHHH!

  11. k i really really like the cover, and i would totally read it if i spoke brazillian/portugese, but the girl seems a liiiiiitttle too pretty to be Tally-wa…

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😕

  12. I almost like this better than ours, because in this she is tugging on her hair, which shows she is insecure, nervous, and impatient

  13. when i first saw this cover, i thought it featured a floating head held up by two hands…
    it took me a minute to realize that she was actually peeking over david’s shoulder… huh.

  14. you r right alice-wa she is looking over david’s shoulder. probably when they r hoverboarding together.

  15. Nice cover!
    This is a completely random question (by the way, I am a HUGE fan of all of your books). How exactly did you decide on the covers for the Uglies series?

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