The Moon Is Mine

I just got a new telescope. It’s happily snoozing in the guest room at the moment, and doesn’t wish to be photographed, but here’s a picture of the moon I took with it last night. This was with my iPhone camera held up to the eyepiece, so you’d think it would suck. But my telescope makes even this silly procedure AWESOME.


That’s a tiny bit of the moon, because from now on I am magnified. Must now learn the names of all the craters and snack bars on the moon.

Here are Four Other Things of possible interest:

Thing 1
The Uglies series is launching in Brazil this week, complete with a really cool website:


I love the look and feel of it, and hope it does well for my publisher there, Editora Record. If you speak any Portuguese, check it out here.

Thing 2
Just noticed that Behemoth has an Amazon page now, but no cover. (Amusing reviews for some other book are there at the moment.)

Thing 3
Justine are about to head back to NYC, where we have an event for Read This, a charity that collects books for people who need them, including schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, troops overseas, etc.

Justine Larbalestier, Bennett Madison,
Scott Westerfeld, & Cecily von Ziegesar
Reading and Q&A
12:30PM-1:15PM, Saturday, 10 April
Center for Fiction
17 E. 47th Street, Second floor
(between Madison & Fifth Ave.)

The price of admission? Your donation of two or more new or gently used board books through grade 12. Cool idea, huh?

Thing 4
The next New York Review of Science Fiction Readings features three awesome YA authors!

Barry Lyga, Marie Rutkoski, & Robin Wasserman
curated by Carol Cooper

Tuesday, 6 April, Doors open 6:30 PM, event begins at 7:00 PM
SoHo Gallery for Digital Art
138 Sullivan Street (between Houston & Prince St.)

Admission is by a $5 donation. (If circumstances make this a hardship, let them know and they will accommodate you.)

50 thoughts on “The Moon Is Mine

  1. SO EXCITED for Behemoth! Yippee! And I wish I lived in NYC, because I certainly have more than two gently used books I could donate.

  2. I just finished one of your books, The Last Days, it was totaly fawesome.
    Uh, question…. why is this being posted in Australian Eastern Standerd Time?

  3. 3 things of interest: Thing 1) I know, telescopes produce awesome iphone pictures. Thing 2) I love the cover! Is there anyway I could buy that copy with the cover in English? or do I have to learn Swahili? Thing 3) I wish I could go to NY to see you! And also that is AWESOME about Robin Wasserman, I loved her books, and wouldn’t have known about her without you, Scott. So if you go or see her soon (or have contact with her) Tell her congrats.

  4. LOL! APRIL FOOLS!!! We know you’re too cool to buy into the iPhone fad, right???

    Oh, Scott, you’re a funny one…

  5. Tiffany @6: Uh, questionÒ€¦. why is this being posted in Australian Eastern Standerd Time?

    Probably because Scott and Justine flock to Sydney during winter in the northern hemisphere — I think Justine is allergic to snow, or something like that.

    Scott: I find interesting the models they choose for the cover on the translated versions of the Uglies books, reflecting what I suppose those cultures consider attractive. That the Brazilian cover has someone with a rather Nordic look is somewhat telling…

  6. Hmm, I’m guessing that New Perfection is New Pretty Town. That’s what they’ve named the site for the series, I guess.

    And yes, that pretty on the cover isn’t exactly a racial average of the population of Brazil.

  7. wow super bubbly. I LOVE space pictures… very nice. and i always lay claim on the moon whenever i see it ..haha i tell my mom “luna mia” or whoever i might be with.
    and October 5th for behemoth? seems sooo far away… by the way, just named one of my bird pokemon Deryn in honor of leviathan <3 πŸ™‚

  8. Love the picture and the website is bubbly! (Going off to learn Portuguese now…) πŸ™‚
    So excited for Behemoth! (My whole family’s going to have a fight over who gets it first… but I WILL WIN!)

  9. The pic is really cool…I want a telescope! And that website looks really cool.

    Sigh…I want Behemoth! And to go to the events in NY. Too bad I’m all the way across the country. Why does everything amazing always happen in NY?

  10. helloooo everyone.
    its been a while since ive been on here.
    cool telescope, scott-sensei!
    wish i had one. i also wish i had a porsche, but thats not gonna happen either.
    happy easter and spring break!

  11. scott-la! now you listen to me, no matter how much you like new york, its time to expand your horizons!!!! you ah-bsolutely have to come to vancouver(british columbia). i have nothing against NY but REALLY?! do you expect my rental to let me go to NY just to see you!? I WOULD OF COURSE but i dont think thats reason enough for someone to let me go to NY

  12. Ping to zackattack: Omg u live in vancouver, that’s cool. Did u see Shaun White? I don’t know why I’m abbreviating everything but I agree with you, so, Scott, how about you come to Atlanta GA? please? (makes puppy dog face)

    In other words ping: Oh my godsh I’m so sad because JACK BAUER IS GOING OFF AIR!!!! I’m gonna like, make a youtube video about asking Keifer Sutherland to videotape what he does in real life. Cause I, and im pretty sure the rest of the world wants to know. I don’t even know if he has a youtube account, but still I’d be fun to do it.

    Okay, I’m rambling now and causing grammar errors so I’m going to stop. πŸ˜€ BYE!

  13. Holy Icy Bubbliness I haven’t been on here in a SUPER SUPER LONG TIME.
    I barely recognize any commenter names anymore!
    But anyways, Scott, your telescope is awesome and you need to recommend me a good snack bar on the moon.

  14. Just bought Uglies (the Portuguese version) – BTW, I’m Brazilian-, it will arrive tomorrow. I’m so excited! Can’t wait to start reading it ! ^^

    ps. Love the picture of the moon

  15. i love ur books!!! i am readingbthe uglies series and just finished pretties today. so msybe i shouldnt be such a fan if i have only read 2 of ur books… but i still love ur books and the idea of pretties and uglies. wonderful pic of the moon!

  16. ping to Macy-la. haha u will only love scott more! specials waz one of my favorites, along with uglies, pretties, and extras, of course. πŸ˜‰

  17. ping to Riva-la. well good! πŸ™‚ I am just about to get in the car to go to the library to get specials!!! Cant wait!

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