Fan Art Friday (Plus!)

It’s Fan Art Friday (the 13th!) today, but first a couple of other things:

My introduction to the Mind-Rain collection is up for your free perusal until Tuesday morning. Mind-Rain is a collection of essays about the Uglies series, written by YA and adult authors. Click here to read my intro essay.

There’s a meet-up at the Forum tomorrow, Saturday, August 14. If you’re a USian in the Eastern Time Zone, it’s at 5PM. For people in London it’s at 10PM Saturday night, and for Australians it at the HIGHLY CONVENIENT time of 7AM Sunday morning.

Hope you all can make it. Alas, I am going to a basketball game (Let’s Go, Liberty!) and can’t make it. But there will be many cool people to discuss thing with. To get to the Forum, just click that button on the menu bar above, all the way to the right. (THE ONE THAT SAYS FORUM.)

Here are the other Meet-Ups scheduled this year. Note that in Australia they’re always the next day.

Sept 11 US Eastern (7 pm) Aussie Eastern (9:00am) London (MIDNIGHT)
Oct 9 US Eastern (4 pm) Aussie Eastern (7:00am) London (9:00pm)
Nov 13 US Eastern (5 pm) Aussie Eastern (9:00am) London (10:00pm)
Dec 11 US Eastern (4 pm) Aussie Eastern (8:00am) London (9:00pm)

And now for FAN ART!

We begin with this piece from Deviant Art’s ThursdayJay:


Click on the picture to see it MASSIVE. See more of ThursdayJay’s work here.

Next comes this lovely Lego Huxley by Ben and Ann!

And you thought only Clankers could have Lego contraptions, didn’t you?

Because there are no doubt some fans out there missing Uglies fan art, here’s a cover remix from Kristen.

Click the image to make it big.

It’s always great to see you guys in Specials make up when I’m on tour, so keep it up! And please keep the fan art coming, so we can do many more Fan Art Fridays.

Watch this space for details of my October tour, which should be scheduled in early September. Note: It looks like I’m coming to Vancouver for the first time ever in November! I am excited by this.

33 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (Plus!)

  1. Seriously? Like, seriously? One of my favouritest authors ever is coming to my city this November? The Canadian one? -goes and dies of excitement- Please please please let this be true! I guarantee that if you do come to Vancouver, you will have at least one crazy rabid fangirl in attendance. So looking forward to it!

  2. Wow, Vancouver. That’s still far away from where I’m at. Oh, well. I might be able to make that forum date, but we’ll see! Neat fan art; I like the Specials work and the cool Darwinist legos. 😎

  3. you signed my copy of mind rain last time around 🙂 super cool fan art, i love the so cool! i love Lego Huxley !! next time i get to a lego store i’m going to try to build something and get a picture of it…
    I hope you’re coming to southern CA again it <3!!!

  4. The specials make up is epic. Done very well.
    One question, how do you send in fan art?
    Also, you think your ever going to head back to Tx again? O_o

  5. Hey Scott-la, if you could come to say, Dallas, on September 20th (my birthday, wink wink) that would rock. But alas I know are busy and shall hope to see you soon, if not in Dallas.

  6. Yay Scott-la! Vancouver is the best place in the world! Though…November isn’t the best time to come. Bring an umbrella…and wellies.

  7. Oooo… Totally want to create my own Specials makeup. That was my favorite Uglies book.

    Hope you’re come to Indy!

  8. I really hope you’re coming to the west coast!!!! Awesome fan art; I epecially like how Derryn looks in the first piece.

  9. Oh my gosh!!! I love the Specials cover remix!!! And, of course, I love the other fan art, too.
    But mostly the cover remix. 😀

  10. Awesome fanart! I love fanart Fridays! A lot of your fans are really, really creative.

    And tour dates! (Or.. tour date hints, anyway. haha) Lucky Canadians. You said you didn’t think that your publishers were going to send you to the west coast but I’m still kind of hoping that will change. haha. 🙂

  11. That’s for saying how to send in fanarts! ^_^

    Please come to Texas *crosses fingers*, oh you lucky Canadians, how I wish I could visit Vancouver.

  12. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HARRY POTTER AND SCOTT WESTERFLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOPE STILL FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Wow… cool fan art. and all of you Vancouver-ians are really lucky. *shouts: Mom, can we go to Vancouver this November? Mom replies: No, why the heck do we need to go to Vancouver? We already went on a big trip this year.* Sigh. PLEASE post other tour destinations SOOOON!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha, I never realized that Friday was Friday the 13th… hmmm… maybe that’s why my friend and I got temporarily lost riding scooters around my neighborhood….

  14. Im so please we had the Olympics cause it makes the world
    finally realize that Vancouver is just as awesome as all those other
    big cities.

  15. Just a questions for my fellow commenter people… Am I the on;ly one who noticed that one of the LEGO people has an extremely interesting hat????? Wow, that hat rocks… I like it.

  16. ahhhhh! Vancouver! so close, yet so far. dang it. i live less than 100 miles from the US/Canada border, yet there is no way I’m going to make it to Vancouver. this may call for desperate measures. does anyone have a Huxley they can loan me? actually, in November, that might be a really bad idea. brrrr! LOL

    Scott, you must come to Seattle. it is awesome, we love books, and we have really, really good coffee (that was my hypnotizing voice, although it doesn’t work very well when I’m typing)

  17. He probably will, he came to seattle last year
    and If he doesn’t Im sure you could make it to Vancouver.
    I made it to Seattle last year.
    it is just opposite 😛

  18. Mr. Scott Westerfeld! I am sure thta by now we are all DYING for a new post!!!!!!! Please post something new. Anything, even something about carrots, we’ll all still read it and comment!

  19. Are you going to be coming to somewhere relativly close to Salinas, CA, Scott-la? If so, then YAY!!!!!! If not then, well…..I’ll just persuade my mom to take me on a trip…. *sigh*

    (so… did the whole come to vancouver bc work?)

  21. Love the Specials cover! I’m always messing around with face paints, trying to get the ultimate Specials look. Glad Kristen managed to pull it off so well!

  22. just wanted to say thank you so very much :DDD to all the ppl who saiid nice things about my fan art lol….and Scott-la please come to plainville Massachusetts….it would make my life xD

  23. Finally, got what I was looking for!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. Glad I stumbled into this blog post! smile I have you saved to check out new stuff you blog post.

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