Meet Up Tomorrow

I’m headed on a mini-tour of the UK next week, one that will include many school visits but no public appearances (not my fault!). In this time I may or may not be posting here, but I wanted to inform you about the following meet-up on the Forum tomorrow!

Sunday, June 12th
London 10:00PM
Australia 7:00AM Monday (um, sorry)

Come one, come all, and talk about stuff. Alas, I won’t be able to participate. But I do drop by to answer questions on most meet-ups.

Here’s a list of the rest of them scheduled for this year. Note that the Australian times are always the next day. (Aussie fans, you can always organize meet-ups yourselves to avoid the early morning thing. Let me know if you do, and I’ll blog them!)

2010 WesterForum MEET-UPS
July 10th (7 pm US-EST) Aussie (9:00am) London (9:00pm)
August 14 (5 pm US-EST) Aussie (7:00am) London (10:00pm)
Sept 11 (7 pm US-EST) Aussie (9:00am) London (MIDNIGHT)
Oct 9 (4 pm US-EST) Aussie (7:00am) London (9:00pm)
Nov 13 (5 pm US-EST) Aussie (9:00am)London (10:00pm)
Dec 11 (4 pm US-EST) Aussie (8:00am) London (9:00pm)


1) Peeps fans might want to check out Witch Doctor, a web comic by Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner. It has some of the same vampires-as-parasites science-y goodness of peeps, but in graphic form. Click here to read the prototype issue.

2) The cast list on the Uglies movie IMDB page has turned out to be a hoax. There is no word yet on casting.

Okay, see you when I get back.

49 thoughts on “Meet Up Tomorrow

  1. Sounds awesome!
    I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not- but on they have a cast list for Tally, Shea, and David for the movie.
    I can’t wait for it to come out. 😀

  2. Wait, but if today is Friday, June 11th, then tomorrow would be Saturday, June 12th, and for all those who may dwell in Australia the meet up would be Sunday morning at 7… yes?

  3. Cool! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun Scott-la!! And there’s going to be an Uglies movie? I had no idea. That’s news. Well good luck with everything Scott-la!!

    I can’t wait for the next book to Leviathan!! 🙂

  4. So that list is a hoax eh? Oh well, just went and looked at it and totally wouldn’t mind those people as the characters! 🙂 Too bad it’s a hoax. Oh well. I’m sure the movie will be great either way!!!

  5. I looked up the imdb page and was glad… let’s say I don’t really love any of the actors’ past performances, and they’re all too pretty to be the characters. ESPECIALLY David. Not that he’s hot, he’s just so high-school-football-player and not David at all. Did David even have blonde hair? (And I know I’m against everyone on this, but I always pictured Tally as being blonde.)

  6. Oh, EW! I’m sorry, but that cast list it the most gosh-awful thing i’ve heard in days! EEW! I cannot STAND Lucas Till, and I have zero respect for someone on The Secret Life…PFFFT. She looks nothing like her anyways. EEW.

  7. ah, i wish the hollywood people would decide already. i hope they dont cast a gorgeously airbrushed 20 year old as tally pre operation tho…

  8. just went to the page, and im reallllyyyy glad that it was a hoax. those characters just look like they have been chosen from random, and dont even seem to fit in with this series!

  9. ditto! all those people are way to pretty for the Uglies movie! it was all a hoax anyways so THAT SUCKS! I was like ‘omg, they are doing the casting stuff now’. but it’s all a big hoax. WHAT THE HECK!

  10. I’m glad it was a hoax, that Lucas guy??? When I saw that one thing came to mind; ‘NO F-ING WAY’
    That cast=NO!!!

  11. This has nothing to do with this post, but I just finished Leviathan and had to say that I loved it and can’t wait for Behemoth! Thanks Scott!! 🙂

  12. who saw the US vs England game today? im so glad we managed to tie. its as good as a victory, considering how pretty much everyone favored England. Green made a huge mistake tho. i sorta felt bad for him, but not really.
    i wish scott would come tour california…

  13. 1) Kewl 2) figures >.> would get our hopes up like that. Good thing I never heard about it otherwise I’d be reeeaally disappointed right now.

  14. Someone wanna give me that fake cast list? I don’t think my computer will let me get on the site. (I don’t wanna get yelled at if it messes up the computer!) X-(

  15. That comic was really good! Did anyone else read it? Frankly I don’t really care about the cast list, I’m going to wait for a confirmed real one before I get excited. The fact is that although I’m pumped for an Uglies movie, I’m dreading all the bad things that come along with book-movies (bad actors, movie choices that ruin my personal book perception of things, my imagination being dictated, movie fans, people judging the book by the movie, people who think they know stuff about it because they have seen the movie, etc).

  16. I am so glad that those people aren’t going to be in the movie….i like lucas till and all but, he’s no david!! I bet if a couple of the fans picked out the cast and directed it, the movie would be like the book. and that’s the way it should be. I am soooooo pumped for this movie…..even though its a long way away…..the books were amazing!! AND GOOD LUCK SCOTT-WA!!!

  17. OMG! PHEW! i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! they cant use those actors! They would stink as Tally, Shay, and David. Plus i think it would be cool to have unknown actors as the 3 starring roles (i am all ready to audition) 🙂 and a famous people for adults. OOOH! Meryl Streep would make a good Maddy! 🙂

  18. Great! I’m sure your tour will be very exiting! I sadly missed the forum meet up, but can’t wait for the next one!

    As for the actors hoax, PHEW! I’m very glad that wasn’t the real casting list. I’m with everyone who says they want unknown actors and actresses for the main parts. I know there are MANY MANY people who are going to want the part of Tally, myself included, and I know that they will pick great people!

    Have fun Scott-la!!

  19. Just personally, the only person that I KNOW needs to be in The Uglies Movie is Sigourney Weaver (aka Grace from Avatar) as Dr. Cable. The first time I saw her I knew she’d be the perfect one for the role. She’s super awesome!

  20. thank god the casting’s a hoax! those actors don’t work 4 the parts at all (in my opinion). i always pictured tally with lightish brown hair, and david with slightly darker hair (that’s just me tho).
    i’m rly happy that they’re making a movie of uglies, but i reeeeeeeaaaaally hope they don’t screw it up, cuz then it would’ve been better if they hadn’t made the movie at all

  21. oh yea and i totally agree with u caitlin-wa about the dr cable thing she’d be perfect!!

  22. like someone else said, this has nothing to do with the post really… I was at one of your schools you visited, and I bought Leviathan finished it today, it was sooo good! 😀 ! I am really looking forward to the next one!

  23. OMG totally agree with Cailtyn-la. She’s got the perfect features! And yeahTally shouldn’t be an already famous actor. We need some fresh meat to make this movie 264564 better! I’ll be counting tge minutes unitl the cast is officially chosen! With Westerfeld-ly love, Ashley-wa 🙂

  24. The castings posted in imdb are great even the information was deleted now. David should be both good looking and inner beauty, lucas till is great for the part of David

  25. I soooooo want to be in the Uglies movie! ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to be in a movie! I just want one shot…. I would be really cool if Scott Westerfeld would email me!! Please, would you? I know you probely think I’m like every other fan, but I just want one shot. You may chose me or not. I just want a chance. Everyone tells me that I do very well when I’m acting. I would love to read for the part of Tally or Shay. Please email me Scott Westerfeld.

  26. Oh thank you lord the cast list wasn’t real!!!! They were all so pretty! Even Lucus Till is a pretty boy…I know they don’t have to literally be ugly, but you know, not super attractive like the one’s that were posted! A beautiful actress, a model, and a pretty boy; that would’ve NEVER worked. I’d be so happy if the main characters were unknownish 🙂 Thank you for confirming what I hoped!

  27. Well, if cast no attrative actors/actress at the first place, how they are gonna cast them as super beautiful later– I mean they need the whole sets of actors or heavy make-up for the unattactive actors !?

  28. okay umm good that was a hoax! honestly when i saw them i was like EWW (no offense) but really what i hate is that so many writers get their books turned into movies. that ruins them. they cant choose the right actors, so please scott-la choose carefully and dont let the hardcore fans down! (please:D)

  29. Talking about casting for uglies, you haven’t given very much information on that subject. Open auditions?

  30. Hey. Wait – so there’s supposed to be a movie for Uglies coming in 2011?! Where have I been?! And dang it, at the same time, I’m not the right age 2 audition for anybody (unless An or Sussy is in the movie, maybe). But I can’t wait to see it! I just KNOW I have to see it in theaters. Can’t wait!

  31. Oh, and by the way, I really think David NEEDS to have black hair. It just fits him. And I REALLY want to audition for Tally, except for the fact that I probably wouldn’t look the right age, so I was hoping we could wait about three more years to make it, so I can, like, audition. But Lucas Till? For David? NO F-ING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally bogus. It’s just not right. Too pretty faced.

  32. I think lucas till will be perfect for David and I am thinking the actress Jennifer Lawrence ( who is in Winter Bone– no any make-up great perform) will be perfect for Tally. She can be normal without makeup and gorgeous with makeup. Zane is just a ” bubble Love” for Tally.

  33. Wow, I’m kinda late to comment on this but have (or had) fun in London! I’m glad we don’t yet have casting, but for all of you Owl City peopel fans what would you think if Adam Young played David?

  34. Thank God that was a hoax! & I really want to audition for the part of Tally (liike everyone else) but i really REALLY hope it is an open audition. So Scott please listen to your hardcore fans and make it an open audition. I don’t want some hollywood bubble-head to ruin the part. I love Tally and Tally needs to be played by someone who connects to the character!

  35. everyone is saying how the cast is too pretty but remember that their definition of pretty is like goddess beauty so everyone ugly is our average. Tally said that Shay didn’t need much changes too be pretty so if we saw her, she would be like the most beautiful girl ever even when she is “ugly”.

    ps I like david better than zane

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