Behemoth Cover Revealed! Leviathan Found!

A few weeks ago, I revealed the new paperback cover for Leviathan. Well, now it’s time to show you the matching cover for Behemoth Here they are together:


And here’s Behemoth on its own:


Although I loved the old cover style, this is also a really great look, especially with this new color scheme. The blue and green seems perfect for the Darwinists, just like the rusty metallic reds suited the Clankers.

But I’ll let you guys say your piece in the comments, as NO DOUBT you will.

In other news, the word “Leviathan” now has its own species, an extinct killer whale from 12 million years ago. Behold!


A skeleton of the highly predatory, 17-meter-long (55 ft) whale was discovered in Peru. It’s teeth are twice as big as those of any current-day whale, possibly because it shared the water with a prehistoric 15-meter-long shark! (Remind me not to bring my swimming gear when traveling to any era before, say, 1492.)

And what’s the scientific name of this newly discovered monster? They’ve chosen Leviathan melvillei, in honor of Moby Dick,

So study hard and grow up to be paleontologists, because the bones of a Behemoth westerfeldii would totally rock my mantelpiece.

Here’s more from BBC News.

More cool stuff soon.

This Just In:
Here’s an interview with me about the art of Behemoth and Leviathan at Suvudu.

88 thoughts on “Behemoth Cover Revealed! Leviathan Found!

  1. I love the covers! They’re gorgeous. 😀 Leviathan was brilliant, and I can’t wait to buy a copy of Behemoth to go along with it!

  2. Yay cover reveal! I can’t say I love it with all my heart the way I do the Leviathan cover, but I like the new colors. I don’t really like having the person (Deryn?) on it, though. It’s all fine and dandy for a paperback, but for the hardcover I’d prefer it to be personless. I’m sure the book will be amazing. Can’t wait for it!

  3. I have to agree with lizzy. Although the colors are an awesome idea, and they were chosen well to match the different sides…i don’t like having the people on it, especially since i don’t feel they match the illustrations in the book done by Keith well. On a happy note though, i CANT WAIT for Behemoth!

  4. I’m very excited to see the new cover! Though I have to agree with Lizzy that I would like it better if it were personless. The stuff above the title looks very cool.

  5. I like the new covers but I am sad the second one won’t match my hardcover of Leviathan. I loved that original cover so much.

  6. The cover for Behemoth is totally icy-making, especially with the detail put into it.

  7. I liked the first cover of Leviathan the best. I like the new one for both but not as much. I would suggest that you try a blue green version of the Leviathan hardcover. Oh and by the way Scott you are my favorite author and I love the Leviathan series I read it 6 times and own it. It has a place on my favorite bookshelf. I know that Behemoth will be just as good maybe even better.

  8. I have to admit, I am kind of heartbroken that my hardcover Behemoth won’t match my hardcover Leviathan! It’s so gorgeous as a book-object, in addition to being a fantastic story, it’s a pity the same won’t go for the sequels. The inside, of course, I expect will be just as amazing, but arrrgh the covers! Oh well.

  9. I agree with Emily on the matching covers but the colors are so… icy. 🙂 Blues and greens really do match and make a great contrst for the reds and grays. Can’t WAIT for Behemoth! it’s gonna be good. X-D

  10. And I’ve heard about the Leviathan melvillei from Yahoo! even seen that picture. What a wicked whale that must have been. O.o

  11. totally amazing Scott-la! (I read the article) I cannot wait, I actually just won a writing contest on Harper Collins publishing website, and I got a 50$ gift card, so pre-ordering Behemoth!

  12. I agree with some of the earlier posts: I like the color of Behemoth but not liking the people on the covers, for some reason it just spoils it. The original Leviathan cover was epic awesome. Pleeeeeeease put more gears and take the face of the Behemoth cover PLEASE!

    Still can’t wait for the book though!

  13. Well, a leviathan is a large whale, the only problem is that “killer whales,” or orcas, are not whales… They’re dolphins. Oh, well.

    The new cover is neat. I hope it’s just for the paper back, though. I’d like the sets to match…

    For some reason, I still see the first one as Deryn and the second one as Alec, even though the surroundings are of the opposite nation. Well, in a way that works well, because it shows how they were uprooted from their comfort zones and moved around, and that way they incorporate both into each cover.

    I suppose it helps that the first one, “my” Deryn, is wearing British style pilots’ goggles… Kind of like the ones I have.

    I like the new cover, though the “new” pipe-work does look a little fake… But overall it’s very neat.

  14. I’ll be honest, I don’t like the paperback covers all that much. To me, it’s almost like there’s too much going on. And the images of Deryn and Alek on the covers doesn’t really match up (at least not to me) with either the illustrations in Leviathan or the images I have in my head of them. I much prefer the simplicity of the hardcover cover (that sounds funny… hardcover cover).
    Or maybe I’m just biased because of how GORGEOUS I’ve thought the hardcover was since it was announced. When I was reading it I’d show everyone I saw and be like “LOOK! Isn’t it amazing!?” Haha.

  15. The covers are okay, but I love how they match. I think I would be much happier if the hardcover Behemoth matched the hardcover Leviathan, and this new cover be the one for the Behemoth paperback. More matching and such.

    Ah well. A cover is a cover. The important part is what’s inside….

  16. I think it’s Alek on the first cover. Hmm, I like the way he looks, and I guess Deryn is kinda cool…but she doesnt have that old-era look, rather she has quite 20/21 century features.
    On the whole, the cover is pretty damn awsome, but in comparison to the origonal Leviathan cover, its not quite as original.
    As an art student, I think the overuse of lines (lightning, pipes and background ‘pattern’) detracs from the overall imprssion of substance and drama.
    But hey, I still can’t wait to get my hands on it! WOoT!

  17. I’m disappointed with the new covers, and the fact that Behemoth won’t match Leviathan. Plus, I don’t like it that it’s not even Keith Thompson’s beautiful versions of the characters on the cover. I prefer the covers… (I forget what country they were from) the one with Alek standing in front of the stormwalker and the one that was the “Negotiations and colloquial” picture. The new cover for Behemoth should have been in that style.

  18. I was holding out for the paperback because I really like the large paperbacks over hard covers, but this changes my mind. Seriously, sorry, but this actually changes my purchase decision. The original hard cover is absolutely stunning, but the people are so… generic? Fake? I don’t know, but the new covers look hokey and I would not have picked up the book just based on these covers (which, right or wrong, so many of us do).

    Are these the covers for the mass market (small) paper back? Amazon shows the hard cover as the preorder image for the paperback and I’m canceling it unless there’s a similar looking 8 1/2″ paperback.

  19. I have to agree with what was said above about the hardback Leviathan cover. I really liked it and was hoping to have a matching Behemoth! I like the new colors, but I would prefer it not have people. With that said, the new cover is still cool. I can’t wait to buy it!

  20. a lot of YA books are getting into the whole real-people-models-on-the-cover arent they? this one isnt too bad, but i really hate it when the actual character is a brunette and they get a blond model, or vice versa. it just bothers me. its like the publishers dont bother to read the book at all!
    i read an article on msn about the whale with that exact same picture. why are old animals always bigger than the ones nowadays? not that im complaining or anything really. the last thing we need is for an evil scientist to succeed in taming a 60ft long, idk…killer bee or something

  21. Yay! Behemoth cover! I like how it matches the Leviathan paperback cover, but I knida hope that they make the hardcover Behemoth cover more like the hardcover Leviathan oen so my books match!

  22. @ Riva-la and anyone

    Have you ever noticed how trends come and go? I’ve been reading Adult/Young Adult books since I was little, and I’ve actually noticed that this was an older fad. It was much more recent that covers started to be plainer and more focused on one central design. I remember when Star Girl came out and the cover was in such contrast to those around it… It’s sort of why I had mentioned when the first soft cover of this series came out that it reminded me of the old covers for His Dark Materials, which I started reading when I was about ten…

    So, I guess it does match the whole older look in a way, but it’s all a matter of taste any which way. I personally think there are ups and downs in all styles and you just need to see what works.

  23. Sigh. Hate. So tired of seeing absolutely stunning hardcovers become paperbacks with photo covers, especially with books that aren’t realistic fiction. Leviathan was one of–if not THE–most gorgeous books of last year, and now it looks generic and dull.

  24. I, too, am disappointed with series where the covers change styles during the series… And it is way too trendy to have the photo on the cover – then again, your Uglies series was one of the leaders of the trend when it came out!

  25. The covers look alright; they still have the feel of the old cover, but I think my heart will always remain with the old cover- it was the most awesome! To be honest, I’m not really too fond of seeing people on this cover…in this way? I mean the people worked out fine on the Uglies series but I don’t think they’ve worked out here.
    Nevertheless, I’m excited for Behemoth!
    Caaaaaaan’t wait! 😀

  26. No! No, no, no! Those covers are great for paperback, but NEVER for hardcover! I hate it when there is just a picture of a person on the cover that is not the character but is supposed to kind of be… It’s just following a stupid new trend in publishing that they think will make books more attractive to readers… I miss when there were illustrations on covers or a picture that is symbolic instead of something just being pretty, a la the super-symbolic cover of “The Great Gatsby” and other classics. (Sidenote: “Uglys” was different-those covers had a whole lot to do with the story and the people in them, and fit really well with the theme of the novels and the society they contained.) Scott, if anything I think you should pull a Justene and get them to change the hard covers back and save these for paperbacks.

  27. This reminds me of the “Books of Bayern” by Shannon Hale. They had absolutly beautiful illustrated covers that added to the fairy-tale feel of the books, and they started changing the new prints of the books to covers with just people in them. Then for the newest book, they released the hardcover with the new covers, and it completely ruins it. I think they could come up with a really cool companion cover, in the greens and blues (because I do really like that) that fits with the original “Leviathan” cover. (sorry for the double post, my phone freaked out.)

  28. Woohoo! I was hoping the Behemmoth cover would be on here! It’s so lovely, but will there be a hardback cover too? Sorry if you might’ve clarified it at the top Scott-la. It looks great anyway! 😀

  29. Now that the peak of my excitedness is over, and that I’m out of Best Buy where I posted the comment and where many helpful but slightly creepy workers scare me when they want to help me out, (no offence to anyone who is or knows someone who works at Best Buy, I’m sure they are very nice people.) I have an opinion. Time for agreement/ dissagreement pings. (These pings count as my opinion, incase I didn’t imply that above… or something…):

    Ping to Sarah Ayelet: I am with you vise-versa on the fake-people-covers thing. I view Alek as the first and Deryn as the second. The character on Behemmoth just looks a bit more feminine to me.

    Ping to Kailey-wa: I totally agree with you! Even with books, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

    Ping to Tree: Ha. Like the username. Anyway, I almost ALWAYS pick up a book based on the cover, if not by an author I know. I even did it today at Books-A-Million. I found this Twilight-parody-thing with someone holding this apple core. Then I was like, ooh! Twilight-Parody-Thing! and read it. Pretty funny wheather you like it or hate it. I’m pretty luke-warm (lukewarm?) about it right now. Aside from that whole conversation, (I can’t think of a better way to explain it now…) that thing about the covers is right.

    Riva-la: 😆 ROFL! Killer bee! It’s been awhile since I’ve heard that one. Kinda ironic that I typed in an lol between the colons to make a laughing smiley when I said rofl… Gah, never mind. Apologies to eveyone on how I ramble on this site (cite?)!

    Ping to Jenn: What do you mean by “This” at the bottom of your comment? Just wondering… Oh nvrmnd just saw the next comment.

    See you guys later then! I guess I’ll wait for a responce… 😀

  30. I completely agree with Nix, Emily and Jenn. The new covers just seem to be a rehash of what people seem to think appeals to teens these days, pretty-esque people from stock photos.

    I really enjoyed the original Leviathan cover because it was illustrated and fit with the Turn of the Century theme. People in the early 19th century did not look all pretty-fied and perfect and the hand drawn illustrations enhanced the Steampunk feel of the novel. Therefore I believe the covers will clash with the illustrations on the interior of the book and the feel of the novel as a whole.

    In addition, the cover was what made me notice the book in the first place as it stood out among the gaudy teen fiction covers littered with glitzy girls and hunky guys (this is also why I ended up purchasing Arthur Slade’s The Hunchback Assignments and Eoin Colfer’s Airman). Hand illustrated covers seem to be few and far between these days and I’m really disappointed with the cover change. The new covers honestly look like something you’d see on a Maximum Ride book (which I must say the Leviathan series completely outranks in terms of originality).

    In short, I’m irked that my books won’t match and that the uniqueness of the covers has been lost. I agree with the others in that a companion cover along the same lines as the original in greens and blues with Darwinist theme would be more appropriate. People based covers were great for the Uglies series as it fit the central theme of the novels but it just doesn’t work for Leviathan. So, can’t wait for the novel but hate the cover.

  31. I love the new cover, the colors were well chosen and definately add to the darwinist feel, but I also have to agree with Hilary. I wish there could also be some kind of revamp of the original hardback cover because it was so unique to other teen novels. All in all, I can’t wait for Behemoth to be released!!

  32. If that really is the new hardcover art than I’m sorry to say that I haaaaaate it. A lot.

    I’m sure the story will win… but I don’t think it will take a spot on my shelf next to Leviathan. This will be a library check-out only. As much as it may make me sound like a snob, my shelves are reserved for works of art, not fake photoshopped people.

  33. So i absolutely love it!!!!!! 😀 It’s beautiful Scott-la!!!! Can’t wait to read it. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!! It will be sitting proudly on my bookshelf next to Leviathan and the rest of your books! 🙂 Will there be a third book?

  34. I think the cover for Behemoth is okay. I’m mostly bummed because it won’t match my hardcover Leviathan. Not like that will stop me from reading it!

  35. I don’t absolutely hate the new paperback covers, but they’re not completely to my liking either. The blues and greens were striking, but the person is so unoriginal. As a teen, what attracted me to “Leviathan” at first was the awesome cover on the front. The gears and rusty colors just stood out and didn’t look like every other teen book there was in the store. So I would prefer if there was a “Behemoth” cover without a person featured on it because the image sort of ruins the mystery of the book. And I’d rather buy a book that matches my hardcover “Leviathan.” Don’t listen to the publishers, people on covers may be popular now, but I personally think the original cover is more…original. (: Of course, this won’t change the text! Can’t wait to read it!

  36. i sort of agree with the mixed feelings..the colors etc are awesome but the people make me feel funny. ha i don’t know. BUT HUZZAH for a behemoth cover! I can’t stop being excited for it.

    i was wondering if this was going to be the same cover for the hardcover release.. I agree with the post above- i like it when my books match :-P…
    but i suppose i wouldn’t mind also getting another copy 😉

    and “Leviathan melvillei” (yikes i can’t italicize, sorry Linnaeus) IS AMAZING and kind of scaryyyy

    but yeah *crosses fingers for matching book sets*

  37. I think that the two covers look like they are the same book just with a differrent story-line thatn the firlst one. Do you understand what I mean, because it makes total sense to me.

  38. Mr. Westerfeld,
    The cover of Behemoth is absolutely appalling. It does not match the first book in your series and does not make me want to read it. Please change the cover of Behemoth or I will not buy it.

    Just joking! I’ll buy the book!

    But the cover still sucks

  39. YAYAYAYAY! I’m so glad I didn’t buy Leviathan already. Now I can have them matching and beautiful. I really liked the old cover better, but these rock too! The colors are awesome and totally fit the Darwinists and Clankers. It is generic, and I wouldn’t just pick them off a shelf. They do look pretty cheesy, but I’m already a huge fan, so no need to worry about that.

  40. I think I will have to re-state, though, that hand drawn people on the cover is probably worse. It would look childish… Sorry people

  41. I don’t feel like reading all of these comments, but I will because I feel like it.

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