The Behemoth Tour Takes Shape

It’s Friday, but I got no new fan art this week. (Boo-hoo.)

And yet I have cool news! The mighty computers of Simon & Schuster have begun to reveal the details of the Behemoth tour. Not everything is set in stone yet, but at the end of this post you’ll find a list of cities that I’ll definitely be going to.

But first, here’s a bunch of events in and around New York (as far away as Baltimore) that I’ll be doing in the next month or so. Most of this early stuff has to do with Zombies Versus Unicorns, because that comes out September 21. (So soon!)

Obviously there are more details to come, but this is what I know so far.

Wednesday, September 15

I’ll be reading (from ZvU) with Susan Beth Pfeffer (The World We Live In)
KGB Bar (you must be 21)
85 East 4th Street
New York City

Thursday, September 23

Symphony Space, Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater
2537 Broadway at 95th Street
New York City
Zombies v Unicorns Debate
Team Zombie: Libba Bray, Maureen Johnson, Scott Westerfeld
Team Unicorn: Holly Black, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Naomi Novik
Compere: (the totally impartial) Justine Larbalestier
($15; Members $12)

Friday, September 24

Baltimore Book Festival
ChildrenÒ€ℒs Bookstore Stage
Mount Vernon Place
600 Block North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland
Zombies v Unicorns Debate
Team Zombie: Justine Larbalestier, Carrie Ryan, Scott Westerfeld
Team Unicorn: Holly Black, Kathleen Duey, Diana Peterfreund

Sunday, October 10

New York Comic Con
Javits Convention Center
Scott Westerfeld Spotlight
Panel Room 6 (1A21)
(Comic Con entry pass required)

Okay, those are the events with firm details. Now here is a list of cities and dates. THESE DATES ARE APPROXIMATE. It’s not my fault if they change.

Philadelphia, PA
October 5-6

JUST IN: Pittsburgh, PA
October 7

Houston, TX
October 12

Just in: Jackson, MS
October 13

Dallas, TX
October 14

Austin, TX
October 15

New Orleans, LA
October 18

Birmingham, AL
October 19

Atlanta, GA
October 20

Slight correction: Raleigh, NC
October 22

Cincinnati, OH
October 25

Chicago, IL
October 27

Ann Arbor, MI
October 28

Saturday, October 30, 2010
12:00 Noon

I’ll be giving the keynote address for the . . .
Provo Teen Book Festival
Provo City Library
550 North University Avenue
Provo, UT

Nantes, France, Utopiales Festival
November 10-14

JUST IN: Paris, France
November 16

JUST IN: Miami, FL
November 21

Vancouver, Canada
November 24th at 7 PM
West Point Grey United Church Sanctuary
4595 West 8th Ave
Vancouver BC
Tickets: $5.00 (can be used towards the purchase of a book at the event)

And now, so that this post is not completely artless, here’s a lovely flyer for the Provo Library event.

99 thoughts on “The Behemoth Tour Takes Shape

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Scott-la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t make it to any of the events!!! I’m sorry! πŸ™

  2. FINALLY!!! An author is coming within driving distance of me!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Nothing will stop me from going to that signing. NOTHING!!!

  3. ping to nic-

    i may actually be busy that day too! this is early as scott said so there is a chance he will change it!

    ping to marygenla- don’t mean to be harsh on raleigh, but im not a native and have seen more exciting places. whenever tours come they usually stop in charlotte if at all in north carolina.

  4. You’re coming to Dallas! Please, please, please be coming when I’m actually in town…I’m willing to brave Dallas traffic for this!

  5. Darn. The closest to me is Chicago, and that’s two hours by train (not to mention that October 27 is a school night). Wisconsin would be happy to have you, if you ever want to come just for fun.

  6. I am SO happy you are finally coming to Utah for once! πŸ™‚ I really really hope I can come to the Provo Town Book Festival… I guess we’ll have to see. It’s too bad all the good books come out right after school starts or right during finals. πŸ™‚ I saw your poster hanging up in my school and I had to do a few double-takes. But it made me pretty excited. πŸ™‚

  7. Behemoth cover=Terrible.
    England one much better.
    I hate cover for Behemoth.
    Why would you do that.
    Why would you not stop the designers from wrecking the book.

  8. I REALLY love Leviathan, its just impossible to put the book down, hope you will come to toronto like you did last year!

  9. Eeeeeek!!!! Plzzzz make sure to go to Birmingham, Alabama!!!!!! If you do, I’ll be able to see you in real life for the first time ever!!!!!

  10. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! At the bottom of the picture of the poster it says “BYU Bookstore”. Woooohoooooo go BYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh no duh it says BYU Bookstore at the bottom of it. The poster is for the Provo meet. I wonder……… I have family in Provo…….

  12. I can’t wait for when you come to Dallas!!! We want specifics about mid-October soon. Thank you so much. Definitely looking forward to that. Right around my birthday too! How perfect.

  13. You’re including podunky Provo, Utah in your tour? (cover your ears as this middle-aged mother and teacher is about to squee like a 15-year-old fangirl–no offense to 15-year-olds). Daughter is attending university out of town, so Ill probably be bringing her books for you to sign (I’m hoping you’re signing books? Please?)

    The library is located in the restored Academy Square, a gorgeous old Victorian-style building constructed in 1892, which housed Brigham Young Academy, forerunner to the university. I could easily picture Deryn attending school in a similar building.

    CLARIFICATION for Bookworm 1000 and others: BYU Bookstore’s logo is at the bottom of the poster because they’re one of the sponsors. The event is at the Provo City Library on University Avenue–a much cooler venue anyway. Excited about some of the other authors there too.

  14. C’mon Seattle people, or Tacoma people, or Oregon people,or British Columbia people! back me up here! Seattle is great! It would be a good central location that we could all get to. And it is not as rainy as everyone says, we just say that so we can have it all to ourselves (shhhh! dont tell anyone). Please Scott??? my birthday is right before behemoth comes out, think of it as a slightly late birthday present for someone who really loves books but has never met any of her favorite authors. Scott? Scott? I’m going to keep bothering you about Seattle until you answer me. are you there, Scott? Helloooooo!?

  15. Hey! (Comment number 2 from the Jessi-inator!) Jesi, your name is a lot like mine…. Anyway, come to my city!!!! (I can’t post what it is for safety reasons. I mean, any of you who come on here, whether you comment or not could be Internet stalkers…..) My friends and family are officially tired of me freakin’ out about October 5th for Behemoth. (and Halloween for the 31st, of course.) But nobody comes to my city, unless the used to live there or something. And the only people I’ve met that came write picture books…. :'( Anyway, (again) come to my city!!!!!!!!

  16. I know it’s not up to you what city you come to, so ask your publishers if you can come to my city! Have your publishers read the comments! (Sorry again for not saying what city my city is. It’s an awesome city though. I would give reasons but then people could guess what my city is and my safety would be compromised.) Here in my city we love to read! We are book people!!!!!

  17. Uhhhhhhhhh………….. I don’t know what to say besides……. What the heck are you talking about?????

  18. OMGosh I LOVE leviathan and cant wait till october 5….then november will come…thats a bigge for FFA its the national convention in Indiana….and hopefully…hopefully I’ll get to come to one of the three that are going to be in Texas!!!!!!


  19. OMG YOU’RE FINALLY COMING TO MICHIGAN!!! And not just anywhere… you’re coming RIGHT HERE!!! Is the Ann Arbor one going to be on campus somewhere? That would be amazingly convenient. I hope it’s not during class…

  20. YOU’RE COMING TO PROVO!!!! In all the time I’ve lived here none of my favorite authors came and now you’re coming!!! YAY!!!!

  21. Ping to spagbol: IKNOW!!!! But now I feel like I need to buy all new Westerfeld books, since all of them are wear-and-tearing with my name and phone number scrawled on every title page… geez and I only have 20 bucks… must. convince. mother. btw, its okay.

    Ping to waxesnostalgic: hope to see you there! I’ve even informed my classmates who’re reading Leviathan for required stuff that he’s coming. My friend was all like, “No way, thats awesome!” so I guess I’ll let him know.

    Thas all for now! see ya ! πŸ˜€

  22. You should come to San Francisco/Sacramento, California! I live near Sacramento, but my friends and I would all make a special trip to San Francisco just for you. I love your books, especially as a young writer.

  23. YOU’RE COMING TO ANN ARBOR. It’s like… the most amazing thing ever. Though I am a little confused because the library says that you’ll be here on the twenty-ninth, and this post says the twenty-eighth. Any insight?

  24. Seriously ur not going to florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DUDE U HAVE PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 (shocked) :'( (crying)

  25. let me add something COME TO PEIR PARK


  26. please visit pier park ok maybe i donthave a bithday coming up or my name isnt just like yours….. But id really to meet you well i hope you read this…….. so ya bye

  27. I just love his books.
    It got me reading for hours, just CANT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He really was the first author to find my passion for being an booklover.
    I realize what’s my talent now, which is to tell a fictional story from my mind into paper.

    Thank you Scott Westerfeld

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